Regular Vs. Shallow Mount Subwoofer: Which Is Better? 2023

Regular Vs. Shallow Mount Subwoofer Which Is Better 2023
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A major consideration when purchasing a car subwoofer is the type of mounting: Shallow Mount Subwoofer Vs Regular. Shallow mounts save space and allow for more bass speaker placements, while regular mounts put the woofer at an angle for better sound projection and power output. Shallow Mount vs Regular: Which Is Best?


A Shallow Mount Subwoofer

What Is A Shallow Mount Subwoofer?

Shallow mount subwoofers are designed to have a very low mounting depth. They are ideal for tight spaces and can be used in narrow areas. These mount subwoofers can be used for bass in a small car or other areas where space is limited. They are lightweight, compact, flat, and easy to install. They are compact but can add decent bass to any car.

What Is A Regular Subwoofer?

A Regular Subwoofer

Regular subs are subwoofers that are not designed for space considerations. They are generally larger than the special low mount subs because they have a deeper mounting depth.

They are bulky and will require a lot of space to install because of their larger size. These are commonly found in PSVs and SUVs. They can also be found in the trunks of regular cars like sedans or station wagons.

Shallow Subwoofer Vs Regular – Key Comparisons

Shallow Subwoofer Vs Regular - Key Comparisons


A regular subwoofer was designed to produce clear, low-pitched audio frequencies. Its shallow mount counterpart, on the other hand, is designed with space-saving and portability in mind.

Although they serve the same purpose, the design priorities of each option affect the quality and quantity of sub-bass and bass they produce. The regular one generates more power than the other in terms of performance.

It’s important to note that subwoofers can be portable and smaller than the traditional ones. It is important to consider where you will use this equipment. Best Shallow mount subwoofers can provide a car audio system with powerful bass and sub-bass, but it is unlikely to distract or deafen you.

Regular subs are not safe to use if they exceed their maximum limits. While they won’t break your car windows or cause damage to your ears, regular speakers can. They’re best if you only use them for a very limited amount of time.

Power Requirement

The smaller sizes of the best shallow mount subwoofers require less power than regular models. This is particularly important when subwoofers are used in cars. An amplifier is a different matter. An amplifier can be a drain on your car’s battery.


Another important difference between the two types of subwoofers is their sensitivity. Regular subs have lower sensitivity than shallow mount subs.

Regular subs are more sensitive than shallow-mount subs because they respond faster to power fluctuations. Regular subs can handle higher power inputs, and provide better sound quality.

Weight and Bulkiness

Shallow mount subwoofers are generally lighter and more portable. Because they don’t weigh down the rear speaker deck, they are more suitable for car use.

Regular subs are bulky and not suitable for car audio. One, the best shallow mount subs can be as small as 8-12 inches in diameter. They can be as small as five inches.

On the other hand, regular subwoofers can reach up to 15 inches or more. This does not include their enclosure. This space requirement can be used to increase legroom or storage in your vehicle.

Installation in Cars

Installation in Cars

Because they are smaller and lighter than regular subwoofers, it is easier to mount them. To mount them, all you need is a screwdriver. It doesn’t take any advanced skills to do this.

You may need additional hardware for certain car models. The tools and materials required are however still limited.

Many cars have very small enclosures for their rear speaker decks or doors. This feature makes it easy to install the best shallow mount subs.

It is already difficult to think about where to put a sub or its bulky enclosure in your car. You may need to modify the seats, which can also reduce car space. This complex installation will require more than a screwdriver with screws.

If you are looking for a subwoofer that is more traditional, consider a car center. This establishment is equipped with the necessary skills and infrastructure to install and customize car audio systems.

A shallow sub is a better option if you are looking for something that you can easily install yourself. There are many forums and websites that provide more information about how to place a subwoofer DIY.

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The chances of a car subwoofer falling out of its enclosure are lower for a shallow-mount one than for a regular. The sub box of a regular subwoofer provides greater protection against impact. Because it is smaller than a regular sub, the best shallow mount sub is more susceptible to damage from impact.

It’s almost impossible to secure an enclosure even if it does have one. The regular sub is, therefore, more durable than the best shallow mount counterpart.

The quality and installation of the subwoofers will play an important role in their durability. Due to its size and the modifications that are required, DIY installation is not recommended for regular subs. It can be more vulnerable to falling if it is not properly placed.

Do not expect your sub to last if you have long drives and go off-road a lot.

The best shallow mounts type is durable if it is properly installed, used, and maintained. A car subwoofer grill can be attached to the exposed area to increase its durability. While many shallow mount subs include a grill, some may need to be purchased separately.


Subwoofers with shallow mounts or regular mounting can be used in multiple applications. For interior car audio systems, the latter is more suitable. A regular sub is better if there are passengers in your truck.

For the outdoor audio system, regular subwoofers work better. One can be used to watch movies outside or to listen on the patio or deck. This sub is great for outdoor gatherings.

A shallow sub can be used in small spaces such as bathrooms and kitchenettes, aside from cars’ interiors. You might consider using shallow subs if you live in a studio apartment. If you keep it at maximum volume, your neighbors will be less likely to complain.


Regular subwoofers offer more options and are easier to repair than shallow-mount models. Regular subs have a wider price range.

They can be much more affordable than shallow mount ones, even the most expensive models. The price of regular subwoofers can be much higher than the most expensive shallow mount units.

Car Subwoofers that are regular in price go up when you consider the cost of installation for cars. It is still more affordable to purchase an amplifier to go with your shallow mount sub. It can be cheaper long-term with the help of a grill.

A set of subwoofers for your car can be purchased as well. A set may include a pair or more subwoofers, an amplifier, and grills. Some sets have only one car subwoofer and one grill.


The best shallow subs are designed to be placed almost seamlessly and have a sleek design. This feature makes them blend in with your car’s interior. A regular subwoofer box can make your car look cluttered. This problem can be avoided by placing it in the trunk or behind your backseats.


Because of their small size and easy installation, the best shallow subwoofers can be easily cleaned and repaired. Regular subs will take longer to clean. It is also more difficult to identify and fix problems due to their complex design.


It’s obvious that each subwoofer has its own strengths and weaknesses. Your personal preferences will determine your final choice.

A regular sub is better if you require a stronger and richer bass response. The most powerful sub in a regular sub will easily win a car-music competition over the sub with the shallowest mount.

A shallow mount sub is better than a regular sub if you have limited car space. A large subwoofer will require you to take up a lot of space.

A shallow sub is better for you if you are a frequent subwoofer remover and reinstalled. It’s more portable, easier to reinstall, and also easier to transport. A shallow subwoofer will also work well for those who don’t have the necessary installation skills.

A shallow mount sub is better if your car’s interior design is important to you. A shallow mount sub is also a good option if you have a limited budget.

A regular subwoofer will last longer and is more resistant to impact damage. The best choice between a shallow mount or a regular subwoofer depends on your personal preferences.


FAQs Shallow Mount Subwoofer Vs Regular

Which Subwoofer Produces The Deepest Bass?

The JL Audio 13T5V2-4 produces the deepest bass. It produces rich and quality bass tones and is one of the loudest in its class.

What Is The Hardest Hitting Shallow Mount Subwoofer?

The Rockford Fosgate HTML2S-1X12 R2 Prime Single 12-Inch Subwoofer is the most powerful shallow mount subwoofer.

Which Size Subwoofer Produces The Most Bass?

15-inch Subwoofers provide the best bass and power due to their large size. However, they lack the responsiveness and power of smaller subs. These subs can take up a lot of cargo or passenger space, which is why they are often used in large trucks and SUVs.

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