Sony G700 Soundbar Review 2022: Is It For You?

Sony G700 Soundbar Review 2022 Is It For You

Sony always has an excellent soundbar lineup with the most reasonable price per quality ratio. The Sony G700 is no exception with its compact size, high-end speakers, and punchy bass.

With 600 watts of power, the G700 has all the sound modes most people would ever need in their living room. Along with the clarity of the sound, the vertical surround engine effect makes whatever show you are watching so much more enjoyable.

Let’s explore it through the Sony G700 soundbar review to see if this soundbar could be the one you are looking for.

Pros & Cons


  • Large, heavy sound
  • Support Dolby Atmos effect
  • Solid and fashionable


  • Clarity and crispness are not present
  • No streaming functionality

Sony HT-G700 Soundbar review

Design And Features

According to Sony’s marketing, the Sony HT-G700 soundbar/wireless subwoofer combo promises surround sound of up to 7.1.2 channels. Most of these channels are simulated and not true Atmos surround sound system. The bar does not have rear speakers or upfiring speakers. There are only 3.1 channels of the speaker.

It still manages to surpass competing all-in-ones costing $700 plus, such as the Sonos Arc or the Bose Soundbar 700, in one fundamental respect: the addition wireless sub.

Sony claims that the sub is bigger than the one found on the model it replaces, the X9000F. It is the same size as a large briefcase and has a front-firing port that allows placement against a wall.

The soundbar itself, a grey slab measuring 39 inches in width and two and 5-eighth inches tall, is grey. This will keep it above all TVs with a low-slung design, and it boasts a remarkable collection of ir passthrough transmitters.

It is located on the rear. Although it blocks your TV’s Infrared receiver, the remote command relays through it (activation required in the settings menus).

The top-mounted controls include volume and input selection. The unit also features a front-mounted blue LED display.


Sony G700 TV Soundbar Review Design And Features

THE INPUTS ARE an HDMI in, separate HDMI ARC/eARC out, digital optical, Bluetooth, and USB input. The different HDMI allows you to use more devices than the Sonos Arc. For example, you don’t need a new TV to hear Atmos streams via a 4K Blu-ray player.

This product’s main selling point is its audio processing. Sony also supports Atmos and DTSX decoding. They offer a variety of presets, including dedicated Cinema and Music modes that use the Vertical Surround Engine.

Although it simulates audio, as it is a 3.1-channel system, the technology used by the company in soundbars like the HT-S5000 or the STR-DN1080 (a feature that was then known as Center Speaker Lift Up) is not.

The remote is a Candybar-shaped device that controls most of the soundbar’s functions. It was easy to hold and fit comfortably in my hand.


The plugger is located in two bays at the rear of the bar. One bay houses the power cable, and the other holds the optical digital audio input. There are also two HDMI sockets. One connects to external sources, while the other connects to your TV.

However, the external HDMI connection can be used as critical audio formats source because it supports both the even stereo Audio Return Channel of HDMI ARC and the enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC).

You can stream streaming channels like Netflix and Disney+, which offer DTS soundtracks. The HDMI cable can be used to connect your TV to the soundbar.

The included optical cable can be used to connect your TV to a soundbar if your TV does not have the original HDMI ARC port. However, surround sound modes will depend on how your TV handles it.

Sony G700 TV Soundbar Connections

This input allows the Sony bar to receive Dolby Digital or DTS-ES. However, many TVs only provide stereo sound. It can also receive stereo TV sound via Bluetooth from compatible Sony TVs.

Sony does not have streaming capabilities, but some soundbars can network and stream music, while others do. So, Bluetooth is offered. Bluetooth connection has AAC to improve streaming quality for Apple device owners. However, it is impossible to use aptX or Sony’s LDAC Bluetooth codec to benefit Android users, even Sony’s.

An HDMI cable and printed versions of the quick start guide, complete manual, and full manual are included in the box. A well-designed remote control is also included with the package.

It has a large central volume rocker and separate buttons for wireless subwoofer levels. The rest of the buttons on the remote allow you to access sound processing options. There are many of them.

Atmos and DTS:X, Immersive AE

Sony excels in this area over many other competitors. It accepts various audio formats via HDMI IN and HDMI eARC. They include Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD, and full-blown Atmos support.

Dolby Atmos or DTS:X can contain height information. Equipment that accepts DTS HD master audio and Atmos doesn’t necessarily mean it can deliver height.

These object-based surround technologies can be scaled to any system, up to 24.1.10 for Atmos consumer systems. If you have a large home cinema room with 34 speakers, these surroundings will also scale to other sizes. It can climb opposite, scaling down to Dolby dual mono or smaller systems.

It doesn’t necessarily signify that you are receiving any height channels if it supports Atmos or DTSX.

Sony HT G700 has provided a 3.1-channel system to accommodate them. This means that the physical channels only deliver the front left, right, and center channels plus the dedicated subwoofer.

There is no surround sound system and no speakers to provide height information. This Dolby Atmos soundbar claims to deliver 7.1.2, three front, two sides, and two surround channels. There are also two ceiling channels.

Sony G700 Soundbar Atmos and DTSX, Immersive AE

Its website states that you can hear sounds from all directions. The Immersive AE button (Audio Enhancement)on the Sony HT-G700 will upscale stereo audio to surround sound at 7.1.2 – so that every movie and TV show get surround sound.

Immersive AE is a combination of two Sony technologies: S-Force Pro Front Surround, which simulates virtual surround speakers behind your head, and Sony’s Vertical Surround Engine, which, according to the manual, is a digital sound field processing technology that creates a sound field in both the horizontal and height directions virtually.

Sony uses these three speakers to deliver Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. They’ll automatically do this for any Atmos or DTSX content source. No user intervention is necessary. To create a more immersive surround sound experience, the user engages Sony’s  Immersive AE on their remote for all other content (stereo or above).

There’s more! You can choose from three options under the Menu/Audio/Effects settings menu system, each of which disables others.

The first is the ‘Dolby speaker virtualizer’. According to Sony Australia, this invokes Dolby’s technology to create surround effects for stereo or surround signals (5.1 Dolby), but not Atmos. This setting disables both DTSX sound effects and Sony’s Immersive AE.

DTS Virtual X is the second option. This will virtualize DTS sounds but not DTS:X. However, it ‘just works. This setting also disables sound effects for Immersive AE and Dolby formats.

The third option, ‘Sound Mode On,’ engages Sony’s immersive. This can then be applied to any other audio format. This option must be employed before using the Auto Sound Mode button on your remote control. It determines the best processing options from the otherwise user-selectable options ‘Standard, Music, and ‘Cinema.

If you have selected Dolby or DTS modes, you should avoid all remote buttons. They instantly disengage your selection and return you to ‘Sound Mode On.

This makes pseudo-surround functionality more complicated than you might think. You will need first to check the sound quality before watching any movie. Next, go into settings and select the correct effects option.

Movie performance

This kind of sound selection is almost worth it, as the Dolby Atmos setting under Effects delivered the most precise and most straightforward delivery of an expansive soundfield under nearly all circumstances, even when the bar was receiving Dolby Atmos content.

The only time this happened was when we almost believed the Dolby leaf demo’s sycamore seeds went behind our heads. The wireless subwoofer also had a much punchy bass component.

Disengaging Dolby effects mode and switching to Immersive AE provided a comprehensive and enjoyable field that stretched beyond the bar. Vertical sound? We don’t believe so. We’ll give it a lot of ‘engaging’ as well as ‘exciting’.

The actual content is different from test tracks. Pixar’s Onward streams in Dolby atmos from Disney+: The Sony HT-G700 maintained perfect clarity of dialogue without the need for any dialogue enhancement settings.

The Dolby setting was the best, but Immersive AE gave more width. This made the echo around the voices before the gelatinous cube sequence more dramatic, and the action affects more cinematic. However, we had to reduce the subwoofer’s volume to prevent it from dominating when switching to immersive. The ‘Standard voice modes will improve vocal clarity if necessary.

Music performance

An offsetting under the profound effects menu turns off everything. Although it was not the best setting for movie content, it helps bring back music to its original purity.

Standard is a more powerful but more chaotic sound quality. Immersive AE produces a lot of stereo music. You can hear the disorienting effects of any phase trickery the system uses, with the treble elements becoming spitty or phasey.

sony ht g700 review Sony G700 Soundbar Music performance

Sony’s unprocessed best performance is just above average for a soundbar. However, it doesn’t get to the heart and soul of music. It lacks the treble clarity necessary to create a soundstage. It was a bit tiring to listen to music for long periods.

Buy it if…

A compatible Sony TV is available.

Some features, like receiving a stereo Bluetooth signal, are only available to compatible Sony TVs. This soundbar will only be available to those already invested in a Sony home theater setup.

Do you want to make your TV more sound?

The Sony HT-G700’s sound will be superior to the TV’s stock audio. However, the bar is much less expensive than the TV.

Do you like to adjust subwoofer levels?

You don’t have to worry about the placement of the soundbar and included subwoofer, which only has ports firing in one direction. The remote consists of a wireless subwoofer volume control for those who like to adjust their sub frequencies as they go.

Don’t Buy It If…

Natural surround sound or height is what you want.

We have already covered how Sony claims surround sound and height in its audio reproduction. This is done in different algorithmic ways, as the soundbar only has three speakers. It doesn’t use any wall bouncing or other placement-sensitive technology.

You plan to play lots of music.

It’s a solid enough performer for movie audio and TV, but we found the Sony HT-G700 not compelling when listening to music. This is partly because some pseudo-surround sound modes can cause strange phasing issues.


Can you add speakers for the Sony HT G700?

Sony’s digital sound field processing technology creates a virtual surround sound field using only front speakers. Audio comes at you from both ends. You don’t need to install rear speakers. This allows you to enjoy a cinematic surround system without having to clutter your living area.

Does the Sony HT-G700 support eARC?

The Sony HT-G700 supports all standard formats via its HDMI ARC connection. It also helps eARC to play object-based surround signal and lossless formats.

Does the Sony HT-G700 support eARC

Are there ways to link two Sony soundbars together?

You can connect two soundbars at once. You can connect both the soundbar in different rooms using Bluetooth options. … To get the best audio results, it is best to use one soundbar.


Sony always has an excellent soundbar lineup with the most affordable price point per quality ratio. The Sony HT G700 is no exception with its compact size, high-end speakers, and powerful bass. Along with the clarity of the sound, the vertical surround engine effect makes whatever show you are watching so much more enjoyable.

The Sony HT G700 sounds fantastic with lots of deep bass and clarity. There are some concerns about the speaker’s placement, which make it a bit difficult to place, but it still works well.

So, if you have any questions or concerns about the Sony HT G700, you can ask us below in the comment section. Thanks for reading this article. Hooke Audio hopes you enjoy the review!

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