Samsung S40T Soundbar Review: Top Full Guide 2022

Samsung S40T Soundbar Review 2022 Top Full Guide

In this Samsung S40T soundbar review, we’ll look at one of the company’s most popular soundbars. We’ll examine its features, performance, and value to help you decide if it’s a suitable soundbar for your needs.

The Samsung S40T soundbar is a great way to improve your TV’s audio. It’s easy to set up and has a simple, stylish design. The sound quality is excellent, with clear dialogue and rich, detailed sound. The subwoofer boosts the bass, and the Bluetooth connectivity is handy for streaming music from your phone or tablet.

Pros And Cons


  • Inbuilt woofer
  • Bluetooth Support
  • Remote control
  • You can connect manually using cables
  • Multi-connection


  • Expensive
  • Not mobile

Samsung HW-S40T Specifications

  • The total output power of the unit is 100 W.
  • A number of speakers 4.
  • Sound scheme 2.0.
  • Dolby 2.0 Ch.
  • Panel-mounted subwoofer.
  • Sound modes: Smart, Music, Standard
  • Optical input.
  • Bluetooth AAC
  • Remote control.
  • Dimensions 938x138x220mm

Samsung HW-S40T Design

Samsung HW-S40T Design

Samsung created the Samsung HW-40T soundbar to provide all of your sound system needs in one soundbar.

According to our experts, this soundbar contains two tweeters and a woofer in its small frame. The Kvadrat textiles design gives it a complementing look and provides durability.

Features of Samsung HW-S40T

Sound Quality

It has incredible sound quality. The soundbar system’s music mode can optimize the sound according to what you are listening to. This allows both vocals and the instruments to sound great, as our Samsung HW-S40T experts discovered.


The soundbar has two built-in tweeters and woofers in the Samsung HW-40T. This soundbar makes a great sound out of the box. The soundbar is easy to set up and install. Plug it in and turn it on. Once it’s connected to your devices, you can go. This soundbar can be taken with you, so make sure it is charged up.

It is no surprise that the soundbar does not include an equalizer, given its low price. The soundbar compensates for this with Music Mode and Smart Sound.

The soundbar optimizes the sound according to the music it is playing. This ensures that both vocals and instruments sound clear and crisp.

Smart Sound allows the soundbar to automatically detect what’s being played on your TV and improve the sound settings to provide the best viewing experience.

The built-in subwoofer performs well on this model. An external subwoofer will give you a more robust bass than the built-in. The Samsung HW-S40T may not be the right choice for those who prefer more bass to their audio.

Features of Samsung HW-S40T

The built-in subwoofer might make it challenging to produce bassy sounds like explosions for movie performances. The built-in subwoofer might disappoint you if you love to headbang or nod to audio with lots of basses.

This unit has good highs and mids, even though it may not have enough bass. Samsung HW-S40T delivers clear vocals and precise instruments in the high and mid ranges. It also produces audible dialogues that can be heard in movies.

To enhance your listening experience, you can also use this soundbar’s Smart Sound and Music Mode features.

For those who don’t care about the sound they hear, it can be a great entry-level unit. Even though the team does not have an equalizer, Smart Sound and Music Mode make it easy to use, especially those just starting in the audio world.

Wireless connectivity

The Samsung HW-S40T is wireless and can be connected via Bluetooth in 2 dimensions.

The multi-connection allows you to connect two devices simultaneously and switch between them easily.

Our experts also found the Bluetooth TV Connection intriguing. This allows you to connect your TV directly to the soundbar using Bluetooth. It is the only wireless connection that the soundbar supports.


The Samsung HW-40T requires only a few simple connections. It’s as easy as connecting your smartphone with another smartphone via Bluetooth. You can combine it with a charged soundbar.

You can pair your TV with the help of a search engine. Search for Bob, the soundbar in the Bluetooth list on your TV. You will need to turn on it on your smartphone to pair it with your TV.

You can connect the soundbar via its AUX cable. The best Samsung soundbar has a digital optical screen which allows for more control. You can also use it with HDMI support, available in JBL Bar 5.0 and other high-quality soundbars.


The soundbar is controlled by four simple buttons located on top of it. The power button, ‘-‘ and ‘+’ indications for volume control, and a button to choose the input are all present. In addition, a remote controller and batteries are included in the package to allow customers to manage the soundbar without getting up from the sofa.

Samsung HW-S40T Setup

For wireless connections, the Samsung HW-S40T doesn’t require any fancy setup. To charge your soundbar, however, you will need to have a power outlet.

Samsung HW-S40T Setup

The remote control is included with the soundbar. The remote should be charged. This remote can be used to control the soundbar from your chair without you having to move the knob.

Ease of Use

The soundbar remote can be used to adjust volume, adjust audio presets, and adjust subwoofer level. It can also be used for Bluetooth pairings, as described in the previous section.

One problem is that the LEDs that provide feedback can be challenging to see when seated in front of your TV. A series of blinking lights is reminiscent of Morse Code, making them harder to read than digital displays.

Although the TV remote is limited in some ways, it can be used to adjust the volume. It takes some tweaking before the soundbar responds to a compatible third-party remote. The manual will guide you through the entire process.

This brings us to Samsung’s SmartThings App. To operate the Samsung S40T, you can pair your phone with the soundbar. This is the best choice.

Hardware and sound profile

It has a 2.0 channel with an internal woofer. Each channel is composed of a driver as well as a tweeter. The audio bass elements are provided by one of these drivers.

Samsung HWS40T 2.0ch All-in-One Soundbar Ease of Use

It produces an awe-inspiring sound. The treble and mid-range frequencies sound clear. Each element is highlighted without being overpowered by the others. The S40T is also able to produce good bass audio elements. Expect a significant improvement in your TV speakers.

This great soundbar could have done a better job at dialog enhancement. Music Mode makes up for this omission.

Support for equalizer and audio format

The S40T does not have an equalizer. You can only adjust the bass volume (woofer) on it You can also choose from three audio presets:

  • Music mode is a way to combine the various elements of an audio piece to create a balanced sound.
  • Smart mode adjusts the soundbar’s rendering of sound according to the audio you are playing.
  • The standard mode sounds great but could do with some dialog enhancement
  • It supports DTS Digital Surround 2.0 and Dolby Digital 2-channel audio formats.


The Samsung HW-S40T has its work cut out at such a low price point. There are plenty more possibilities that can compete with it. Here are other models that can compete with it at about the same price point:

Polk Audio Signa S2

With an additional $200, you can purchase an external wireless subwoofer to boost the lows and many more physical connections such as HDMI ARC and an auxiliary input. It also features Dolby Digital and is compatible with 4K and HD televisions.

The Samsung HW-S40T is particularly attractive to people who struggle with connecting and configuring their cable-required electronics. The sound is also automatically tuned using Smart Sound and Music Mode.

JBL 2.0 Channel Soundbar

The JBL 2.0 Channel Soundbar is another soundbar that is just $200 more costly than the Samsung HW-S40T. The JBL 2.0 Channel Soundbar, like the Polk Audio Signa S2, has an HDMI input, which is supported by all recent televisions. Surround sound is also supported through Dolby Digital.

The Samsung HW-S40T outperforms the JBL model in value for money. The Samsung model has four drivers. However, the JBL model only has two. Although neither model has an equalizer, the audio generated by the Samsung model may be tuned using the built-in Music Mode and Smart Sound technologies.

The Samsung model also offers a larger amplifier output of 100W than the JBL model. This implies that the Samsung model can generate louder music.


The Samsung HW-S40T soundbar is more expensive than regular soundbars, but it’s still relatively affordable, especially considering its specializations and durability.



Which soundbar is best for Samsung?

The Samsung HW-Q950A is the greatest Samsung soundbar we’ve tested. This high-end system has a one-of-a-kind 11.1. 4 design with two distinct satellite speakers and a dedicated subwoofer. It supports Dolby Atmos content and even has built-in voice assistant capability.

Is Samsung Soundbar q70t good?

This soundbar boasts a well-balanced sound that should work well with most music genres. On the negative, it lacks some sub-bass, which may upset listeners of bass-heavy music such as EDM and hip-hop. You may, however, tailor the sound of the bar by utilizing its four EQ presets and seven-band graphic EQ.

Do Samsung soundbars work better with Samsung TVs?

Whatever choice you choose, Samsung soundbars will function with your Samsung TV. Samsung’s 2.1 channel soundbar with wireless subwoofer is fully compatible with Samsung TVs.

How long do Samsung soundbars last?

Soundbars: 6-16 years

If you choose a ‘passive’ soundbar, such as one from James or Leon, the speakers contain less technology and may last for up to 16 years or more.

What size soundbar should I get for a 55-inch TV?

Because a 55-inch TV has an initial dimension of roughly 47.8 inches, you should have a soundbar that is 40 to 50 inches in size. It is OK to have a soundbar a few inches bigger or smaller. However, for the optimum sound quality, the soundbar should at least cover the bottom of the TV.


The Samsung S40T soundbar is designed to meet your multimedia needs at home. It is an excellent pick for every living room, from TV shows, movies, and gaming audio. At around $500, the S40T maybe a little more expensive than some other soundbars, but it provides incredible audio quality and is easy to use.

The Samsung S40T soundbar is a must-have in the modern household, and Hooke Audio highly recommends it.

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