Spotify Vs Pandora: Which One is Best? 2024

Spotify Vs Pandora Which One is Best 2024
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Both Spotify Vs Pandora shares many similarities, but they also have their perks. Both systems offer a wide library of songs, playlists, and tailored recommendations, but they differ.

In this comparison, we will help you choose a service by comparing its features and benefits.

What Is Pandora?

What Is Pandora

Pandora can be described as an internet radio station that listens to your music. Pandora’s premise isn’t new, but it was created before Spotify and other music services became popular.

In 2000, the platform was founded to construct a playlist based on listener interests and habits. Everything starts with the Music Genome Project. This is a group of experts who work together to build the best algorithm to fit listeners’ expectations of music.

Pandora is happy to have almost 80 million users in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand.

More information on the company can be found at the Pandora Music Website and Wikipedia. If you want to become an expert in this field, we suggest not using this music streaming service.

What Is Spotify?

What Is Spotify

Spotify is the king of music streaming services. Most people have heard of it. Spotify is the best music streaming service available right now.

It’s no surprise that Spotify is attracting new subscribers every day. Spotify Premium has 130 million subscribers and 286 million free users. This is impressive, as Spotify Premium users pay each month to access over 40 million songs, playlists and podcasts.

We have written many times on our blog about Spotify. So we recommend that you get to know the platform.

Compare Spotify to Google Play Music.

Our FreeYourMusic app offers an easy way to move music from Spotify to Pandora or transfer playlists to Spotify.

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We can now move on to the details and features of Spotify and Pandora. We’ve made a comparison chart that shows the main changes between the two platforms. Let’s take another look.

Spotify Vs Pandora: Side By Side Comparison

Spotify Vs Pandora Side By Side Comparison

Streaming quality

Pandora Premium Vs Spotify Premium does not offer high-quality streaming options. However, Spotify HiFi will be available in certain regions later this year. Spotify will stream in lossless CD quality.

Both Pandora and Spotify use the lossy AAC file format, while Spotify uses the Ogg Vorbis. Pandora Premium offers a maximum bitrate of 192kbps. Spotify Premium, however, can offer up to 320kbps.

It doesn’t mean that you should choose a different streaming service. Many people enjoy lossy audio at a lower bit rate. Lossless files can take up more space and use more Internet data.

Many people consider lossy files worth the drawbacks. You can find high-resolution streaming services at Amazon Music HD, Qobuz, and Tidal.

Pandora’s streaming quality is lower than Spotify’s. This can cause Pandora to buffer a lot more than Spotify’s and interrupt your music at times that are not needed. You can download unlimited songs for offline listening with both Pandora Premium or Spotify Premium.

Pandora Vs Spotify: Music Discovery

Everyone wants to find musical gems in the rough. A streaming platform’s ability to help users find new music is a significant part of its value. Pandora’s backbone is music discovery.

The Music Genome Project, which we have already mentioned, is Pandora’s engine. It can find songs that appeal to listeners based on more than 450 attributes.

The song’s distinctive instruments, vocals, and tempo are included. If Pandora Premium is enabled, the songs Genome automatically adds songs to create radio stations and tailored playlists.

Spotify is no stranger to this genre and has made numerous acquisitions to improve its capabilities. Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist is a popular 30-song playlist that appears every Monday. It mixes music you like with music you are likely to enjoy.

Spotify keeps adding new features to keep you discovering. Spotify’s home interface features a variety of themed playlists. You can also click the Discover tab to access recommendations based on your listening history.

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However, we’re inclined to give Pandora the nod. Pandora’s radio stations are better at music discovery than Spotify, which blends genres and repeats songs.

Music Catalog

Pandora Vs. Spotify Music Catalog

Spotify held a strong lead in this category for years, with tens to millions of songs in its ever-growing library. Despite what most people think, Pandora’s original collection only had 1–2 million songs.

This is not a lot, but it is still a far cry from Apple Music or Spotify. Pandora signed deals with major record companies after the purchase of Rdio. It then launched Pandora Premium on-demand and expanded its offerings.

Spotify still has more tracks than Pandora’s 60 million. It owes this feat mainly to remixes and covers, original content, and amateur artists.

However, the libraries are similar and don’t feature any prominent artists. Some musicians establish exclusive partnerships with other sites, but others don’t. Although Spotify has a slight advantage in sheer numbers, there is little to no difference.


Although streaming started with music, Spotify and Pandora decided to add podcasts to their platforms. Both platforms have the most popular podcasts, with each platform offering unique features to give them an edge.

However, Spotify’s dominance has shifted early numbers in this small market in its favor. Spotify’s logo is often spotted on the official destinations list for top shows. Spotify can add a significant sports push to the mix thanks to the acquisition of The Ringer.

Free versions versus paid versions

Free versions versus paid versions

Both services provide limited access to streaming music, with occasional ads. These ads aren’t too overwhelming and offer an excellent way for you to try these services before purchasing a premium account. However, these services vary greatly.

A Pandora account is free and allows you to listen to the radio. You can pick any song, artist, album, or combination, and Pandora will build you a station. To tell Pandora to play similar songs in the future, hit the thumbs-up button.

Then, click thumbs down to make sure you don’t hear that song or others like it again. Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium users can download desktop clients, however free users can only stream 64k AAC+.

Users on both mobile and web have the same features: the same number of skip songs, the same stations, and occasional advertisements.

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Spotify users enjoy a far better experience. Spotify users have the option to listen to music on demand via desktop or web apps. However, there are ads and audio quality issues. Mobile users can only access 15 playlists created by Spotify based on their tastes every 24 hours.

Each service can be tried for free with the ad-free version. Pandora offers a free 60-day trial of its $10 per-month Pandora Premium service.

This includes ad-free radio and on-demand streaming, as well as 30 days of its $5/month Pandora Plus service. Spotify’s $10-per-month Spotify Premium (on-demand listening and radio stations) offers a 30-day free trial. Both services offer discounts for annual memberships.


Spotify might offer more options for freebie chasers than Pandora. Still, Pandora’s $5 per month tier is great for those who want high-quality music without advertisements but can’t afford $10.

Students and veterans receive significant discounts, and families of up to six can sign up for $15 per month.

Regular promotions on Spotify and Pandora offer three months of free access for as little as $1. This gives you plenty of time to explore all that Pandora has to offer.

Regular promotions will be tied to devices purchased and other companies. For example, the six months of Spotify that you receive for being an AT&T subscriber. Pandora isn’t as generous in this regard, but you will occasionally get decent deals.

This is a very similar pricing model to the rest of music streaming.

User interface and experience

User interface and experience

Both platforms look fantastic on desktops, smartphones, and tablets. However, keep in mind the differences in user experience between services.

Pandora has three options for music playback: a mobile app for Android or iOS, an in-browser player, or a downloadable desktop application (Pandora Plus and Premium only).

Each version is the same in that it has an easy-to-use interface and settings. You can sort broadcast stations alphabetically or date-by-date for easy access.

You will be able to see details about the artist’s background, lyrics, and a list of similar artists. Users can also quickly purchase any song they like. You can quickly switch between listening to and discovering by using the Browse and My stations sections.

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Your voice from your phone can control Pandora. This works even if you are not using Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, or Alexa. You can use commands such as Hey Pandora, play something amazing, Hey Pandora, thumbs-up this song, or Hey Pandora, pause to control Pandora on your phone once voice assistant is enabled for Android and iOS.

Spotify also offers three leading apps: web, desktop, and mobile for Android and iOS. Each app has a very polished user interface.

The desktop version works just like iTunes but is more straightforward and more intuitive. The program’s search bar generates Google-like results when you type in music.

It will automatically generate artists, songs, or albums for you. On both mobile versions, the bottom menu bar has three tabs: Search, Home, and Your Library. These tabs let you get to all of your information. You’re just a few taps away from finding the new music you love or the jams you make every day.

Casual browsing is mainly done within the Home tab. Here users can access new music, daily curated playlists, and podcasts. To make personalized recommendations available in search, the Discover tab was removed. Your listening history informs Endless Artist Radio’s playlist.

Spotify is a better option than Pandora for users who want a more holistic user experience. Its solid platform and sleek interface make it even more appealing. Spotify is the clear leader in this space.

Pandora Vs. Spotify: Compatibility

Wi-Fi-enabled speakers are gaining popularity at an unprecedented rate. It is worth checking if your speaker supports Spotify and Pandora.

Sonos One smart speaker and Amazon Echo are compatible with Spotify Connect and Pandora Everywhere via Wi-Fi. Check out the complete list of Spotify devices as well as Pandora devices. Remember that intelligent speakers can only be incorporated with a paid account. Double-check this information while you shop.

Recently, We have reviewed the difference between youtube music vs Spotify, if you are also caring about these apps, let us show you which should you choose:

How Pandora and Spotify Work

Pandora allows users to create radio stations based on their favorite artists. Pandora then searches the Music Genome Project for similar singers. Pandora’s music database is patent-pending.

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The Music Genome compiles song information and first classifies each one by genre. The artist then spends 30 minutes analyzing each song’s rhythm, tonality, instruments, and lead voice to further categorize it.

By looking at hundreds of traits, Pandora can tell how songs are alike or different.

Pandora users can customize their broadcast stations further by giving thumbs up and thumbs down songs they like. You can share your stations with friends, but it is impossible to link to specific songs directly due to licensing restrictions.

Spotify is not about music discovery but rather about streaming music. Spotify relies on a vast catalog of approximately 20 million songs to achieve this goal.

This is a problem in countries where renowned record labels are not willing to sign deals with Spotify. The idea behind Spotify is that users can sign up and look for any song or artist they want. They can then stream that music using Spotify’s online player.

Spotify vs. Pandora – Additional Features

Spotify vs. Pandora - Additional Features

Spotify bows your year with a bow

Spotify Wrapped is a monthly publication that’s released every December. You’ve likely seen everyone’s Instagram Stories filled with the results at the beginning of each month. Wrapped collects all data from your Spotify account over the past year and presents it to you as satisfying statistics and graphics.

It will tell you the artist, genre, song, length of time, and country your favorite musicians are from in the past year.

It creates a playlist with the 100 most listened songs over the past year. Sometimes, it also creates playlists based on your listening history.

This can include songs that you might have liked from the previous year. Wrapped can be a fun feature that boosts your music taste superiority and shame (Editor’s Note: Harry Styles’ Watermelon Sugar was my most-listened song of 2020).

Pandora also does something similar at year’s end called Playback. It is based upon Spotify Wrapped. Although it doesn’t have the same clout as Spotify Wrapped, it provides very similar information to Pandora customers.

Pandora’s voice assistant integration doesn’t work very well.

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Pandora lets you activate a voice assistant. You can activate a virtual assistant by saying Hey Pandora in your wake phrase. This will ask Pandora for playing a particular station, change the volume or name a song.

The assistant works only when the app is opened and active on your screen. This means that you can’t just ask Pandora to play a specific Station, change the volume, or tell you the name of a song.

Spotify and Pandora make great car companions.

Integrating Spotify and Pandora with navigation apps such as Waze or Google Maps is possible for both Pandora and Spotify. Both are compatible with Android Auto, and Carplay provided your car supports this feature. While driving, these tools make it easy to control your music, but you shouldn’t use them while driving.

Spotify partners with music-listening devices like the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus to make smartphone access easy. Pandora users are less likely to have earphone integration than Spotify. This is due to Spotify being more popular than Pandora.


FAQs about pandora and spotify

Can you listen to music for free on Spotify and Pandora?

Yes, both services offer a free version, but there are limitations to the free version. On Spotify, you can only listen to music in mix mode and you will hear ads. On Pandora, you can only skip a certain number of songs per hour and you will also hear ads.

Which streaming service has better sound quality?

Spotify feautures higher-quality music options than Pandora. Spotify’s premium subscription has a maximum bitrate of 320 kbps, while Pandora’s is 192.

Can you download music on both Spotify and Pandora?

Yes, both services allow users to download music for offline listening with their premium subscription.


Pandora and Spotify are two popular apps that allow their users to listen to music online. Pandora, unlike Spotify, uses user input to generate a personalized station.

Spotify provides a desktop version, but Pandora is mobile-only. Pandora’s algorithm generates songs based on user preferences, whereas Spotify’s is more complicated.

Pandora or Spotify? In Hookeaudio opinion, Pandora is a better option because it has a more extensive selection of songs, more features, and a better overall design. But let’s choose to depend on your request.


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