Samsung Soundbar T650 Review 2022: Is It For You?

Samsung Soundbar T650 Review 2022 Is It For You

Soundbars are an excellent alternative to getting a complete audio system. If users only have one or two speakers, they can plug their TV into the soundbar and have sound coming from all sides. The Samsung A650 Soundbar is one of many choices for someone who needs a decent yet straightforward sounding device that provides better sound than their TV alone.

If you consider whether this soundbar is your need, read the Samsung soundbar T650 review article to know more. We will provide you with a complete and positive conclusion.


  • This is a great way to enjoy loud movies.
  • Uses video games well: The dramatic surrounding effect of the game mode effect would make your gaming experience much more enjoyable.
  • Bass makes an impact: The base produces a massive 340 watts of power. It is an excellent choice for bass lovers.
  • Intelligent balanced sound mode adjusts taste: This modifies your audio experience to an even higher level and allows you to have a futuristic lifestyle.
  • Simple to Use Remote: This universal remote simplifies and adapts functionality by switching between complexity and minimalism.
  • ENERGY STAR Certified

Samsung HW-T650 Soundbar: A Glimpse

The HWT650 soundbar is the best in the T collection.

The T collection includes three soundbar subwoofer combinations, the T450 and T550 and the T650. This is a 3.1 channel configuration with one dedicated channel.

The HW-T650 soundbar is an excellent example of the simplicity that Samsung wanted. However, Samsung decided to build a taller unit to deliver an even better experience than the simple one.

The HW-T650 is compatible with Dolby Atmos Audio, Dolby Digital, and DTS sound. It can also be used with DTS Virtual:X to generate 340 watts.

You can transfer songs at up to 192kHz via Bluetooth and the hidden USB port. It is also ready for WLAN surround whenever you require it.

We have seen other devices with similar functionality as the HWT650.

Samsung HW-T650 Soundbar A Glimpse

These are typically the features that come with the best Samsung soundbar. You want to keep it simple but allow your clients some flexibility. It is now clear how accurate the soundbar is in real-world performance.

Samsung’s HW650 is part of the T extra-low-priced T Collection. The Q collection includes Samsung’s top models, and the S collection consists of some compact models.

T Collection consists of three soundbar subwoofer combinations, the T450 and T550, and the T650. While not the most important, it is also the easiest to use a 3.1 channel configuration with a dedicated center channel.

Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital, and DTS sound clubs can generate 340 watts with their 3.1 channels. DTS Virtual:X can also play high-resolution audio documents for an immersive experience.

You can transfer songs up to 192kHz via Bluetooth and the hidden USB port. It is also ready for WLAN surround when you require authentic surround sound. We also have other great soundbars.

Key Features

  • Wall-mountable portability
  • Support for the surround system during setup
  • Control: One remote
  • Output: A massive 340 watts of power
  • Components: 6 Drivers (two per channel, each powered by 30 watts)

What’s in the Package?

  • Speaker Active Soundbar
  • Sub-Power for Wireless
  • AC Power adapter
  • Two 5 inch AC power cords
  • 2 Wall-mount Brackets
  • 2 Screw-holders
  • Two screws
  • User Manual
  • Wall-mount Template
  • Remote Control
  • 2 AA Batteries
  • Cable optical digital measuring 58 inches

A Brief Analysis

The Exterior of HW-T650

Samsung HWT650 soundbar is the longest 3T soundbar, but it’s still very compact.

The HW-T650 soundbar measures 38.6 inches x 2.33 x 3.6 inches and weighs 2.4 kilograms. It will depend on what type of stand you have for your 55-inch TV.

The HW-T650 soundbar is an excellent example of the simplicity that Samsung has tried to make, but Samsung decided to build a taller unit that would deliver the same pleasure as the simple.

At the bottom of the Pinnacle is a row of buttons. These buttons can become very fuzzy due to their length and color, even when used with many stylish and accurate-looking Samsung soundbars.

Samsung placed the handy front screen on the back of the stainless steel grille.

This type of show was chosen because it is more straightforward than LED luminaires which can be arranged in various ways.

The biggest problem is the screen’s small size. This means that you will have to scroll down to read all of what it shows. You can see the bottom rear of your device with the large inserts that house all connections.

Infrared repeaters are not available. Ensure that the scale on your main bar does not block the infrared sensor.

Although the display of the soundbar to have a low profile, it is difficult to tell. The bottom of the device has cooling holes and holes that allow for wall mounting.

The T650 display also includes a subwoofer that follows the primary unit’s simple structure.

It is a cube design with rounded corners that can be kept in any space. Samsung has placed its driving force inside a facet covered by a rounded fabric grid.

The subwoofer is 8.1×13.9×11.9 inches (205, 0, 0x353, 0x303.2 mm), and 13.7lbs (6.2 kg). It can be used anywhere, even in small rooms.

The subwoofer cabinet, unlike the main strip, is made from wood. We discovered a large port at the upper-lower rear and the lower with the power connector.

There are no additional buttons or controls. The items are kept here very simply, which is excellent for casual customers who don’t need to do a lot of assist calibrations.

We can conclude that the HWT650 sounds tremendous, and Samsung has expressed interest in the first-class build.

Although it won’t be a premium product, it has a positive premium rating that Samsung has given to us on all of their products.

Internal Hardware

Samsung may be highly secretive about the form of the HWT650’s drivers. It is not indicated in the instructions or the datasheet that it is of the type. The soundbar’s nonremovable metal grill makes it challenging to clean.

According to the specifications, the three main channels of the central unit are controlled by six drivers, each with 60 watts. This makes the total soundbar power 180 watts.

Samsung T650 Soundbar A Brief Analysis

This dual actuation force configuration in each channel is not unusual.

Although there is some mystery surrounding the dimensions of this subwoofer driver, we can tell you that it has 60 watts of power. It is not much less than expected and can be positioned as we wish.

We have 340 watts total, 180 watts in the main soundbar, and 160 watts from the subwoofer. This should be enough for small- to medium-sized rooms for your home theater.

Setting Up Initially

The HWT650 is identical to the Maximum soundbars in that it meets the same simplified standards as the top-of-the-line devices.

This includes any connection setup, daily usage, and any initial setup. It is ideal for casual clients who don’t want to deal with endless menus or settings.

After setting up the subwoofer and central unit, we connected them to other mechanically-made devices. Even though it may not appear, there are still steps that you can follow to make your journey very easy and quick.

We wanted to use HDMI to connect all gadgets, so we joined our 4K UHD participant’s HDMI output to the HDMI input of the HWT650 and then to its HDMI output to one of our Check’s HDMI inputs.

The pairing will be very clean for miles if you have set up the optional wraparound package. Additionally, there are specific commands in the guide.

Once all connections have been made, it’s time to get started. You will need to adjust the Bass and treble settings by yourself.

Seamless Connection with HW-T650

Next, let’s look at the connectivity options for the device.

We see soundbars with a secondary or less standard format, with very few variations. This is common with all soundbars within this price range. However, it may suffice for a maximum. If you’re more annoying and need to connect multiple devices, the more straightforward design is better.

Deep slots are found on the back of the unit, and all connections were made under the extension. There is a plug with an HDMI connection and an input on the left.

Seamless Connection with HW-T650

You can also see digital and USB ports, so connectivity is seamless. Shielded output supports efficient HDMI ARC. It can at most play Dolby Digital Plus, which is a streaming service that has been popular recently.

It might not have an analog port, but it’s not essential since HDMI ports have been the main focus of connection lately.

Bluetooth is the only wireless option available for the soundbar, as it lacks WiFi capabilities.

Samsung doesn’t indicate which Bluetooth version is being used in the device. This information is not available in either the manual or the specifications section. We cannot, therefore, confirm this.

It ensures that connectivity does not become a problem at any point. We are happy with the reliability of the new version, regardless of whether it is older or more recent.

HW–T650 for Music

We must not forget one crucial aspect before we complete our evaluation.

We chose to use some FLAC files too thin for the HWT650, as it supports Hi-Res Audio documents.

Because the soundbar easily controls all sounds, it instantly brought life to the front level.

Although it may not have the best playback sound, this soundbar is still affordable and sufficient for casual use.

The stereo image was widespread, even though the device lacked precision.

Although the stereo panorama results were stunning and unexpected, they didn’t have the same effect as we had.

The subwoofer had a pleasant decay time and could accompany the beats with great speed without getting in the way.

Samsung also offers surround sound kits that can be paired with the soundbar. If you are looking for a more immersive sound experience, these kits will provide it.

The center channel did an excellent job of playing all voices with superb tonality and enough power to blend well with the relaxed performance.

Even though it wasn’t the best, the intermediate version had the desired mid-range, balance and helped transmit the entire frequency spectrum with minimal changes. This kind of load is essential for good HIFI performance.

The HWT650 soundbar has enough sensitivity to provide you feel a comfortable listening experience.

Laudable Features

Physical Features

The soundbar is the same as the Standard. Samsung has placed a pair of integrated buttons in the middle of the top. However, these buttons are now on the back, not on the front like many brands.

These buttons are physical and can be accessed by using icons.

We see a power button from left to right that acts as an auto-shutdown button, volume control, and source button for selecting the input mode.

These buttons were placed on the body because they are easier to use. However, using a similar color to the other soundbars makes them indistinguishable. It is possible that they could be outstanding if another color is used.

Minimalist Remote

The protected remote is the best way to navigate. We did not find any other options, except the One Remote that Samsung uses on many different displays and audio devices.

While the critical layout and fashion design are essentially unchanged, the functionality has changed.

The buttons located above the navigation controls can select power and pair Bluetooth devices.

The alternative navigation controls below the circle are used to mute, select the sound mode and manage the audio consisting of treble and bass.

The buttons at the bottom correspond to the front number, which is on the left. The subwoofer number is on the right.

The One Remote was generally well-received. It is simple to use, with only a few buttons to perform all functions. This makes it easy for casual customers who don’t need to learn complicated controls.


The soundbar is HDMI compliant. The soundbar can be connected to the TV via an HDMI cable. This allows you to use remote controls such as volume and volume.

Although it may not offer the full range of support skills, it can be helpful in favorable situations.

We would also like to mention that Samsung may not support voice control and has stopped offering help with the mobile application.

Samsung T650 Laudable Features

This limits the HWT650’s performance, and, as you may recall, many speakers on a budget offer at least one of these features. The T650 feels unwieldy and a little behind the competition.

Continue reading to get a better understanding of HW-T650.

These are the most feature-packed sections of our soundbar. While the T650 doesn’t have more capabilities and features, they offer a few useful ones. Let’s first discuss the audio it can play.

Dolby Digital, Digital, VirtualX, DTS Enables

The HWT650 seems like it guides the Standard. We recommend LPCM 2, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digit, and DTS Guide.

Mixing the DTS and Dolby Digital symbols are required as surround audio systems cannot use the entire 5.1 channel symbol.

If you want to dig a little deeper, DTS Virtual:X is available. This could be perfectly normal for soundbars in this class. We can also talk about general performance in the right section.

Every soundbar worth its salt should have at least one sound mode, and the HWT650 appears to offer a wide range.

Standard mode is the most popular, and it includes surround sound, which produces the best audio mix and Standard Mode. Game Mode provides a stereoscopic sound that will immerse you in gameplay, and Smart Sound analyzes the audio material.

It offers the best sound theme and DTS Virtual:X, which attempts to simulate surround audio without being present in a physical system.

Dynamic Range Control

The single modes are the same as the single modes. However, the soundbar does not have a night or select dialog. Instead, Samsung offers Dynamic Range Control (DRC), which allows you to see the dynamic range in Dolby Digital tracks.

DRC is on to reduce the volume, which can cause slight distortion. So use it carefully.

Bluetooth Capability with Add-On Features

Bluetooth capabilities are available on the HW-T650. This gives you a lot more flexibility. You can stream audio from any mobile device via Bluetooth.

You can also connect to multiple Bluetooth devices from the soundbar.

You don’t even have to use cables. If your TV supports Bluetooth, it can be connected to your TV via Bluetooth.

However, keep in mind that you cannot pair your TV with a mobile device simultaneously.

It can be used as both a TV screen and a Bluetooth device simultaneously. It can play audio from an external tool via a hidden USB port, which is more valuable than any soundbars that we have seen.

We don’t like the location of the USB port.

Samsung placed this in one slot for many reasons. It is tough to put the soundbar in a setup because you have to slide the device up at each instance to use the connection.

Bluetooth Capability with Add-On Features

It can be more accessible, however. We should keep in mind all options. We believe that using a USB extension cable is the best solution to avoid frustration.

We get the lowest quality of the MP3, WMA, and AAC standards, but we also get high-resolution audio playback for FLAC and AIFF documents up to 192 kHz. This is the main advantage of such a low-cost device.

You can connect external devices to the soundbar with premium set inputs. The soundbar supports Dolby Digital (DTS) and 3.5mm analog audio inputs.

The lower back has a USB slot for lightning pressure so that you can listen to audio documents.

Imagine that surround sound is something you are interested in but don’t like DTS Virtual :X’s overall performance. You have the option to buy the Wireless Surround Sound Kit SWA8500S for a proper surround sound system.

The package isn’t as extravagant as surround sound kits made by other manufacturers. It could be an excellent alternative to the HW-T650. There is plenty of room for the audio system.

The Bluetooth auto-on/off feature is also available. The device will turn on or off automatically, depending on the Bluetooth function.

It will turn on when it detects an incoming Bluetooth label. If no Bluetooth brand is seen, it will toggle automatically.

The One Remote was generally well-received. It is simple to use, with only a few buttons to perform all functions. This makes it easy for casual customers who don’t need to learn complicated controls.


  • Adjustments for bass and treble
  • Five EQ presets.
  • It can get loud.


  • Does not support Atmos.
  • No room for correction.
  • It lacks a bit of low bass.

Technical Specifications (Featured-Packed Speakers)

  • System: For a truly immersive surround sound experience, add an optional Samsung SWA-8500S wireless speakers kit
  • DTS Virtual: Digital sound processing.
  • Great Design: More spacious and vibrant
  • Soundbar: Six drivers (powered by 30 watts each, two per channel), a central channel for clear dialogue, and innovative sound modes.
  • Dimensions: 38-11/1”w x 2- 5/16”hx 3-9/16/16”d
  • Weight: 2.4kg
  • Dolby Atmos(r), digital and dts (r) decoding
  • Bluetooth built-in: Wireless music streaming from compatible devices. Multi-connection is available for even more convenience.
  • Subwoofer: A 160-watt amplifier built into the subwoofer that connects wirelessly with the soundbar
  • Dimensions: 8-1/8″w x 13-15/16″h x 12-1/2 “d
  • Weight: 6.2 kg.
  • Bass-reflex (already port): Powerful bass response and
  • Power cable provided.
  • Connectivity and general information: 1 HDMI input,1 HDMI output. Supports Audio Return Channel (HDMI ARC). USB port to connect a thumb drive. Optical digital audio input. Kit for mounting on the wall. HDMI-CEC function
  • Total system power: 340 Watts

Reviews of HW-T650 While Watching A Movie

We tested the Godzilla vs. Kong 4K UHD. It contains a full immersive DTS:X mix.

We did not use the surround package larger for this test. Instead, we focused on the medium DTS mix. It is reduced to 3.1 channels and can be removed from our test device.

We also tested it in different sound modes. To get the best audio possible, we first used the standard model.

You can now decide if surround sound enjoyment is more enjoyable without adding an audio system. GODZILLA Vs. KONG is the movie action that does it all. Dialogue-driven scenes, full-motion, explosions, and ambient effects.

It is a great tool to test the strengths and weaknesses of each audio system.

You can always start over, and the HWT650 filled the space between our reel and TV screen with a wall of the legitimate size that grew quite deep. The soundbar’s primary effect is to make the balanced sound not as flat as it would be in a television’s audio system.

The unit had an extra stretch, added intensity, and even added top. However, it was not as intense as we had previously heard from a few other units.

It can move with enough force for its length, and it can. The soundbar could not reach the upper limits due to its everyday listening level.

However, we preferred a different approach. We heard very engaging, and, frankly, it increases immersion tenfolds and puts you in the world.

Review of HW-T650 While Watching A Movie

Jungle scenes allow you to experience the intensity and size of the forest. You can also hear many ambient sounds coming from specific locations. Stereo panning results can be substantial and convincing.

The soundbar also has a central channel to disconnect and hold the conversation even in busy scenes.

It is possible to have a conversation via the internet, which can help you relax from the sound effects of the clashes. We have not seen the announcements, but adding the central channel to the device is the most important thing.

Let’s now communicate the bass. Godzilla vs. Kong has many hobbies. While not always a powerhouse, the covered subwoofer is a delight for the ears. This adds weight and energy to the film.

The Kong’s roar will be felt in a vivid and herbal texture. The Indominous Rex steps will give you a sense of length and weight.

If you consider its size, the sub-woofer can dive deep enough. It also has enough power to provide the necessary shakes to get you started, but it won’t strike you in the chest like a pair of dedicated subwoofers. That’s understandable.

The HWT650 was able to perform well in most areas, but its immersive performance is something it cannot deliver. This is not the case.

All movements were firmly focused on the front. Even immersive results from the rear can be heard best through the front stereo system.

We strongly recommend buying the optional Wireless Surround Sound Kit SW8500S if you don’t want to risk your life. If not, you can use the DTS Virtual:X mode, which we will inform you about.

DTS Virtual:X is the mode that creates an immersive surround sound experience without using a dedicated surround system. The digital age provides the phantom sound from places with no existing audio system.

Digital technology might not be as accurate or efficient as the current audio system. This might be the best option if you don’t have the funds or the space to install a different audio system. We will now determine if this is a good idea and give you an enveloping feeling at your home theater.

With our previous check, we reexamined the same scenes from Godzilla vs. Kong. This time, however, DTS Virtual: X mode was enabled. Although the distinction is obvious, it was not always for the better.

This mode makes the sound more authentic and immersive. The sound expands, extends beyond the perimeters, and is slightly higher. Our observer role is improved, and the depth concept is somewhat higher than on the other side.

It’s almost as if the sector suddenly grows with the DTS Virtual X mode. Is this a sign that the industry is being controlled? Not quite. We felt at times that surround sound was coming from different positions than the front. But we couldn’t be sure it was coming from the rear. Perhaps the surround sound is a result of the surrounding.

Is HW650 the Right Choice?

It is challenging to distinguish soundbars from each other because there are so many soundbars in the same price range, HW-T650.

The HW-T650 soundbar is a fantastic soundbar. It offers all the features of a simple, attractive version that any user can use.

The HW-T650 is also very easy to set up and can be up and running in a matter of minutes. This allows the user to have fun due to its simple settings and functions.

It is a great sound system that can be charged and improve your audio experience over a TV.

You can get a great design and some extras such as Bluetooth streaming, USB playback, and Hi-Res audio guide, plus an option for a WiFi surround sound system.

The soundbar’s HI-FI performance is not surprising, however. The soundbar is adequate to satisfy those who are looking for casual indulgences. However, if you are particularly upset, it might not be what you need right now.

Is HW650 the Right Choice

The lack of a rear audio system makes it possible to have actual immersive Sound Activity. All movements in front are fixed, and all training is constant. The result is not as good even with DTS Virtual:X enabled.

Finally, the HW650 is a bit more user-friendly than other models.

The Samsung HWT650 soundbar looks excellent and can be used for mixed-use. It doesn’t matter if you use it for music, action movies, or video games at your home.

Although it may not be the greatest of all the greats, you will know where you fit in the price range and what you can get in return.


Does it support Alexa or any other assistant?

Answer: No, it does not come with Alexa support.

Does it have Bluetooth Support?

Ans. It comes with Bluetooth support.

What’s a Surround System?

Ans. DTS Virtual-X provides immersive surround sound and 3D sound effects.

What's a Surround System

Does the battery come with the package?

Ans. Yes, the Battery is included; it provides 2 AA batteries.

Can TV and mobile be connected simultaneously?

Ans- No, you can’t. It supports multi-connection only with multi mobiles.

Is the Surround Kit included with the Box?

Ans. Yes, but you will need to buy it separately.



The Samsung A650 soundbar does have an impressive design and is an excellent option for the home theater of most users. It also has many of the best features, like the premium audio from Klipsch, that one could expect in a soundbar today.

The only main reason a user needs to do without is their TV’s ability to produce quality sound. Otherwise, if they are looking for a soundbar with a few features, their needs will be better met by this Samsung HW-T650 3.1ch soundbar review.

Hooke Audio hope you find our review helpful, and once again, if you have any other questions, just let us know.

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