Speakers Vs. Soundbar 2023: Top Full Comparison

Soundbar Vs Speakers 2023 Which Is Better And Why

If you’re wondering whether to get a soundbar vs speakers for your home theater setup, there are a few things to consider. Soundbars are more compact and easier to set up than a surround sound system with multiple speakers, but they don’t provide the same immersive experience.

On the other hand, speakers take up more space and can be more challenging to set up, but they offer a more realistic soundscape. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and your specific needs.

What Is a Soundbar?

What Is a Soundbar

A soundbar is a long, rectangular-shaped kind of loudspeaker. They are meant to be the same length as television and are far broader than regular speakers. A single soundbar has numerous speakers and generally includes a built-in subwoofer or as an extra component.

Soundbar Pros and Cons

Soundbars are a popular alternative to traditional speakers because they provide high-quality audio at a low cost. Here are the advantages and disadvantages.

Pro: Soundbars Offer Surprisingly Good Sound

Televisions are now engineered to be as thin as possible, resulting in a dramatic reduction in audio quality. Many people are astonished to realize how big of an increase a soundbar can provide despite its small size.

Pro: Soundbars Are Smaller

A soundbar may be positioned immediately under a television, often preferable to installing speakers throughout the room. Soundbars are beneficial in tiny spaces and any environment where there isn’t an ideal location for speakers. You may even move your furniture around without impacting the audio performance. Some people like the appearance of soundbars, although this is certainly subjective.

Pro: Soundbars Only Have One Wire

Only one cable is required to connect an alternative to soundbar for TV. This simplifies the setup and results in a much cleaner look. Although some speaker sets are now wireless, many still need a separate cable for each speaker.

Pro: Soundbars Are Often Cheaper

Soundbars are available at various pricing ranges, although they are often less expensive than speaker systems. A soundbar may be purchased for as low as $100, which isn’t even enough for an entry-level pair of speakers.

Con: Soundbars Don’t Offer the Same Sound Quality

Soundbars provide audio that is close to but not identical to surround sound. When all of the audio originates from a single source, no matter how much money you spend, there is a limit to what can be accomplished. If you want a sound system for viewing movies or playing video games, you might consider getting a pair of speakers instead.

Should You Buy Speakers Instead of a Soundbar?

Should You Buy Speakers Instead of a Soundbar

If you value sound quality above convenience, a set of speakers is what you need. You may create a high-quality audio system with a receiver and two speakers. However, adding a subwoofer improves the sound. Genuine surround sound also necessitates the placement of additional smaller speakers across the space.

Speakers’ Pros and Cons

Speaker sets provide superior sound, but you need to spend more money and put separate speakers across a space. Here are the advantages and disadvantages.

Pro: Speakers Offer Superior Sound

Soundbars are inferior to speaker sets in terms of audio quality. This is due in part to their size. But it’s also because you can produce true surround sound by positioning speakers across a space. Speaker systems create an immersive environment when watching movies or playing video games. It’s worth noting that the best-sounding speaker sets are substantially more expensive than a soundbar vs stereo.

Pro: Speakers Are Easy to Upgrade

Upgrades to speaker sets are simple. If you’re on a tight budget, you may start with a receiver and two speakers and gradually add to it. This enables you to develop a high-quality audio system without a hefty initial investment. Some soundbars can also be updated, although the possibilities are typically far more restricted.

Pro: Speakers Are More Flexible

Speaker sets are more adaptable since you can change components or add extra speakers if you don’t like how they sound. Speaker sets contain more functionality, which allows for greater customization. You may also specify where each speaker should be placed, which is not feasible with a soundbar vs receiver and speakers.

Con: Speakers Are Harder to Set Up

Some speaker sets are simple, while others need a certain level of audio experience. Not everyone who desires better sound wants to become an audiophile. This contrasts with soundbars, which are normally plug-and-play.

Con: Speakers Are Not as Convenient

Speaker sets sound better, but at the expense of convenience. Many speaker sets need a cable to connect each speaker, and even wireless speakers take up more room and maybe knocked over. A speaker system is also not suitable for small spaces since each person viewing television should be approximately in the middle of all speakers.

Soundbar vs Speakers – Which One Should You Buy?

Soundbar vs. Speakers – Which One Should You Buy

A soundbar is unquestionably superior to your television’s built-in speakers. However, almost any speaker will outperform the built-in speakers. They deliver a much richer and fuller sound and additional placement choices throughout the room without wires or cables running all over the place.

A speaker set is ideal if you want to place them just under or behind your television since it will provide excellent audio quality and surround effects. A good 2.1 speaker system can do wonders, and if you have the room and cash, you may always go with a surround sound arrangement.

Sound quality

A soundbar will provide higher audio quality than the speakers integrated into your television. However, most believe that a speaker set provides far richer, fuller, and deeper sound. If you like watching action movies or programs with a lot of dialogue, a speaker set is a must!

A decent pair of speakers will include stereo sound (at least 2.0 or 2.1) plus a subwoofer, providing far greater sound quality than a single soundbar. If you like gaming, listening to music, or watching movies or TV episodes with outstanding sound effects, you should invest in a speaker system.

There are surround sound soundbars, but they are generally pricey and do not deliver the finest experience. If you like gaming or watching movies, soundbars are not for you; instead, invest in some nice speakers.

A decent pair of speakers (2.1 or above) will trump the soundbar and smash the built-in audio. Here are our top speaker brands.

Design and comfort

A wireless soundbar may be positioned anywhere around your TV, but it may still obstruct other HDMI connections or make certain remotes difficult to reach, depending on location. It will, however, look much better than a clumsy speaker cabinet!

Speaker sets often include subwoofers, normally separate units that lie under furniture and aren’t very appealing from an aesthetic sense. You should place them in cabinets or anywhere that blends with the backdrop since they would otherwise stand out like a sore thumb! Not to mention the difficulty of concealing speaker cords! Even worse for 6-9 speaker surround sound installations!

The soundbar easily wins in terms of style and comfort.

Pricing and upgradeability

A soundbar will often cost less than a speaker set. However, they are not upgradeable, unlike a decent quality speaker system that will last you for years!

Speaker sets are undoubtedly the most costly option, but if you pick them properly, an entry-level model will not break the bank and may last for many years, depending on its usage. You may acquire better models later if your budget allows it or update certain components over time (speakers, subwoofer, add an amp, soundbar or amplifier, etc.)

In terms of cost, the soundbar wins in the near term, but a set of speakers is the superior long-term option.

Can You Use a Soundbar and Speakers Together?

Soundbars are intended to function independently, which is one of the reasons they are so popular. Some soundbars may be connected to extra speakers. However, this is generally a difficult procedure and is thus not advised. If you’re unsure which one to choose, go with speakers since they’re simple to update.

Which Should You Buy?

If you want the easiest approach for increasing TV sound, acquire a ‘bar or a set of powerful speakers first. Several low-cost choices are available, and you don’t have to trade elegance for performance. A soundbar’s sweet spot is between $200 and $300 since paying more beyond that does not ensure a better sound.

Separates, on the other hand, are the only way to go if you’re serious about sound quality. You may mix and match to meet your requirements, and it’s simpler to update when new formats emerge; for example, if you want to add 8K video capabilities, you won’t have to replace everything.

Whatever setting you choose, you will never be able to return to tiny, passive TV speakers again. Enjoy your listening!

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Is the soundbar better than the speakers?

Soundbar vs. Speakers: Audio Quality

While a soundbar can enhance your TV’s audio, surround sound speakers typically provide the highest audio quality. Speaker systems, in most situations, provide a significantly broader soundstage than even the most costly soundbars.

Do you need a soundbar?

If you’ve never had a home theater receiver and don’t want to deal with the hassle of setting up surround sound speakers, a soundbar is an ideal solution. Not only do you get to improve your audio quality, but it’s also a really simple setup procedure.

Are soundbars worth the money?

Yes, soundbars are worthwhile investments. Soundbars are a fashionable and cheap option for home entertainment systems that deliver amazing sound, are simple to use and set up, and are intuitively built to operate with all the newest technologies.

Do you need a soundbar with a 4K TV?

You don’t need a 4K soundbar unless that’s the only method to connect your gadgets. It will not increase audio quality more than a 4K display. If you must have one for connectivity reasons, make sure it offers a 4K pass-through. In this manner, you’ll be able to send photos to your 4K television.


After testing and reviewing both soundbars and speakers, we’ve concluded that speakers are better than soundbars. While soundbars are easier to set up and are more compact, they don’t provide the same audio quality as speakers. Speakers provide a more immersive experience and produce better sound overall.

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