Samsung Q70T Soundbar Review: Top Full Guide 2022

Samsung Q70T Soundbar Review 2022 Is It For You
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Samsung’s Q70T soundbar is a pretty good pick for those who need a more affordable sound system without sacrificing quality. The sleek design makes it attractive and allows it to blend in seamlessly with most living room setups.

It also offers flexible speaker placements and a relatively large range of connectivity options. Here’s a brief Samsung Q70T soundbar review.

Pros And Cons


  • Presets for 7-band graphic equalizer
  • Excellently-constructed design.
  • The stereo sound quality is excellent.


  • Poor surround performance
  • Lacks sub-bass.
  • No night mode/auto volume feature.

First Impressions of the Samsung HW Q70T

The large box in front of me is my first impression of the soundbar with a subwoofer. The L-shaped packaging doesn’t make sense to me. I also find many cables and a manual.

The wall mount included in the package is a positive find. I can see both a soundbar and a subwoofer when I open the box. It is simple in design and looks substantial. It makes me curious.

Samsung HW-Q70T: Design

The Samsung HWQ70T soundbar has a remote central unit measuring only 60mm in height. This design allows for easy visibility, i.e., This design is ideal for listening to your TV while not blocking the screen. It should fit most 55-inch TVs. If there is any problem with the panel, the brackets can fix it to the wall.

The build quality is superb, and the attractive and well-made soundbar makes up for its high price. The Samsung HW Q70T soundbar design is slightly different than the HWQ70R. Behind the grill is a small screen. It shows the volume and input level.

This is a 4-character display. Sometimes you will need to wait until the display is full of scrolling. The controls are located on the HW-Q70T panel’s top. A power button, volume rocker, and input selection buttons are all included in the touch button set.

Samsung HW-Q70T Design

The Q70T soundbar’s subwoofer has its amplifier. The signal can be transmitted wirelessly so that the subwoofer is easily placed in any room. It is also challenging to identify the direction of low-frequency sound sources. The subwoofer is almost entirely wood. A decorative fabric covers the speaker diffuser, but it does not seem to be very durable.

The remote control is unchanged. It’s easy to use and ergonomic. The buttons are located around the navigation joystick and the play/pause button.

These buttons are volume control, subwoofer level, and mute. You can also access sound mode controls, source selection, and Bluetooth pairing via other buttons.

Sound Quality

The HW-Q70T soundbar consists of seven speakers inside a panel enclosure and a speaker that can be used as a wireless subwoofer. This creates the surround sound system 3.1.2. Acoustic Beam technology supports sound direction to side walls and ceilings concerning objects on the screen.

The psychoacoustic processing algorithms at Samsung’s California Audio Lab control the acoustic beams. Three forward-firing speakers create a dedicated channel for dialogue. The whole farm, which includes three speakers, produces 3.1.2-channel object-oriented sound.

The best Samsung soundbar model supports Dolby Atmos, DTS: X, and all other versions of these formats except IMAX Enhanced DTS: X. The frontal emitters are responsible for the immersive perception. You can purchase additional SWA-8500S wireless headphones if you wish to hear the rear channels.

The Samsung HW Q70T is loud enough to be suitable for any room, even crowded ones. It produces stereo sound beautifully. It is ideal for all types of content due to its balanced frequency response.

There is a slight compression in the frequency range at high volumes. It doesn’t cause too much discomfort if you listen to the actual content. Harmonic distortion is also acceptable within limits.

The Q70T acoustic panels’ height radiators leave much to be desired. The board supports Atmos content. It also uses two upward-facing speakers that bounce sound off the ceiling to create the illusion of height. However, this doesn’t sound as real as object localization by the downward-facing rear speakers.

The Q70T doesn’t have many sound enhancement options. The panel does not have a room correction function. This means that the sound may vary depending on where you are. You may not like sudden volume changes between the ads and the program, so that you might be disappointed by the absence of an automatic night mode.


The sound engine does not have many inputs. One HDMI input and one output are available, along with one USB input for software updates. USB cannot be used to play audio. HDMI finally implements the promised eARC Audio Return Channel Upgrade.

This port supports Dolby Digital, DTS, and other surround sound formats. It is perfect for streaming movies and Netflix content. EARC support allows for lossless surround sound formats (lossless). The optical digital input is the only physical connector. There is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.


The interface of Samsung HW-Q70T looks similar to most bars in this price range. A four-character LCD is located below the front metal grille. This screen displays the current volume levels as well as any settings changes made by the user.

You will find four touch-sensitive buttons at the top of your main bar. These buttons enhance its overall appearance. There are two volume controls, a power switch and a toggle to adjust the input source.

Samsung Q70T Soundbar Dolby Atmos 3.1.2 Channel Controls

The remote for the Samsung HW-Q70T soundbar is slightly longer than we’re used to with OEM products. Although it isn’t universal, the remote allows you to control all bar settings and doesn’t feel overwhelming.

The Samsung HW-Q70T supports an app called Samsung SmartThings, just like other high-end bars. You can access it on both the Android and iOS app stores. It allows you to adjust the equalizer and most other settings. It is not an IR remote replacement, as there are many missing toggles.

Samsung’s bar supports HDMI CEC, Power Saving, and more. You can use the universal TV remote to control soundbars’ functions. After around 20 minutes, the latter automatically shuts off the bar.


The Samsung HW Q70T soundbar has a configuration of 3.1.2Ch and includes an external subwoofer and two upward-firing speakers. It has excellent control over all frequencies, and the overall sound is balanced.

Some users may find it lacking in bass. It is loud enough and has good surround sound capabilities. However, due to the configuration, it can downmix the content to make them more comfortable.

Samsung Q70T Soundbar Performance

The dedicated center channel makes it the ideal companion for mid-range content such as web series and TV shows. Its neutral sound profile is suitable for listening to music; however, the sub-bass levels might disappoint if you’re a bass-head.

The Samsung HW Q70T stereo frequency response is excellent for a soundbar. It also has a decent soundstage. The soundstage extends almost to the device’s entire width.

However, the absence of satellite speakers does not accurately replicate the situation. Focus and imaging are perfect. You can clearly distinguish and locate the source of any sounds you hear.

It can handle large spaces and crowded areas well, with a soundstage that is above average. It can handle maximum volume well and, although some compression and artifact may creep in, it is not enough to ruin the overall experience.

We were unhappy with Atmos’ performance. The product’s performance is terrible, even though there are two upward-firing speakers in the bar which throw the output to the ceiling. This then sends it back down to the users. It isn’t as clear, and the sound isn’t as good.

We were all excited about sound enhancement features until we discovered that there was no room for correction. It is almost unthinkable to leave out this feature at this price. The bar will sound different depending on how it is set up. We are still trying to find out why the Night Mode is missing.

It also can adjust Subwoofer Level Adjustment and Dialogue Enhancement. You can change your listening experience with several presets and a 7-band graphic equalizer.


How can I pair my Samsung Q70t?

How can I reset my q70t?

Turn on the soundbar by pressing and holding on the button on the remote or the soundbar itself. Hold the power button down until the soundbar displays INIT OK to reset your Samsung soundbar. If your soundbar is older and does not have a display, you’ll see a blinking red led that then stops after the reset.

How do I set my Samsung soundbar Q70 up?

Connect one end of the digital optical cable to OPTICAL OUT on the TV. Connect the other end of the digital visual line to your soundbar’s DIGITAL AUDIO IN (OPTICAL) port. Next, press Source on the remote/soundbar and set the D.IN. Setting.

Does Samsung Q70T support Dolby Atmos?

Two sound modes are available on the Q70T: Amplify (which enhances dialog) and Standard. … The Q70T can support Dolby Atmos but not Dolby Audio. This may be an issue if the soundbar you choose can handle it.


Samsung’s Q70T soundbar is an excellent pick for those looking for a higher quality home theater without busting the bank. Its aesthetically pleasing, flexible speaker placement allows it to blend seamlessly with most living room setups and delivers quality sound with plenty of volumes.

The Q70T is the latest in Samsung’s lineup of soundbars. This 70-inch soundbar uses two five-inch full-range drivers to deliver crisp and clear audio.

Through our review, Hooke Audio hopes to help you make an informed decision when it comes to the soundbar you choose for your home theater. And consider Samsung Q70T in your list.

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