sE X1 Microphone Review 2021: Is It For You?

sE X1 Microphone Review 2021 Is It For You

sE X1 microphone review will give you the correct buying decision. Here we will review this Se X1 microphone in-depth and list down all the important pros and cons of this product for your better buying decision.

The sE X1 is the perfect all-around microphone for singer-songwriters, voice-overs, podcasters, lyricists, and anyone who wants to capture a dry vocal sound and detailed audio on stage or off.

At the heart of the X1 is its sleek, handheld design that’s both lightweight and durable, ensuring you’ll always sound your best. The microphone delivers a natural-sounding reproduction of vocals, cymbals, horns, and even recording acoustic guitar.

If you intend to buy a microphone for recording an album, writing a song, or performing live, you’re going to want to look at the sE X1. You’ll be able to capture and produce rich and full-bodied recordings with exceptional clarity and detail on stage and in the project studio.

sE X1 Microphone Review: sE X1 S Microphone overview

  • sE X1 S large diaphragm condenser microphone
  • Two levels of attenuation are available.
  • Useful for vocal recordings or close micing louder sources
  • sE Reflexion filter with multi-layer technology
  • Pop filter integrated into the shock mount
  • Cable length 3m
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Equivalent noise level: 16 dBA
  • Max SPL: 160dB

About the sE Electronics X1 Microphone

Newly designed electronics keep the self-noise level at an absolute minimum in the X1S. The original X1 mic was very quiet. However, the X1 S’s ultra-low noise design makes it one of the quietest mics available at the same price range.

You can capture the most delicate instruments and quiet voices without having to adjust the volume. The sE Electronics X1 S can handle even the quietest instruments.

You can use the mic’s -10 dB or -20 dB pad switch to close it from loud sources like an acoustic guitar without worrying about clipping.

You also have the option to low cut switch at 160Hz and 80Hz. This allows you to control the low end, the proximity effect/ low mids easily, or cut out background noise.

sE X1- vocal mic

sE Electronics X1 S Microphone Features:

Let’s now discuss the features. It would help if you got your hands on a condenser mic. The condenser microphone has a large diaphragm, which makes it ideal for recording vocals and acoustic instruments. Other unique features include:

  • Metal capsule: This mic is solid and lightweight. This microphone is made of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting.
  • Large-diaphragm mics: Enjoy the best recording experience. The mic is an excellent addition to my collection.
  • Fixed cardioid polar pattern: This ensures optimal tonal consistency and high-quality sound output.
  • This feature reduces the proximity effect by reducing low-frequency rumbles in two positions. This allows you to achieve great sound quality in your home recording environment.

sE Electronics X1 Microphone Features

These are just a few other things I loved about the product:

Fixed Heart Mic

Many people praise Multi-pattern microphones, but it is possible to use a fixed cardioid in different situations. This is an excellent option for those who want a consistent signal path and the simplicity of a single signal path.

This condenser mic can help you get better clarity in your recordings if it is done correctly. You might not even require a multi-polar pattern microphone at this point. Investing in the X1 will allow you to eliminate unnecessary features.

Handcrafted Capsule

This is what I love about sE. Hand-crafted capsules are a sign of the brand’s commitment to excellence. The capsule is handmade by skilled technicians, and you will be delighted to learn that it is.

This is something you’ve likely figured out, but I love companies who go above and beyond to ensure the best equipment.

Handcrafted Capsule

This such a mic is an excellent addition to your musical instruments and stands out because of the attention paid to every detail. The microphone’s solid build enhances its overall appearance. It is a great addition must-have in your mic cabinet.

High-Performance Electronics

This new model, an improved version of the classic sE electronics X1, takes performance to a whole new level. You’ll be able to enjoy the higher dynamic range of this model if you have worked with it before.

This is an exceptional product at a great price. The internal design has been improved, which will eventually lead to increased sensitivity and better handling of SPL.

These features all work together to reduce noise around the microphones for the best possible recording experience. This is a sweet spot if you have previously used the model.

Two Switchable Levels

The X1 S condenser also allows you to toggle between -10 and -20 decibels. This was something I loved. This allows for better range, and it also makes loud recording instruments much more accessible.

Two Switchable Levels

This best microphone has been used to record my vocals, acoustic guitar, and super-heavy electric instruments. It did a great job both times. This makes it highly versatile for artists of all types.

This is a great microphone with a lot of features at a competitive price range than other microphone.

Spectacular Reflexion Filter

The Reflexion Filter’s functionality and quality impressed me. It does an excellent job of reducing noise, especially when combined with the pop shield.

The sE Electronics X1 S is a great value for money. It can be used to record loud instruments. This microphone is a great all-rounder that can handle most basic recording requirements.

Pros of sE X1 S large-diaphragm condensers

This product is highly recommended, especially for those just starting in their careers. This is why I love the mic:

Dampens Room Noise

sE Electronics X1 was the first company to use reflexion filters in its several mics. Since then, many other mics companies have followed their lead. This mic is excellent at dampening noise in the room, according to my bandmates.

Dampens Room Noise

The filer helps us get a dry voice which allows us to add effects. It is comparable to some of the more expensive mics we have used.

If you’re not able to get the good sound you desire, you can add some absorption behind your vocalist. You’ll be amazed at how great your vocals sound once you figure it out.

Decent All Round Microphone

This great microphone is very versatile and can be used by almost anyone. My friend has tried it a few times.

Both men and women can use it, and it sounds great. It can be used with any vocal style you like. Its flat tone makes it ideal for recording acoustic instruments.

Reduce Unwanted Reflections

Let’s get to the good stuff: This model is very effective at reducing unwanted reflections. sE has been hard at work to create lightweight materials that can withstand harsh environments for this product.

By placing these condenser mics at an optimal position, you can reduce room reflections. This will make the sound more focused and clear. How to reduce echos and increase the volume of your microphone

Stunning Design

I don’t know if I like most people, but I love a great mic that looks great. This model is a stunning example of that. The product is quite an affordable price, but the elegant capsule made of gold-sputtered all-metal housing doesn’t make it look cheap.

It is sturdy and hefty and has an all-metal chassis with a premium finish that helps to reject electrical interference and noise. The integrated windscreen protects the capsule and reduces the need to use an external pop filter.

The good mics feel solid and add to home recording. The entry-level microphones have a high-quality exterior that will last for many years without deteriorating too quickly.

Stunning Design

This mic is a great real deal, it is also one of the sound quality inexpensive microphones, especially for those just starting in the business or who don’t want to invest too much. The mic doesn’t contain any plastic parts so that it won’t break easily.


Budget-friendly microphones are a great option because they enable you to achieve more at a low price. Although this mic is intended for vocal use, it can also record instruments.

This good mic is cheaper compared to other condenser mics. To someone on a budget–the most likely kind of one person to buy the sE electronics X1–it will not seem reasonable to spend more money on a third-party mic clip. Nor to transport the se electronics X1 in a cardboard box.

The mic’s ability to pick up details was also a plus. The sound quality was good for recording male voice, female vocals, or other instruments. I could also hear a bit of high-end sparkle.


You can benefit from a variety of applications with the switchable attenuation pad. You can record vocals or record extreme electric guitars at the same time with the low cut switches -10 and -20 dB pad.

My bandmates and I have used this mic to record many instruments, including guitars, kick drums, and more.

The low-cut filters are great at removing low-frequency noises or rumbles. This works well for me and compensates nicely for the other bass.

For users concerned about rumble, sE Electronics also sells an Isolation Pack and Reflexion Filter X for a more professional-sounding recording setup.

How to Use

Let’s now get to the functionality and useability of the X1 S studio bundle mic. This was a birthday gift from a friend. I had been using an older version of the mic, and it was beginning to wear down.

I am very picky about exactly what equipment I buy and only choose the best brands. I don’t want to spend money on equipment that I won’t use in a few months.

My friends and I were excited to test this microphone. It works great as a vocal shield, and you can use it with your combo amp. If you want to get the best sound, I recommend that you take care of your surroundings.

sE Electronics soon began to develop the sE microphone into a full line, with entries such as the X1 R (ribbon microphone), X1 T (tube condenser). The two mics are great to try. The sE Electronics X1 is one of the newer additions to the lineup, with a new design and better value.


Are SE Microphones good?

Flat response, but nice presence bump for vocals. The 10db pad is handy, and the high pass filter is excellent. It doesn’t alter the in-mix sound very much to my ears. It is professional looking and built to a high standard.

Are SE Microphones good

What is the purpose of singing?

To increase the volume and amplify low notes, direct mouth-to-mic contact can be used (the proximity effect). … To do this, you must sing into the microphone as close as possible so that your own voice doesn’t get drowned out. This reduces distortion.

What is the problem with my microphone?

Sometimes the microphone is the problem. Your voice will sound thin and reverberant if the microphone is too close to your mouth. The microphone should not be too close to your mouth. It will sound bass-heavy and distorted. It will sound muffled and distorted if the microphone is blocked.

How close should you get to the microphone?

Most people make the common mistake of holding the microphone too close to or too far away from their mouth. This can cause your singing to sound muffled, distorted, too distant, or even no sound at all.

The microphone should not be held closer to their mouth than 2-3 inches during regular singing.

How can I improve the clarity of my microphone?

  • These are ten tips for improving the audio quality of your videos
  • Be wise when choosing your location. You can find out more about…
  • Place the microphone as close as you can to your subject. You can do this by…
  • Placement of the lav mic. Placement of the lav mic.
  • Use mic placement to express your creativity. You can also use the mic placement to get creative.
  • Before you start filming, make sure to test your recording settings. Check out these other valuable tips.
  • Use a windshield or dead cats Use a windshield or dead cat outdoors.
  • Before each take, do a sync Clap.

SE Microphones good

How do you attach a mic clip to a microphone stand?

Where are SE mics made?

While the OEM of condenser mics in China continues, the emergence of SE Electronics as an original brand has served as a lesson in what China can build when it puts its mind to it.

The story of SE Electronics is also the story of Siwei Zou, who has established the brand as China’s premier microphone manufacturer.

How can I make my microphone sound better?

Here are seven tips to help you record better voice recordings.

  • It is essential to turn off any noises in the room. Turn off any noise in the room.
  • If possible, keep the microphone off your desk. If possible, keep the microphone off your desk.
  • Your microphone should be facing away from any noise source. Keep your microphone facing any noise source.
  • Keep your microphone at a distance of a few inches from your mouth.

What is better for vocals: A condenser microphone or a regular mic?

The best microphones for recording vocals and high- frequencies are condenser microphones. Condenser microphones are the best choice for home studio applications. Condenser microphones can pick up delicate sounds because of their thin diaphragms and higher sensitivity.

Do microphones make you sound better?

Does a microphone change your voice? Like all audio equipment, microphones can alter your voice. The difference is two-fold. Your voice sounds different from what you naturally hear, and microphones can slightly alter your voice.


The sE X1 is the perfect microphone for singer-songwriters, podcasting, and live performances. The microphone is beautifully crafted with a durable exterior that will last through years of abuse in the hands of musicians who use it in their daily lives.

The microphone delivers high-quality sound from a vintage microphone that will still sound incredible when you record in your home studio or at a live performance.

That’s all I have for this review! Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out our other microphones reviews on the following Hooke Audio.

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