Soundpeats True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review 2021: Is It For You?

Soundpeats True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review 2021 Is It For You

Do you need a pair of light, comfy, sleek wireless headphones for your next workout? Does the sound quality not matter to you as much as what seems like freedom from wires? Have you been searching for that perfect pair of earbuds to use every day without thinking about them? SoundPeats True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are the answer.

Soundpeats has created some of the best inexpensive wireless earbuds on the market. They pair easily with any Bluetooth-enabled device and offer better sound quality for their low price point.

We’ll show some pros and cons of these headphones in the SoundPeats True Wireless Bluetooth EarBuds review article to help you decide if they’re suitable for you or not. 

Pros & Cons


  • Clear and well-balanced sound
  • Comfortable to wear in-ear headphones
  • Bluetooth 5.0 is reliable
  • Battery life is a total of 35 hours
  • Affordable price


  • Water/sweat resistance is not possible
  • Battery information is limited for the charging case
  • Micro-USB charging

Soundpeats True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Design & Usability

First, the TruePods are a design that is familiar to anyone who has seen Apple’s Airpods. They measure 1.5×0.6×0.8 inches and feature the same toothbrush shape as the Airpods. SoundPeats uses this shape to create their touch control system.

This allows you to quickly manipulate your music, phone calls, and voice assistants for your phone. This build quality is also great for their microphone, as it extends far enough to avoid being blocked by your ears.

It is straightforward to use the touch control system. Double tapping on the right earbud will activate the play or pause function for your music or whatever audio file you listened to last.

 Earbud Design & Usability

Double-tapping on the left earbud will activate your phone’s voice assistant, OK Google or Siri depending on which operating system you have.

Holding down on the right earbud will activate the skip command. There are also a few commands in the manual. The Truepods’ touch control system makes it very easy to use.

Although this isn’t a problem with the design, it can be a problem with the aesthetic of a glossy finish. However, sweaty palms can cause fingerprints and smudges to form on the touch controls.

This is why we prefer matte finishes to glossy ones. However, if you have a microfiber cloth with you, you can wipe them off now and again to keep your skin looking great.


It is pretty comfortable to lay down with the SoundPeats wireless headphones in the ear, despite their protrusion. These can cause your helmet to come off if you’re a motorcycle rider.

These are not a problem for regular car drivers, but they can be a problem for most users who live on the edge. However, while the helmet is still on, they are very comfortable.

The True wireless earbuds are very ergonomic, and they fit well in the ear, regardless of your initial impressions. They were made to fit snugly into your ear canal. TruePods are stylish and easy to use.

Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth 5.0 is the standard for wireless earbuds. If they don’t, it’s not worth it. Bluetooth 5.0 offers better battery efficiency, audio stream stability, and quality, as well as Dual Audio.

Battery Life

These earbuds have a battery life of approximately 3.5 hours. You can expect around 3-4 hours of use at maximum volume controls before they need to be tossed into the case. The charging case can be used for between 16 to 20 hours before it stops working.

This charging case is a charging case. SoundPeats doesn’t seem interested in making charging cases multi-purpose like Axloie, which has been known to do so.

The Axloie AttitudeX9P, for example, can be used as a portable power bank and has a larger battery life that will give you approximately 130 hours of use from your buds.

Battery Life

A few Axloie products stand out, however. The charging cases for 95% of truly wireless earbuds are only for charging the paired ones. This is a genuine concern, as manufacturers may start to make multi-purpose, longer battery life.

Expect a two-hour charge time between zero power and full charge for your earbuds, as well as 2 hours for the charging case.

These True Wireless headphones deserve credit for a specific feature on their charging case. It is the use of USB-C charging over older, less reliable USB plugs.

For us tech lovers, nothing is more frustrating than seeing high-tech, state-of-the-art products that use an old USB micro or USB miniature plug. SoundPeats is making the switch to USB-C.


The noise isolation of SoundPeats is suitable for those who want to focus on their music and playing games and not be distracted by what’s happening around them.

Soundpeats offer good noise isolation, which means that they will block out background noise and make it easier to focus on whatever you’re listening to.

They come with a set of silicone ear tips in 4 different sizes to ensure the right fit for each user.


The SoundPeats Truefree earbuds are waterproof, making them great for working out.

You can work out in the shower or swimming, and they won’t get damaged or lose any call quality. They have an IPX4 rating, meaning it’s submersible up to one meter for 30 minutes.

They are sweatproof, meaning you can work out without worrying about getting them wet.

Sound Quality

High accuracy

The SoundPeats TrueFree bass is excellent. Their LFE (low-frequency extension) is 10Hz. Low-bass is overemphasized about 5dB. This is a deep, extended bass that has a lot of thump and rumble.

The lower mids bass and high bass are pretty even and flat, but we prefer at least 2dB more. Their bass is heavy and thumpy without being too boomy. They may appeal to fans of bass-heavy music like EDM or hip-hop because they have many thumps.

Mid Accuracy

The True Wireless has a fantastic mid-range performance. The mid-range response is balanced and even, which is crucial for accurate and precise reproduction of vocals.

Mid-range is slightly recessed at 800Hz by 3dB. This affects vocals by reducing the emphasis on bass and treble frequencies.

Treble Accuracy

Their treble performance was poor. The range is often underemphasized, and vocals, leads, and cymbals can sound dull and lacking in detail.

Although the dip is quite significant, the absence of treble does not sound as bad as it appears in the graph. Some sibilances (S or T sounds) might feel a little sharper around 10-11KHz.

Audio Quality

Audiophiles will know that the diaphragm of a speaker is crucial for producing high-quality sound. The speaker’s diaphragm, which is the component that is sensitive to magnetic field fluctuations, is the essential element.

The magnetic field alters the shape and size of the diaphragm when the coil is stimulated with an electric signal.

The rapid changes in the electric signal cause the diaphragm to vibrate at high speeds, generating sound. Poor quality diaphragms will produce poor sound and call quality, regardless of how good the other components are.

The TruePods’ biological diaphragm enhanced sound can be interpreted as a new material manufactured in a slightly more traditional way than other materials.

Audio Quality

These cones are made of cellulose, thin and dense fibers, which are the best materials. It is a thinner, more robust material that won’t change in shape after repeated use.

TruePods deliver premium sound quality, strong bass, and an excellent treble. The tripods will provide a superior listening experience, and you won’t find any other products that can match their quality at the same price. These earbuds are a must-have for any deal seeker.


Based on the description of the SoundPeats, they seem to be durable enough to withstand normal wear and tear. They do offer a simple yet sleek and compact design to offer an effortless experience.

Many customers that have bought the SoundPeats have confirmed that they are indeed durable.

SoundPeats Wireless Earbuds: Price & Value

SoundPeats True Wireless Earbuds are a cheap alternative to more expensive wireless earbuds on the market. This product has a USD 34.99 and is an excellent value for someone looking for an inexpensive option.

They offer the same sound quality as many other Bluetooth earbuds on the market. The earbuds come with a total of three sizes of ear tips for the user to choose from to find the perfect fit.

As mentioned earlier, the Bluetooth features on this product are fundamental but can still be helpful for someone looking to connect their wireless earbuds to a device quickly.

These earbuds are a good choice for someone looking for Bluetooth earbuds at a low price point, but not if you are looking for specific functionality.

If you want high-quality sound, want to customize your fit, or are looking for premium headphones, then these aren’t the best option for you.

This True Wireless Earbud is a relatively basic Bluetooth headphone. The device offers decent sound quality and works as described. The buttons on the device are simple to use but not as intuitive as those on premium products.

Other Considerations

Although we briefly mentioned at the beginning of this review, the IPX4 rating for water resistance is not the best. You would expect that a company that targets people who live an active, sporty lifestyle would opt for IPX6.

The IPX4 rating protects against water splashes in any direction. This means that the TruePods were not designed with excessive sweat in mind.

These are not recommended to be worn in the rain or under the water. They are not rated for splashing and can’t be submerged in water. You will need an IPX7 rating if you want your pair of earbuds to be fully submerged in water. Kharbon IPX7 earbuds are a better choice.

Another thing to consider is the warranty. They only cover manufacturer defects, despite being a 12-month warranty. If you live a life comparable to the lifestyle of the people you market to, it’s possible to damage the earbuds quickly and need to replace them.

It’s not a significant issue considering that most people are cautious with their digital devices. Plus, the earbuds can be dropped so that they won’t cause much harm.

Because it is against the company’s mission, it only makes a list. SoundPeats has a few other durable earbuds, including the Q31s or the True Engine2s. If you are looking for a more decent pair, you can check them out.

How To Use SoundPeats True Wireless?

These Bluetooth Earbuds are easy to use and compatible with multiple devices. They can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth connection, so you do not have to fiddle with wires to play music.

The only thing you need is to pair them with your phone, and they will automatically connect to it. With the headphones connected, music and phone calls can be transmitted quickly.

With a three-meter range, you can expect the soundpeats true wireless Bluetooth earbuds in a good position.

How to use SoundPeats True Wireless

If the wireless connection is weak, move the soundpeats to another position. You can listen to music or watch movies at a reasonable distance.

The soundpeats earbuds are compatible with most devices. You can use them to connect your phone or tablet, along with your laptop and other gadgets.

Should You Choose SoundPeats True Wireless?

The SoundPeats are wireless, with Bluetooth 4.2 technology, IPX5 water resistance, and a 3.5-hour battery life.

These wireless headphones are engineered with a secure fit, along with a carrying case. These things make them an excellent choice for those who will be using them for fitness purposes.

However, they are made with a lightweight plastic design, making them very easy to use. The soundpeats true wireless Bluetooth earbuds are also highly affordable.

If you are looking for the best earbuds that are great for fitness purposes, then these earbuds may be the ones for casual listeners.

With all of the accessories that come with them, they are more affordable than most other true wireless headphones on the market. However, SoundPeats wireless buds are not as durable as those you will find on the market.


SoundPeats Is It Reliable?

Bottom line: The TrueFree+ earbuds from SoundPEATS show that you don’t have to spend a lot to get quality wireless earbuds.

The TrueFree+ delivers excellent sound quality, reliable wireless connectivity, and better battery life. This is a fraction of the price that Samsung and Apple charge.

SoundPeats Are Better Than AirPods?

The SoundPeats TrueFree 2 Wireless is slightly more versatile than Apple AirPods 2 Truly Wireless 2019. SoundPeats are slightly more versatile than the Apple AirPods 2 Truly Wireless 2019.

They have a more stable fit and better volume control. They block out more outside noise and leak less audio.

How Can I Sync SoundPeats With My Computer?

Turn on Bluetooth on your device. Then, hit SoundPeats TrueFree R to add it to the Bluetooth list. Clear the pairing record between your earbuds and all other devices.

sync Soundpeats with my computer

Press the MFB button on both earbuds for 10 seconds. If the device is in charging mode, the LED indicator will turn ashy red three times.

SoundPeats Mac, Is It Good?

It has no frills or fancy features. What I love the most about it are its minimalist design and matte black case. It is lightweight and fits comfortably in the ear. It also stays put while performing minimal cardio.

It is available in the following sizes: A sound quality delicate balance of mellow highs and mids and its rich bass are outstanding.

How Can I Find Out If My SoundPeats Have Been Charged?

The magnetic lid opens to reveal the left and the fitting earbuds. Both the earbuds have the Soundpeats logo on the single button.

The LED will turn off after about a minute, turning red when the earbuds are charging. It will then turn white once they have fully charged.

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Are Noise-Canceling Headphones Harmful To The Ears?

Is noise cancellation a danger to your hearing? Noise cancellation in headphones won’t cause any hearing loss. The ANC may make a slight hissing noise when the headphones are on. This is normal. This can cause dizziness and irritation for some.


Soundpeats true wireless Bluetooth earbuds offer an unparalleled experience. They are one of the best Bluetooth earbuds on the market.

It’s genuinely wireless and offers impressive quality. You can get true wireless Bluetooth earbuds that will provide you with all the features you need.

These earbuds are affordable and one of the best choices in this segment.

Hooke Audio hopes this review was helpful to you! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.


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