Sol Republic Headphone Review 2021: Tracks & Soundtrack Pro ANC

Sol Republic Headphone Review 2021 Tracks & Soundtrack Pro ANC

How do you find the best of the best in the world of headphones? The answer is simple. Read all of these reviews until you find the perfect pair for your needs.

If you are not sure what your needs are, let us know. We are more than happy to help as I have said before, there are no best headphones for all people. Keep reading the Sol Republic Headphone Review; Hooke Audio will show you all about SolRepublic Tracks and Soundtrack Pro ANC headphones.

Sol Republic Headphone Reviews: Sol Republic Tracks Headphones (Black)

SolRepublic Tracks Headphones (Black)

  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Form Factor: On-Ear

Pros and Cons


  • The SolRepublic Tracks on-ear headphones are light
  • Reasonably comfortable, and sport a durable design with a conveniently interchangeable headband, detachable cordage, and an integrated microphone and remote control.
  • They sound great, delivering deep bass, and are affordable price at $99.


  • The sound isn’t detailed, and the on-ear design can rub sure ears the wrong way.


The Tracks aren’t precisely the same as the $179 Beats Solo headphones from Monster by Dr. Dre, but they are spiritual (or any Beats headphones) cousins. The Tracks have the same on-ear design.

This means that they sit on top of your head, rather than completely covering them like Monster Beats by Dr. Dre the over-ear headphones.

These headphones were very comfortable for me but not as comfortable as Bose’s OE2 headphones. They cost $179.99 with an inline microphone quality and remote and $149.99 without.

Tracks Hd on-ears Headphones claim that the headphones can be disassembled and reassembled to make a new headband. You can also attach cords or pads to the earphones, which allows you to accessorize them (the SolRepublic calls them sound engines).

The company reps demonstrated how the headband is flexible yet strong. It looks like it won’t ever break. These were compared to the Editors’ Choice AiAiAiTMA1, which has similar rugged characteristics. While I preferred the latter model, it is bulkier and was designed for DJs.

The Tracks sample that I reviewed had a glossy black exterior finish. It also featured an integrated remote control.

This makes them stand out, but it has a drawback: fingerprints attract, and the headphones look grubbier with extended use. The Tracks are distinctive, and I liked their design.


They have a lot of energy, and, as I mentioned earlier, they lean toward the aggressive side of the spectrum. They emphasize the bass and treble without being too loud. They will sound their best when they have songs with big, thumping basses, such as in hip-hop and rap.

Pitbull’s “Give Me Everything” was too intense for me. It had a lot of punch but was not the most refined. When you switch to artists like The National, Kings of Leon, and Wilco, the lack of refinement is more evident.

You won’t get the same level of detail, warmth, or presence as higher-end headphones. These headphones cost around $200, and the tracks audio is very similar to the AiAiAi TMA1 headphones, though they are slightly less neutral.

Customer Feedbacks SolRepublic Tracks Headphones (Black)

Customer Feedbacks

“This is not an earphone you are looking for if you are looking for exceptional quality or build quality. This is the opposite of what SolRepublic Tracks Headphones offers.

It has a cheap ear-hook design, so you have to be extra careful when putting them on or taking them off. Also, the headband is big and loose, allowing them to flop around easily. The earbuds have thicker build quality, and they also have a little bit of weight to them. It’s not heavy, but it just feels a little more solid. The outer build is an aluminum alloy which helps with the durability.”

“Not long ago, I received these new SolRepublic Tracks headphones for my recent audio review. When I first tried them on, I was very skeptical of their durability, especially with the affordable price of these sol republic headphones.

They didn’t look like they would hold up to much wear and tear, but after testing them on over 100+ hours battery life of everyday usage, I was able to find their limits.”

SOL Republic Soundtrack Pro ANC headphone review

Soundtrack Pro ANC headphones review

  • Color: Black
  • Noise Control: Active Noise Cancellation
  • Item Weight: 0.29 Kilograms
  • Unique Feature: Microphone, Foldable
  • Item Dimensions: 7.48 x 9.37 x 3.74 inches

Pros and Cons


  • 32-hour battery life, with a full charge in 3.5 hours battery life
  • Good sound quality
  • Good ANC performance (but no threat to Bose or Sony)


  • Ambient-aware mode produces significant hiss artifacts.
  • Fatiguing for long listening sessions
  • No aptX or aptX HD codec support

SOL Republic Soundtrack Pro ANC Wireless Headphones: Design

  • Sol Republic Soundtrack Pro ANC has a foldable design which makes them easily portable.
  • The Soundtrack Pro ANC is very comfortable to wear
  • They feel a bit cheap when compared to other sets of this price.

The Soundtrack Pro Active Noise Cancellation has a simple design. As long as you don’t choose the gold color, it is unassuming. They look identical to all other sets of PS200 over-ears that I have tested, except for the slight flourishing on each ear cup. They are made of a simple plastic shell and have non-removable faux leather padding for the earpads.

The build quality is good, even though plastic was used. The adjustable band is solid and flexible. They can be folded flat and carried in a bag, although they are susceptible to scratching.

The cups fit well and offer solid noise isolation. The Soundtrack Pro ANC was comfortable for long-haul flights and work.

The controls onboard are easy to use. You will find the power and ANC On/Off rules on the bottom of the right ear cup, along with a USB-C port. The volume and play/pause buttons are located above the buttons at the top of the cup.

The Sol Republic Soundtrack Pro’s battery life lasts a reasonable amount of time. The headphones stayed for about half a week with active noise cancellation turned on before needing a recharge. Fast Charge was an excellent addition that allowed for quick charging of the battery. It took only half an hour to connect to the mains.

The controls on the board are easy to use. You will find the power and ANC On/Off rules on the right ear cup. There is also a USB-C charging cable. The volume and play/pause buttons are located above the buttons at the top of the cup.

Active noise-canceling Performance

Active noise-canceling Performance

Like other noise-canceling headphones like the Soundtrack PRO ANC, the Sol Republic Soundtrack Pro ANC uses microphones outside of its ear cups to record ambient sound.

These headphones create an inverted waveform at the same frequency as the ambient sound and pipe it into its ear cups. This audio is then mixed with the music to mask the sound.

Both ear cups on the left and right sides are large and padded for comfort. The interior of the headband is cushioned for a comfortable experience and they fit snugly around my relatively large ears, which is a big plus. In general, both devices feel well constructed and durable.

Although the Sol Republic Soundtrack Pro ANC reduced the purifier’s fan noise, with its best performance being in the middle band, it could not compete with the Bose QC35. When it comes to active noise suppression, Sony and Bose are the leaders.

SOL Republic’s ANC headphones have an ambient-aware feature that allows you to hear outside sounds without removing your headphones. Press the power button twice to activate this monitor mode.

Apart from one major drawback, the Soundtrack Pro ANC was a great pair of wireless over-ear headphones. The headphones in monitor mode produced so much hiss that I thought I was standing next to a waterfall. This feature has been a problem for many headset manufacturers.

Sound Quality

Over-ear headphones with 40mm drivers can provide decent audio quality. The Sol Republic Soundtrack Pro ANC over-ear headphones offer surprisingly good tonal balance.

Every part of the sounds distinct when listening to post-rock and classical music. The strings were separated from the rumbling drums, and they had a pleasant swoop.

The Sol Republic Soundtrack Pro ANC over-ear headphones were able to handle more aggressive genres like punk and metal quite well. The mid-heavy guitar sections had a bite, but they didn’t have the same acidic qualities as other sets of similar price. Dynamism is also solid. Post-rock crescendos had a nice swoop, and rock breakdowns felt heavy.

The bass is quite powerful, with the rumbling blues sounding deep and the opening section of some industrial tracks being appropriately menacing. The Bass response could be more precise, however. Bass-heavy tracks can cause the audio to lose its more subtle and detailed parts, but this is not as evident as on other sets.

There are some downsides to the active noise cancellation, such as the fact that it isn’t as strong as I would like and the possibility of a poor connection in busy signal areas.

Although ANC can reduce background sound in offices, some high sounds may still get through. However, it’s not strong enough to fight commuter or plane noises. The tube’s engine could still be heard when I listened to music while on my commute.

Dropouts also occurred when I was in busy signal areas like Waterloo or King’s Cross London station. However, this issue did not seem to be an issue with most wireless headphones that I tested.

Customer Feedbacks soundtracks pro

Customer Feedbacks

“I received my new Sol Republic Soundtrack Pro ANC yesterday, and as with all my previous audio reviews, I give this product a great rating. I like the black and red packaging as it keeps the headphones protected, and I can store them away in my bag or backpack easier. They sound good and the most comfortable fit”

“This pair of headphones is a great price, it may be a good fit, but the packaging it comes in could be better as the wires are prone to breaking off. On the other hand, they’re a comfortable pair of headphones with excellent battery life, and the audio quality is good as well.”


The Sol Republic’s Soundtrack Pro ANC is a mid-high range headset. It has a noise cancellation feature, and it is very comfortable. The battery life is shorter than the SOL Sonix models, but the sound quality is still excellent. The aux cable is detachable, which is a plus in case you need to use a different line.

The Sol Republic Tracks Headphones provide good sound quality and good quality headphones. The only problem is how many wires connect to the device, making it easier for the wire to be caught and broken.


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