Samsung R60M Soundbar Review: Top Full Guide 2023

Samsung R60M Soundbar Review 2023 Is It For You

We are looking for an affordable soundbar that will significantly improve your audio experience? The Samsung R60M might be just what you’re looking for.

This soundbar delivers rich, intense sound that is sure to please, and it’s easy to set up and use. The Samsung R60M is a thin and minimalist soundbar with a beautiful design.

Today, we will introduce you to this incredible device and find out if it can deliver the audio performance it promises. Read Samsung R60M soundbar review not to miss anything.

Why Do Soundbars Are Necessary?

Before we get into the details of Samsung R60M soundbar, you may have wondered, Why do I need one?

You have many options: bookshelf speakers or active far-field speakers. Or even a home theater sound system such as the Klipsch Black Reference Theatre Pack 5.1 Sound System.

It is easy to answer: get it if you have the cash. Soundbars are not perfect in many areas that home theatre systems excel at, but they do the best for convenience and consumer-friendliness. Soundbars are portable and loud, which is a benefit everyone will appreciate.

samsung hw-r60m soundbar review

Soundbars can be used in various fashions and are packed with power. Soundbars were not able to live up initially to the home theatre craze. The speaker drivers were too weak to cover the entire living space.

Sony, however, has created a system that can make a virtual surround sound regardless of the size of the room.

It is evident that TVs will soon be thin and have very little room for high-end speakers. You can either get a soundbar along with your TV or use it as your primary home sound system. There are many options, but a soundbar will provide the best sound for your daily needs.

What Is The Samsung R60M Soundbar?

The Samsung HW-R60 soundbar is simple and features precise, powerful tones. The device has a variety of unique features, from design to functionality. For example, this soundbar allows seamless pairing with your TV.

This is essential for those who don’t have the technical skills. The design also allows the soundbar to produce high-quality sound. Continue reading to learn more about the HW-R60 capabilities and features.

Samsung R60M soundbar is designed to be convenient. This soundbar is a modern addition to your home’s sound system or home theatre setups. Its sleek design and aesthetics make it stand out.

Samsung R60M soundbar included a wireless subwoofer unit for low frequencies. You can hear the distant thunder and subtle rumble of the music or movie.

Samsung R60M soundbar is also wirelessly connected, making it convenient. Bluetooth allows you to connect automatically your phone, laptop, or another device with virtually almost no latency. The Samsung HW R60M is an excellent speaker with no wire. Latency is a significant issue.

Samsung R60M soundbar can also be used with Samsung TVs and other products. The connectivity is seamless thanks to their plug-and-play connectivity technology. And the best part? Once connected, the soundbar and sub woofer unit work together as one. This soundbar is great for watching Netflix at your leisure.

Samsung HW R60M has many products to choose from, but the Samsung R60M soundbar is the best value for money. It is affordable and ideal for sound technology but doesn’t want to spend a lot. The R60M can do the job and doesn’t compromise on performance.

What Are The Key Characteristics?

This soundbar, officially known as the HW-60M/ZA model, measures 41.5×2.3×3.4 inches and weighs approximately 6.3 pounds. These ports include an HDMI port, Digital Audio input, and Analog Audio input.

They also have rear surround speaker ready capability. The soundbar comes with a wireless subwoofer to deliver the high-fidelity audio promised.

These are other features of the HW-R60M duo.

Central speaker configuration for clarityWhat Is The Samsung R60M Soundbar

This speaker is centrally located and designed to provide clear dialogue. This soundbar will be a great help for anyone who has difficulty hearing conversations or voices on TV speakers.

Wireless connectivity accessories

The HW-R60M’s primary advantage is its wireless connectivity. Many dedicated features work together/individually to confer this. The wireless subwoofer included in the package delivers powerful sound and deep bass tones.

This low-end bass is ideal for soundtracks that have video. This wireless subwoofer allows you to experience the sound effects in your space truly.

Bluetooth offers versatility in use. Now you don’t have to limit yourself to TV soundtracks. You can now stream music wirelessly from the soundbar to your phone. This is especially useful for those who love streaming without any restrictions.

An optional wireless surround kit can be added to users’ sound systems. This allows you to create surround sound effects by pairing the equipment with your soundbar. Although this kit can be purchased separately, it is well worth the true sound experience.

You can also check some tips to check problems with the soundbar and the way to reset it How To Reset Samsung Soundbar?

Made for Samsung TV users

Although compatible with many TVs, the HW-R60M model can only be used with Samsung televisions. It allows for plug-and-play compatibility with either wired or wireless connections.

Made for Samsung TV users

Select Samsung TV models have a single remote that can control the Television menu. This feature is very convenient for those who don’t want to learn how to use different remotes.

Quality building

The sound bar is sturdy and has six speakers with a dedicated center channel to provide clear sound, particularly voices. They are protected in a black metal case and have a variety of connectivity ports. The soundbar and subwoofer can be used with other devices and provide great sound quality with deep bass. This sleek design is excellent for HD TVs with a slimmer look.

Wall-mount installation is easy with the included bracket.


There are many aspects to soundbar performance, apart from the wireless discussed previously and the physical connectivity ports we also mentioned. The format of the audio files you can access will determine how versatile the device is and what soundtracks it can play. The HW-60M model supports the following file types: MP3, WAV, AAC, and WMA.


  • Uses wireless subwoofer for high-quality sound
  • Samsung TV owners get optimized performance
  • All simple black design
  • Wireless connectivity accommodations
  • It is easy to install


  • A little more expensive

Product Differentiators

The difference between the Samsung R60M and other soundbars is striking. The Samsung HW R60M soundbar is not too expensive, but it lacks other soundbars’ features.

Audiophiles don’t have to be experts to distinguish between good and bad quality. All you need to do is listen to some music or watch videos and see yourself. The subwoofer’s quality is what makes the difference. Soundbars don’t usually have drivers for low frequencies, so the bass is an essential aspect of any sound system.

The included subwoofer in the Samsung R60Ms is less potent than other soundbars. Although performance may vary from person to person, it is generally low.

Product Differentiators

The Samsung R60M excels in the connectivity sector, contrary to its performance. The TV can be connected quickly and easily using the optical link and optical connection inputs. The Samsung sound system setup r60m is easy to understand and requires no technician to install.

It will not be necessary to turn on the soundbar sold separately and connect it with the TV again. Instead, it will work as one unit with the TV. The soundbar will turn on when you turn on the TV.

The Samsung R60M soundbar can cover a large area, but you will still notice the quality diminishing as you move around the room. The coverage area may be vast, but the effectiveness of the soundbar is minimal. These soundbars are affordable, but you’ll have to sacrifice some quality.

Why Should You Buy The Samsung R60M Soundbar?

You have many options for soundbars, including the Samsung HW R60M. The R60M soundbar all the required requirements at an affordable price, ideal for consumers who don’t want to spend a lot on a home theatre.

The soundbars are ergonomically designed and minimalistic in design, so they can easily fit into your living space without breaking the bank.

This soundbar is attracted by more than just its budget. Its connectivity is what grabs your attention. Convenience is assured by the R60M’s seamless connection to various devices and its wireless feature.

This soundbar is excellent for large rooms. The soundbar’s stereo surround sound technology, high-quality speaker drivers, and crystal clear audio are great features.

Why Should You Buy The Samsung R60M Soundbar

This Samsung sound bar comes standard with an extra subwoofer unit. The whole bar can be focused and devoted to high-frequency work, which requires clear dialogue, vocals, and vocals.

The Samsung R60M subwoofer is also no joke. Its sole purpose is to transmit low frequencies and provide excellent bass to the audio. This does a great job. It will be evident in movies like Transformers or Godzilla, where the sound effects make the experience even more thrilling.

Bluetooth makes it easy to connect your phone or computer via Bluetooth. The channel changes will occur seamlessly and without any delay. An optical connection is also available on the Samsung R60M soundbar. This fast connection makes it possible to combine TV and soundbar.

All these are available to you at any Samsung Store. You can place the product anywhere you want and still hear the clear, loud sound. Even the distortion audio is good with this soundbar.

The package includes all the tools needed to mount the soundbar in any position. It is best to place the soundbar below your TV or another device so that it faces you. For the best experience, it is essential to put it in a prominent location.

The Samsung R60M is also available if you want the complete package. The expansion pack includes multiple speakers to complete your home theatre setup. The whole package is available for an additional cost, but it will meet your dream home theatre setup without any compromises in performance.


The Samsung R60M is a relatively new soundbar, but it has many features and technologies that already make it an attractive option. For an affordable soundbar that will improve your experience, the Samsung HW R60M is an excellent choice. This is a very simple soundbar, but it has all the features and technologies you will need to achieve your preferred audio quality.

So, Hooke Audio hopes you like our Samsung HW-R60M soundbar review. If you have any doubts or questions, please let us know by leaving your comments below.

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