Sonos Vs Bose Speakers 2021: Which One is Better?

Sonos Vs Bose Speakers 2021 Which One is Better

Both Sonos Vs Bose Speakers are two prominent household names in audio equipment, both having quality products to offer for their clients. Sonos provides a wider variety of customization, while Bose has a broader distribution, but without the customization.

They both have many positives going for them, which is why choosing between them can be a difficult decision. However, by learning about the features of each company’s systems, you’ll find the best speakers for your money.

Sonos Background

As I mentioned above, Sonos was founded to make it easy to use its speakers. They are the most well-known brand for multi-room speaker setups in homes.

Sonos Background

While a speaker system used to take up much of the space in the past, Sonos is no different. Sonos products are designed to be as small as possible in your home. Sonos products are compact and easy to use. You don’t have to be an expert in using them.

They can also make full speaker sound systems. This is their specialty and one of the main reasons they are often compared to Bose.

Bose Background

Bose is the most recognized brand in the speaker market. They have been at the forefront of audio technology for many years. Bose has been in business for over 50 years and is well-known among its loyal fans and critics.

Bose Background

Bose offers a variety of audio equipment. They are equally well-known for their headphones and speakers. Bose is most commonly compared to Bose in their home speaker systems, but both brands also offer a wide range of portable speakers.

They have the most products, but not necessarily better. While many Bose speakers can be described as excellent, there have been some poor ones in the past.

Sonos Move Vs. Bose Portable Home Speaker: Which Portable Smart Speaker Wins?

Sonos Move Vs. Bose Portable Home Speaker Which Portable Smart Speaker Wins

Bose Vs Sonos Speakers: Design

Sonos took a break from its usual offerings and created a speaker unlike any other we have seen before from the Santa Barbara-based company.

The Move measures 9.44 inches high. The Move’s all-black exterior and elliptical cylindrical give it a sleek appearance, while the grille takes up a lot of real estates.

The rear grip of the Sonos Move is not comfortable, and it weighs in at 6.6 pounds. This makes moving the heavy device with one hand difficult.

Bose Home Portable Speaker is, however, designed for portability. Although it is not as attractive as the Move, the Bose Home Portable Speaker weighs 2.3 pounds and is easy to transport with its bucket handle.

Customers can also choose from Triple Black or Luxe Silver colors for the Bose Home Portable Speaker.

Sonos Speakers Vs Bose: Sound Quality

Bose and Sonos have an excellent reputation for creating high-quality listening experiences. Only one portable smart speaker delivered exceptional sound quality.

Two amplifiers are included in the Sonos Move: one down-facing tweeter and one mid-woofer. Auto Trueplay is a more advanced version of Sonos’ spatial-tuning technology that allows the speaker to tune itself automatically through its built-in microphones. Auto Trueplay adjusts the sound settings to suit your environment.

Auto Trueplay performed admirably on an outdoor rooftop when I tried it out. The speaker was only a few feet from the speaker, but it drowned out traffic and trains below.

Even with three passive radiators and a high-excursion transducer, the Bose Portable Speaker had trouble stabilizing its sound. Bose claimed 360-degree listening. However, it was not as loud as the Move. I could hear people speaking next to me when the Move was on total volume.

The Sonos Move will make you a more passionate bass player. It took us a while to find the right song for our Bose Portable Home Speaker review.

It sounded great at medium volume, but it took a few tries to find the right piece. Instead, the Sonos Move is loud and balanced at all volume levels. Only Sonos Move complemented Jay-Z and Kayne West’s “No Church in the Wild” when I played it on both speakers.

Bose Vs Sonos Bluetooth Speakers Smart Features

Bose Vs Sonos Bluetooth Speakers: Smart Features

The Sonos Move and Bose Portable Home Speakers are different wireless speakers because they support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

You can ask your Sonos Move or Bose Portable Speaker to control your smart home devices, get a weather report and set reminders, play your favorite tracks, and much more.

Although you can’t use Drop-In or make phone calls, you will get all the features you would expect from a virtual assistant, provided the speaker is within the wi-fi network perimeters.

Both speakers will lose their innovative features if they aren’t connected to wi-fi. To control your music, you can pair them with a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device. These devices don’t make great road warriors but help keep your intelligent assistant near your home and backyard.

Sonos Vs Bose Bluetooth Speakers: Streaming Services

Sonos’ music-streaming service has a particular advantage. Sonos offers access to over 100 platforms so that every type of listener can enjoy the service.

You can access popular services such as Spotify and Pandora with your Sonos Move or niche platforms like Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and Pandora. Services like Audible, Stitcher, and SiriusXM radio will also be available.

Bose Music has a similar range of streaming options to Spotify, but it is limited. Bose Portable Home Speaker is compatible with Spotify, Pandora and Amazon Music, Deezer, TuneIn, TuneIn, iHeart Radio, and SiriusXM.

You can also use Apple Music via AirPlay 2. To access other services such as Audible, you’ll need to use your voice assistant.

Sonos Vs Bose Portable Speakers: Battery Life

Because built-in batteries power them, these speakers can be used wirelessly and are portable. The Sonos Move had a battery life of 10 hours, precisely what Sonos claimed.

According to Sonos, the Move can also switch to suspend mode when not in use, preserving battery life up to 120 hours. You can charge the speaker on the go with a USB-C-compatible travel charger.

Bose claimed that the Portable Home Speaker would last 12 hours, but it could last 20 hours with a brand-new battery. Bose claims that the Portable Home Speaker can last over 24 hours when it isn’t playing music, but the microphone is listening to voice commands.

After a month of inactivity, the speaker should be able to turn itself on again if you completely power it off. You can also charge it with a USB-C adapter.

Bose wins this one. However, it is essential to note that while the Sonos Move includes a charging base, the Bose Portable Speaker does not. The Bose Portable Speaker Charging cradle will cost $30 if you want a permanent dock.

Sonos Vs Bose Wireless Speakers: Durability

Durability is essential for any portable speaker. If you want the speaker to carry around with you, it must withstand drops and spills.

The Move speaker was announced by Sonos and promised to be as durable as its audio quality. It delivered. It’s IP56 rated, making it weather-resistant and can withstand a rainy night outside.

The Move is strong enough to withstand accidental drops. I dropped it from 3 feet above the concrete patio during my review. It worked fine even though it showed very little wear.

Although I didn’t conduct the same test on the Bose Portable Home speaker, Bose claims it could withstand a drop of 6 feet. It is IPX4 rated, meaning it can withstand splashes.

It is more fragile than the Sonos Move and feels like it wants to stay indoors. Concerns about the fabric handle becoming moldy are also a concern.

Bose Vs Sonos Wireless Speakers App

Bose Vs Sonos Wireless Speakers: App

Another advantage of the Sonos app is its simplicity. The Sonos app has a simple UI that makes it easy to understand where you are.

This could be a significant advantage if you use the apps often. Bose includes a remote that allows you to control volume and track settings.

Bose Wireless Speakers Vs Sonos: Multi-room Systems

You’re not buying a Bose speaker or Sonos. Instead, you are buying into an ecosystem. It’s like joining a large family.

Both companies offer a wide range of compatible soundbars and intelligent speakers that can be used together to create a more significant sound effect in different rooms.

Before you reach for your wallet, take a moment to look at the entire range of smart speakers from each brand. This is especially important if you want to make a multi-room system with multiple intelligent speakers that provide music to every corner of your home.

First up, Sonos. With its multi-room system, which is well-known and developed over time, the US company remains a significant player. Stereo?

You can combine two Sonos Ones to make a stereo pair that fills a room. Do you need a home cinema system to watch movies? The Sonos One can double as a surround speaker for Sonos Beam, PlayBase, or PlayBar cinema systems, with or without a Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer.

Do you want to bring your music to the garden? Get the Sonos Move Bluetooth speaker. Want hidden wireless speakers? Try the Sonos IKEA speakers-with-a-twist, the Symfonisk lamp, or the Symfonisk bookshelf.

You don’t have to give up your beloved hi-fi. Sonos’s Port and Amp combine traditional HiFi components in a Sonos system. The company also released an architectural range last year that includes in-ceiling and in-wall speakers.

Sonos is the best when it comes down to simplicity and breadth of options. Although it is expensive to join the Sonos family, the Sonos multi-room system is an excellent option for flexibility and streaming. Audio Pro’s design is the best for sound.

Rivals like Bose are playing catch up, with mixed results. Although the Bose family may not be as extensive as Sonos, there are still some great products.

Bose Portable Home Speakers are waterproof and have 12-hour battery life. They also claim to produce deeper bass than any other portable smart speaker its size.

You have the option of two wireless subs, the Bass Module 500 or 700, and two soundbars with voice controls, Soundbar 500 or Soundbar 700.

You can also pair your Home Speaker 300 with the Home Speaker 500 to increase its sound quality. It has two powerful drivers that point in opposing directions, creating a ‘wall’ of sound.

The Bose range offers reliable wi-fi streaming and good sound, but the Bose Music app is less functional than the Sonos app. We recommend the Sonos route if you are starting to explore multi-room.

Bose Speakers Vs Sonos Speakers: Price

These smart speakers are not cheap. The Sonos Move is $399, while the Bose Portable speaker will run you $349.

These audio devices are typically more expensive than other speakers and include voice-assistant functions.


Many people are unsure about Sonos Speakers Vs Bose Speakers. It is challenging to decide which speaker system is better. However, what we can say is that some people prefer Sonos while others prefer Bose.

It isn’t easy to determine which speaker system is better. Hookeaudio hopes that our article can help you learn more about the feature and different things between them and know which to choose.

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