Sony Soundbar HT CT80 Review 2022: Is It For You?

Sony, an international electronics company with one of the most significant shares in the room entertainment industry.

The Sony HTCT80 is the perfect soundbar for individuals looking to enhance their home theater listening without breaking the bank. This small yet powerful soundbar connects wirelessly to the TV using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to playback high-quality audio through various input sources like Blu-ray Discs, Roku, Apple TV, and more.

Are you curious about whether it fits your need? Let’s see its features in this Sony soundbar HT CT80 review.

Pros & Cons: Sony Soundbar HT CT80


  • Powerful sound
  • Supported Bluetooth streaming and connection
  • Slim and elegant profile
  • Flexible placement
  • Soundbar with 2.1 channels
  • Provides balanced audio response
  • Virtual surround
  • Digital amplifier for purity
  • ClearAudio feature (automatic adjustments)
  • One-touch connection
  • Multiple inputs
  • Subwoofers external
  • Powerful up to 80W
  • Comes with all you need


  • It is possible that the auto-shutdown function may not be convenient.


Soundbars are usually slim and can be placed on top of walls or surfaces. The Sony HT-CT80 is only 5 cm high, so it will not block your screen regardless of where it is placed.

Sony Soundbar HT CT80 Review Design

The soundbar is larger to compare to the TV, but it can be paired with larger TVs. It’s all-black external subwoofer and soundbar have a modern, inconspicuous appearance. Even though it is large, it blends nicely into the space.


A soundbar is a better option than a surround sound system because it can be placed anywhere you like. Like other soundbars and speakers, the Sony HT-CT80 can be placed on the wall or right below your TV.

Mounting the soundbar on the wall is possible, but your purchase includes everything you need. You don’t need to search the internet for hardware, as the mounting kit is already in the box.

Sony HT-CT80 Features

Before sharing our honest opinion on the Sony HT–CT80, we want to outline the unit’s features briefly.

HT-CT80 Sound Quality

Soundbars have a lot to do with their technology and where soundbars are placed. When sitting on the couch, we recommend that the soundbar be placed at an appropriate height. You shouldn’t have it blocking the TV so that you can put it below or above.

During our HT-CT80 test, we discovered that the Sony HT–CT80’s sound quality is superior to its competitors and other soundbars. The soundbar produces a balanced mix of high and low frequencies, ensuring that all tones are heard clearly.

2.1 Channel System

The HT-CT80 soundbar includes two speakers and a subwoofer to provide additional bass. The system has been carefully designed to give you a pleasant audio experience across its entire frequency range. The wired subwoofer will allow you to feel completely immersed in each action sequence.

Wireless functionality

Sony HT-CT80 Features

The Bluetooth-enabled soundbar allows you to stream your favorite music from your smartphone or tablet without worrying about wire entanglement. You can also control all aspects of your audio directly from your phone, including the volume and playlists.

Slender Construction

The HT-CT80 soundbar is a powerful one considering its 2-inch height. This soundbar is slim, but it produces a powerful sound that is well-suited to big-screen TVs, despite its small size. This unit’s narrow construction doesn’t obscure your view.

The minimalist design of the Sony HT-CT80 makes it easy to fit in any room. This soundbar is also able to be mounted on the wall. While most soundbars on the market today can only be used on TV stands, the great soundbar by Sony can be mounted on the wall in some instances.

S-Master Digital Amplifier

The HT-CT80 soundbar is equipped with the S-Master digital amplifier and reproduces audio flawlessly without the need for analog stages like your standard amplifier. You get a sound that is both powerful and clear with low distortion.

Heat buildup is a significant problem in amplifiers that use multiple analog stages. This can lead to significant distortion. Because it uses a simple, fully digital signal path, the HT-CT80 can do without numerous analog locations.

ClearAudio+ Technology

ClearAudio+, a new technology, automatically adjusts sound settings to create an immersive and enriching listening. ClearAudio+ optimizes audio formats to deliver crystal-clear sound without distortion. This is a great innovation!

Virtual Surround Sound

The HT-CT80’s two speakers and wired woofer can fill a moderately sized space with virtual surround sound. This ensures immersive listening. With just two speakers, it creates an accurate three-dimensional soundfield.

NFC One-Touch Connectivity

Sony’s HTCT80 is equipped with Near Field Communication technology. This eliminates the need for complicated setups. To enjoy seamless connectivity, make contact between your NFC-enabled phone and the soundbar’s N-mark on the soundbar. You are now ready to stream content.

Multiple inputs/connections

An optical cable can be used to connect the HT-CT80 to a TV, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc player. You can connect it to many music players via analog input. It also allows for USB Playback via a USB stick. It can connect to almost anything.

Sony HT-CT80 Review

The Sony HT-CT80 is a very affordable device that offers excellent value considering its price. Although it may not have the best sound reproduction, its sound quality will blow you away. The majority of soundbars within its price range provide both average copy and excellent quality.

The HT-CT80 excels in mid-and high-frequency reproduction. This will enhance your movie-watching experience. The HT-CT80 offers it an edge over other units in its price range.

The HT-CT80 is sufficient to convince most people to invest. It is also enough to ignore the fact that the bar’s sound reproduction is very average. The HT-CT80 was designed to unleash your media’s full potential for a cost-friendly price.

Sony HT-CT80 Review

We feel it is essential to highlight the HT-CT80’s S-Master digital amp, which provides a lot of clarity for high-quality playback. The wired subwoofer is another integral component of the HT–CT80. It does an excellent job of balancing sound quality with adequate bass quality.

ClearAudio+ technology can also be used in many situations where it is difficult to adjust the sound to have an enjoyable listening. NFC One-Touch connectivity is a great feature that makes pairing devices much more accessible.


This is a good soundbar as it is priced just right. With everything you need already packed inside, this soundbar will enable you to have a fantastic movie night experience even if you don’t want to go out of your home.

With different accessories such as an optical cable, Bluetooth connection, and remote control to enhance your listening, this soundbar will be able to give you total value for your money. If you are planning to buy this soundbar, you can go for it.

Hooke Audio hopes that you find reviews helpful and make your decision.


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