Samsung Q70T Vs Q800T Soundbar: Which Is Better And Why?

Samsung Q70T Vs Q800T Soundbar Which Is Better And Why

The Samsung Q70T vs Q800T soundbar are two of the most popular soundbars on the market. Both offer great sound quality and features, but which one is the better choice for you? In this article, we’ll compare the two soundbars and help you decide which one is the best for your needs.

Performance Specs

Performance Specs Samsung Q70T and Samsung Q800T


Pros and Cons

Samsung HW Q70T


  • The system also includes a subwoofer and soundbar. The soundbar can deliver a wide soundstage.
  • The subwoofer is flexible and delivers excellent low-frequency performance. It can be placed anywhere you have an electrical outlet.
  • The Q70T Samsung puts you in the middle of the action with Dolby Atmos, DTS digital surround support.
  • Other WiFi-enabled devices can be connected to your smartphone so that you can listen to music from other wireless devices.
  • The soundbar supports Bluetooth connectivity even if WiFi is not available.
  • Like many products by Samsung, the soundbar can be controlled via their SamrtThings App. This allows you to have greater control over the soundstage.
  • This soundbar supports HDMI ARC and eARC. This allows you to connect the soundbar to your TV using one wire and then control it from your TV remote.
  • There is also a USB port on the back of the soundbar that lets you play music and movies from other sources and update the software as needed.
  • Wireless connectivity allows you to add speakers to the soundbar and distribute them throughout your home.
  • The soundbar supports Alexa so that you can do everything with your Alexa devices from the soundbar.


  • This soundbar doesn’t support Apple AirPlay. Although you can purchase a separate doc, it is not as convenient as you would like.
  • Without satellite speakers, surround sound performance can’t be as rich and deep as it should.
  • Sometimes the subwoofer seems a little flat. Compared to other subwoofers, like the Samsung HW-Q800T soundbar review, it’s not bad, but the quality is quite different.
  • There is a slight tendency for the wireless connectivity to the subwoofer to stop working. Although this is not a problem with all soundbars, it seems more familiar with this one.
  • Although the Q70T is not ugly, its materials and finishes are somewhat underwhelming. It is also available in black only. It can get dusty, and it isn’t easy to clean. The visual impact of other Samsung products (Q90R, Q950T) is better.


Samsung HW Q800T


  • This system is similar to the Q70T and includes a soundbar and a separate subwoofer. The soundbar can deliver a solid movie-watching experience.
  • The wireless subwoofer provides solid low-frequency performance, which improves the Q70T’s low-frequency reproduction. You can place soundbars wherever you like with the same wireless connectivity.
  • The Samsung Q800T can support Dolby Atmos, DTS digital surround designed explicitly for immersive surround sound experiences. The soundbar includes Q-Symphony capability. This smart connectivity option is available on Samsung TVs older than 2019. It extends the soundstage into three dimensions: front, back, and sides.
  • It has WiFi connectivity so that your soundbar can connect to your WiFi systems.
  • The soundbar supports Bluetooth connectivity. This is an excellent alternative connection option, especially for mobile phones.
  • Samsung’s Smart Things App supports this soundbar system. It allows you to control the sound that this bar produces dramatically.
  • This soundbar supports HDMI ARC and eARC. This allows you to connect it to your TV using one wire and then control soundbars from the TV’s remote.
  • The soundbar has a USB port on the back that lets you play music and movies from other devices and update your soundbar’s firmware if necessary.
  • Wireless connectivity allows you to add speakers to the soundbar and distribute them throughout your home.


  • This soundbar, like the Q70T, does not support Apple AirPlay. Although you can buy a docking station with wireless connectivity, it is not the same.
  • This soundbar does not include satellite speakers. They could be connected wirelessly, but they won’t be as effective as soundbars with them.
  • The Q800T is a superior subwoofer, especially when compared to the Q70T. While the difference isn’t significant, it is noticeable. The Q800T’s low-frequency performance is an important differentiator.
  • As with all speaker systems, the Samsung Q800T can sometimes lose its connection. Although it isn’t as frequent as with the Q70T, it’s not as severe. However, it cannot be enjoyable.
  • This soundbar is more elegant than the Q70T, which has thin cloth covers and metal grills. However, the side grills are made of plastic, which can be annoying. The visual impact of other Samsung products (Samsung Q90R, Samsung Q950T) is better.


Here’s The Tale Of The Tape: Samsung Q70T vs Q800T Soundbar

Samsung Q70T vs Q800T Soundbar


The dimensions of the Samsung Q800T are almost identical until you reach the subwoofer. This difference is what explains why the Q800T has a better low-frequency response. This extra volume allows Samsung to offer a more robust driver.

Both the best Samsung soundbars can be purchased at a budget price. The Samsung Q70T’s latest price is $328. The Samsung Q800T costs just $60 more at $389. Both soundbars are at the bottom of the soundbar system market.

This compares to the Samsung Q950A, which is priced at the top of the Samsung product line. This makes your listening and watching experience a lot better, but it costs almost three times as much as the Q70T and Q800T.

The truth is, most people will not notice a significant difference in the quality of the QLED TVs in their living rooms. Either the Samsung Q70T or Samsung Q800T should satisfy you.

Digging Deeper

After reading everything about the Q70T and the Q800T, it is time to see some unboxings, reviews, and demos. These are our top sources.

These two videos by Juan Camacho are the first. One was when Juan unboxed the Q70T, and the other after using the Samsung Q70T for over a month.

This is the next installment from a tech reviewer. He is totally dubbed HD and covers many TVs and sound systems. This review of the Samsung Q800T is a detailed look at the soundbar and explains a lot about its performance.

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Samsung Q800T Soundbar vs Q70T

Does Samsung Q800T support Dolby Vision?

However, the Q800T doesn’t support Dolby Vision. Like HDR10+, this provides additional scene-by-scene information that you won’t get from the HDR10 HDR system. It’s also more accessible than HDR10+ on streaming platforms like Disney Plus or Netflix and 4K Bluray discs.

Does Samsung Q70T support Dolby Atmos?

Two sound modes are available on the Q70T: Amplify (which enhances dialog) and Standard. The Q70T can support Dolby Atmos but not Dolby Audio. This may be an issue if the soundbar you choose can handle it.

Is Samsung Q800T a good TV?

The Samsung Q800T is an excellent choice for TV shows. It is bright enough to block glare and has excellent reflection handling. The viewing angles are good. The screen is not uniform and can also upscale lower-resolution content such as cable boxes. … Decent viewing angles.

Is the Samsung Q70T worth it?

The Samsung Q70/Q70T QLED 4k TV is an excellent all-around QLED TV. For most purposes, it is a good TV and has extra features such as a variable refresh rate (VRR), which reduces screen tearing during games. It has a good response time and a 120Hz refresh rate.


In this Samsung Q70T Vs. Q800T Soundbar comparison, the Samsung Q70T seemed to come out on top. The Samsung Q70 T is your best bet if you want a soundbar with great cinematic sound and don’t mind giving up some of the ease of a full home theater package.

Q800T has lower quality than Q70T, but it’s suitable for casual listeners who want clear dialogue and an accurate soundstage.

So what do you think? Do you have a favorite between the Q70T and Q800T Soundbar? Have you used them both, and which one is your favorite? Please comment below for Hooke Audio to know.

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