Best Subwoofer For Car 2023: Top Brands Review

Best Subwoofer For Car 2023: Top Brands Review
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Many people enjoy listening to their favorite music while driving in their car. New technology has made it easier for drivers to crank up the bass without hurting the ears of their passengers. Consider a subwoofer to add a little extra punch to your car ride.

Keep reading our article, Hooke Audio will review the top best subwoofer for car in today’s market.

Top Rated Subwoofer For Car

Top Rated Subwoofer For Car

Rockford Fosgate Punch P300-10...
2,134 Reviews

1. Orion HCCA12 12″ Car Subwoofer 2000 Watts

Best Subwoofer For Car

  • HCCA122 Diameter: 12″
  • RMS Power Watts 2500
  • Nominal Power Watts 5000

You’ve found the perfect subwoofer if you want to make lots of noise. The Orion HCCA 12 car subwoofer is a beast. It will produce a terrifying 5000 watts of power and 2500 RMS. This is a lot of noise for a subwoofer in a car. This must be one of the most potent car subwoofers available.

It’s also powerful and has excellent sound. It produces a great quality bass sound. It has excellent audio quality. A new cooling system for voice coils is part of the reason that the sound is so great. The new cooling system allows for temperature control while the audio is still evident. It has a shallow bass sound, making it one of the most powerful deep bass subwoofers.

To create bass frequencies, build…

Rubber surrounds the 12″ speaker to allow for movement. It absorbs some of this beast’s excess energy. The car subwoofer inside the enclosure is made with polypropylene cones and has a very long life span.

The speaker’s design allows it to fit into the trunk or boot of your car. It will require a depth of 6 inches. The actual speaker measures 12 by 12.5×6.5 by 6.5 and weighs in at a staggering 68 pounds. No lightweight.

Made to measure…

Some cars’ subwoofers are made to fit in your car. However, some people want the woofer in a box. It is possible to do this, but we recommend that you have one made. It can be enclosed or ported, but you will need to ensure it is vital with screws and wood. You will likely find pieces of your cabinet scattered around if the build is not correct.

If you’re looking for more power, the reasonable price point is in its middle range.


  • Robust and challenging build.
  • Incredible power.


  • Some people prefer to have a cabinet instead of having to place the speaker.

2. JL Audio CP108LG-W3v3

Best powered subwoofer for car

  • Power 50-250 Watts RMS power
  • Peak power 500 Watts peak
  • Frequency Response: 28-250Hz
  • Subwoofer for enclosures with one 8.”
  • A steel-mesh grille
  • 2-year warranty

To enjoy rich music, you will have to travel a long distance home…

Everything changed after I installed the sub in my car. The music was not as flat. The daily commute was something I used to hate, but this has changed. I am now driving a long distance to get my favorite music in high quality.

My friends were riding along with my thought that I was pulling a fast one. They were shocked to learn that the 8″ JL Audio CP108LG W3v3 delivers all of this. They all agreed that there had to be a sub 10′ or 12″ somewhere. It wasn’t. This is the 8″ JL audio.

The 8″ JL sub-audio sub is perfect for small cars. It can fit in any space. It can be placed anywhere you like so that you can enjoy the bass.

The enclosure comes with this JL. It is made of durable materials and built to last. Is there anything more to say than that they make incredible products?

Price is the number one complaint. They aren’t the most expensive on the market. They deliver pure pleasure. Subs are not as good at lower frequencies. This is the biggest problem. JL is an exception to the rule. This sub thrives at lower frequencies.

It’s the first sub I ever used, and the gloves fell off while I was trying it. I’ve played many different songs. It delivered, from country to rap to rock. It made me smile, no matter what song I was listening to.

Being the best JL sub is well-worth it.


  • People have been fooled into thinking that the 8″ is 10″ or 12 inches in power.
  • It’s the perfect fit for small cars.
  • It will make you smile, no matter what kind of music you listen to.


  • It is expensive for such a small amount, but it is well worth the price.
  • It would have provided a deeper base, but there is no compact sealed enclosure.

3. Pioneer TS-SWX2502 10 inch Shallow-Mount Sub

Best car subwoofer for deep bass

  • Power 300w RMS power
  • Peak power 1200 Watts peak
  • Frequency response: 20-125Hz
  • 10″ shallow mount sub
  • It is deceptively loud considering its size…

After installing the Pioneer TSSWX2502 series subwoofer, I had friends ride with me. They laughed at me initially because I had wasted their money. Imagine their faces as I turned up the volume.

This sub is a petite guy, but he has lots of power. They were all amazed by this tiny fellow after the ride. The bass is exceptionally punchy. The enclosure of the Pioneer TS-SWX2502 is shallow. The sub-bass is also weak.

An amp is a great way to get the best sound quality. The sound quality is incredible, even though it’s not the best. For those looking for that extra touch of perfection, a compatible amp is the best option.

I was able to go beyond the limits because it has deep bass. This little sub is quite powerful. It doesn’t go crazy when I ride. It doesn’t damage the interior if it is at a reasonable level.

The unit is slim, so it can be placed wherever you need it. This unit is also very lightweight and doesn’t drain the battery. It is known that powerful subs can drain the car battery. The Pioneer TS-SWX252 is different.

Pioneer is a well-known brand for car audio equipment. Pioneer is known for its high quality and value. This sub also offers this. It is extremely powerful considering its shallow depth. This sub is great for drivers who don’t mind having too much space taken up by the sub.

You can find the top 10-inch car subwoofers here:


  • It will shock you to hear how loud this baby is
  • My friends who rode alongside me were stunned and in awe of my performance
  • It is battery-friendly and doesn’t take too much juice.


  • You will not feel the bass because it is so tiny.
  • It is ideal for small cars.

4. Rockford Fosgate P300

Best Car Subwoofers 

  • Subwoofer design for a tight bass response
  • 300w RMS
  • Active system for easy installation
  • Highly adjustable EQ
  • Intelligent automatic turn on/off
  • One-year warranty

Rockford Fosgate, a US-based company that merged with another electronics company in 1986, has established a strong reputation in the field of car audio system and speaker design. All equipment is designed and manufactured in the USA.

The Rockford Fosgate P300 cabinet is made of a 5/8″ medium density fiberboard. It has a compact wedge-shaped dimension of 15 by 20 and 11 inches. The cabinet’s largest dimension of 11 inches allows it to fit into most spaces. The cabinet is covered with industrial vinyl. The unit is fully self-contained. All of the component subwoofers are included. The amplifier can output 600 watts peak and 300 watts RMS.

This powerful sound is produced by a Punch 12″ subwoofer. This subwoofer inside is made of a paper pulp cone with Kevlar reinforcement. It has a 2-inch voice coil with a frequency response between 35-150Hz.

The device has a built-in bass EQ and remote bass level control. You can adjust the low pass crossover at 12dB/Octave to allow you to hear all frequencies. Closed-loop designs are best for achieving the highest performance. This design ensures that the subwoofer enclosure and amp work together.

An automatic on/off function is another interesting feature. The remote bass level control has been mentioned, but there are also separate gains and boosts.

The unit is strong and well-built. It weighs in at 30 pounds. This makes it very heavy for a car of the same size. It is affordable. It is powerful and well-equipped. This subwoofer is the best-enclosed subwoofer for car.

Rockford Fosgate Punch P300-10...
2,134 Reviews


  • It is a solid product at a reasonable price.
  • Handling power 300w RMS


  • The cabinet is small enough to be used for very low frequencies.

5. MTX Audio TNP212D2 Terminator

Best Powered Subwoofer

  • Includes wiring kit, amplifier, and speaker enclosure
  • A dual 12.0-inch subwoofer that runs at 400 watts RMS
  • Each speaker has a 4-ohm single voice coil
  • MDF construction with high-grade carpeting

It lives up to its Terminator name. This can be a hard-hitting sound and is unexpectedly loud.

The MTX Audio will make you a big deal if you are looking to impress others. The 250 Watts RSS gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

The lows…

This baby is for you if you like the lows. You need to place it in the trunk to get the best sound. You will still feel the tickle in your chest. The back seat will receive a full body massage.

The MTX Audio is a higher starter and will meet your needs. It won’t be a competition-grade sub at this low price, but it will provide enough to enjoy a smooth ride.

The complete package includes two 12′ subs, an amp, and a box, all neatly packed. They have used high-quality materials and have a great design.

Why it’s so important:

A thump in your chest: It’s loud enough to turn heads, and if it’s positioned correctly, you can enjoy a full-body massage.

This is a great deal. You get so much power for such a small amount of money it’s unbelievable. I hope they don’t make the same mistake again and raise their prices.

Built to last: A good friend asked me to install the sub. That was four years ago. Since then, I have had a few cosmetic repairs to make it look better because he has thrown things around in the trunk. It is still tough to use.

There are a few drawbacks you need to be aware of:

The complete package is available without the need for a bass controller. Fortunately, MTX also sells separate external bass controllers, which you can purchase from their leading site.

You can get grilles in the box now. If you want to enjoy the bass and use it long-term, then grab some Kicker GR120 12″ grilles. They fit like a glove.

This Terminator sub has a lot of popularity. This sub is one of Amazon’s most popular. You’ll love every beat and thump. A long list of satisfied customers is another reason I am so happy.

There’s one problem with this kind of popularity. These units are flying off of the shelves. Do not be left with an inferior audio system.



  • You can rattle your neighbor’s windows easily.
  • It has the best quality sound. The music is clear and crisp.
  • Simple to install and has a high-quality bass


  • This sub should not be considered an upgraded head unit
  • Some cars have a lot of trunk space.

6. Kicker 10TC104 10″ 300W

Best Sound Quality Car Subwoofers

  • Power 50-150 Watts RMS power
  • Peak power 300w peak
  • Frequency response is between 30-500Hz
  • Truck-style portable subwoofer enclosure with one 10-foot comp
  • Preloaded subwoofer cone reinforced MICA injection-molded resin preloaded

If you are looking for something better than factory units…

For car manufacturers, the best sound isn’t a priority. They care more about safety and reducing costs. It’s no surprise that factory units sound terrible. It doesn’t matter if the factory units have Bose or any other high-end speakers.

To get the best sound quality, you will need an amplifier and a subwoofer.

I chose the Kicker 10TC104 10″ 300W to be the best-sounding subwoofer. Here’s where the Kicker New10TC104 10 comes into play.

You will need to upgrade your system if you want to enjoy your favorite music while you commute. A sub is the first thing you’ll need. You are getting a great deal with the Kicker New10TC104 10. It has a good sound quality. It is well worth the price. It’s punchy and can be felt.

This head unit is small but mighty and can match the big boys. Did you know it has 300 Watts of RMS power?

This little guy can easily take on the bigger ones. This little guy can take on factory stereos with ease. What are you waiting for?


  • It has a punchy bass and is very affordable
  • The ported box has excellent sound quality.
  • It has a lot to offer.


  • Some customers had to take out the plastic to make it fit.
  • It can be a pain to install, so you may want to consider investing in high-quality wires.

7. JBL GT-BassPro12 12” Car Audio Powered Subwoofer System

Best Subwoofer For Car Trunk

  • Power handling 150 Watts RMS power
  • Peak power: 450 watts peak
  • Frequency Response: 35-120Hz
  • Remote control at the bass level included
  • Subwoofer enclosure powered 12″
  • It is perfection, no wonder it has a 5-star rating…

The JBL 12′ series subwoofer has a major problem. You will need to replace your speakers if you have them. When you budget for the sub, make sure to account for this. I kid you not. Many customers stated that they want perfection, so they have upgraded.

It is one of the loudest subs I have ever tested. At this point, I am confident that my neighbors will hate me. The power of man is fantastic. I shouldn’t have popped Ice Cube. Why do we thugs wow at 6 AM on Sunday? It’s okay. They didn’t call me the cops.

This sub is not light. It is approximately 30 pounds in weight. It won’t move quickly. It stays put once it is in place.

It is loud, and you can hear it from a mile away. I have nothing to say except that this JBL GT BassPro12 is a true workhorse. It’s also straightforward to install. It’s easy to install. It doesn’t require you to run miles of wires, like other sub-systems.

You get a sub with an amp and enclosure. This is a great deal.

Every star of its 5-star rating is worth it.


  • It’s the perfect thing that earned it 5-stars all around.
  • It is a reliable workhorse with a loud bass response.
  • It is loud and powerful, with a strong boom and punch.


  • Neighbors will become haters.
  • Many people have upgraded their speakers after the installation to achieve perfection.

8. Kicker CompQ10 Q-Class 10-Inch Car Subwoofer

Best Car Subwoofers For Deep Bass

  • Power handling 700 Watts RMS power
  • Peak power 1400 Watts peak
  • Cast aluminum basket
  • Frequency Response: 24-100 Hz
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Beauty & functionality in one package…

I know, I know that some people are deep bass lovers. This is why I chose the Kicker CompQ10Q-Class for this category. This sub will allow you to enjoy big bass all day.

So far, I have tested with many different music genres. I have listened to different music genres such as rock, pop, and ’70s. I love the sound quality.

The build quality is outstanding. You will see many subs in this line of work. Sometimes, I have seen horrendous products. This made me wonder who would put this in their car. The Kicker CompQ10Q-Class is something else. They managed to marry the looks and functionality.

It has a solid bass and crisp sound, which is the best way to describe it.

The Kicker sub will be with you for the long term. The manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty. This is an exceptional offer in a world where one year is the norm.

This is why I chose the Kicker CompQ10Q-Class as my best car subwoofers.

Kicker 42CWQ104 700 Watt RMS...
42 Reviews


  • If you love rock and pop, the 70s, 80s, and even rock, this sub is for you.
  • This unit is sturdy and comes with a 3-year warranty
  • It is a great-looking car, with outstanding performance.


  • It suckers way more power than it should
  • It would have been great if it was a little cheaper.

9. Dual Electronics BP1204

Best competition subwoofer brands

  • Increased output capability
  • Digitally optimized subwoofers
  • Curved plexiglass viewing window
  • Sound MDF construction
  • 1-year warranty
  • Dimensions: 30” W X 14.4” D X 14.4”

Are you a fan of heavyweight bass? Do you prefer a lighter shoe? This is an excellent place to start.

A light show? This is what we will be discussing later.

This subwoofer is built to be tough and durable. It is made from medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and has a solid interior design. The cabinet’s internals is reinforced. The cabinet is protected by carpet material and features a sloping front fascia. It is a large size at 30x14x14 inches and weighs in at 58 pounds. It has a ported design cabinet.

The best car subwoofers are powerful and can deliver 600 watts RMs or 100 watts peak. Cones are made from brushed aluminum. These cones produce a powerful, precise bass sound. The crossover can be used to link up your car stereo system and allow you to create a variety of setups.

Keep cool…

The frequency response ranges from 30 Hz to 200 Hz. Twin 2.5″ voice coils provide a better sound performance. The ventilation system cools it down to ensure the highest performance.

We have already spoken of light shows. The enclosure is fitted with Plexiglas and has a curved front. This creates a view window. The interior is mirrored. Illuminate lighting emits a blue light that reflects off the cabinet’s interior. The aluminum cones of speakers reflect this light, creating a spectacular show that will shine into your car.

Are you looking for the best car subwoofer competition?

This could give you an advantage over your competitors. It is possible to argue that lighting is more important than sound in design. This could be true. Other systems will give a better sound with deeper bass. However, this subwoofer is different. It also comes at a very competitive price.

Dual Electronics BP1204 High...
1,194 Reviews


  • Light show and subwoofer all in one
  • The attractive style and good build quality.


  • Some people will be more attracted to the sound than to have lights.

10. Kenwood KSC-SW11 Compact Powered Enclosed Subwoofer

Best Car subwoofers

  • Power handling 75 Watts RMS power
  • Peak power 150w peak
  • Frequency Response: 35-125Hz
  • Compact powered subwoofer
  • Rubber and a steel basket surround
  • 8″ Subwoofer

It is the perfect partner for everyday driving…

I’ll be honest with you. It is not the most beautiful thing on the current market. It’s a good choice if you need something that will do the job and isn’t too expensive. Kenwood is the right choice.

The SW11 is a simple design that doesn’t require flashing lights or ceremony. It measures just 16.2 x 9.8 x 4.2 inches and weighs only ten pounds. It can fit under a car seat, in the trunk, or under a car’s back. It does not require an external amp and comes with remote control.

Guess what? You’re getting a remote controller for this sub. It’s not wireless. Yes, they do make wired controllers. You can adjust the sub from your car while driving. You can adjust the sub’s settings according to the music you are listening to. The enclosure is made of steel with a rubber surround.

This sub-Kenwood sub is beautiful. It is so subtle that you won’t even notice it’s there. It will not bother your passengers and provide the necessary bass boost.

There are many mounting options. It is easy to install. It’s almost as easy to install as it sounds.

It starts to distort when it is at high power. You can adjust the settings to make it work, but that’s no problem.

Some people believe that it isn’t a sub. It must look and sound like a Sub. You won’t feel any significant boom. It’s a great subwoofer, and the Kenwood KSC-SW11 is well worth every penny. The subwoofer produces a great bass response. The subwoofer is not loud but has a pleasant rumble.


  • It beats stock markets with ease.
  • Every day, you can listen to great music while driving
  • Excellent design that can be used anywhere


  • To eliminate distortions, it takes a lot of tweaking
  • It cannot go below 40Hz. Low frequencies are not questionable.

11. Rockville RWS10CA 10″

Best Car Subwoofers For Design

  • 1000 Watts Peak power output
  • 300w RMS CEA rated
  • 3D Molded Acrylic Dust Cap
  • High Power Strontium Magnet with Ultra Saturated High BL Motor Structure
  • Super MDF Slim Sealed Enclosures Design
  • 2″ High-Temperature Aluminum Voice Coil subwoofer
  • Black Texture Synthetic Leather Front Panel

Rockville, a New York-based audio company, produces sound equipment for cars and boats. The majority of their products are made in China.

Perhaps you don’t have enough car space for a sub, or you are tired of constantly taking out the woofer when you need more. The Rockville sub can solve this problem.

This is a sub-mount…

You can squeeze the item in almost anywhere. You can enjoy a full-body massage by simply putting it behind your car seat.

It’s tiny, but 10″ is plenty. It sounds like a giant boom box. This unit will shake off your rearview mirror with its built-in 300Ws RMS amplifier.

Rockville was able to balance the needs for bass and comfort. You will enjoy rich, punchy music inside the car. Outside, it won’t bother anyone to call the police.

The box contains all this in a neatly packaged package with an embossed logo. It is a ridiculously affordable price. It is not as if you need to empty your retirement savings.

Why it’s so important:

This little man packs a punch. It thumps the seats like a sub. The music will feel rich and alive when this bad boy kicks.

This is a great keeper: Who would have thought that good bass can be heard without disturbing the children in the back? Plus, it doesn’t overpower and cause a nuisance to neighbors.

Installation is easy: No rocket science diploma is required. You can do it in just 5 minutes.

There are a few things you need to be aware of:

Some people reported a solid initial smell. However, it will disappear after the break-in period.

Some people have reported that the unit stopped working after about 5-6 hours of continuous use. There is an easy fix: a cooling fan.

Many people mistakenly believe that the car has a big Boom Box. It is a 10″ shallow mount subwoofer. This woofer is a highly loved and well-reviewed one on Amazon, so it’s no surprise that they are challenging to keep in stock.

You will love the low profile, great price, and massive bass, but you need to move, or someone will grab the best subwoofer.

Rockville RWS10CA Slim 1000...
551 Reviews


  • You should thump the seats like a sub.
  • It’s not as if you’re dumping your retirement savings.
  • This is the best sub for fixing lows.


  • The initial burnt-off smell will persist, but it will eventually fade.
  • When the amp heats up, the subtends will cut out. Use a cooling fan.

12. JL Audio 10W6v3-D4 10″

Best Car Subwoofers for the Money

  • Power handling 200-600 Watts RMS power
  • Peak power 1200 Watts peak
  • Frequency Response: 22-200Hz
  • Mineral-filled polypropylene cone with rubber surround
  • Satin Black cast-alloy basket
  • Subwoofer 10″
  • It makes your commute more enjoyable…

Do you commute to work? It is a great idea to entertain yourself with great music. This is precisely what the JL J6v3-D4 10″ delivers.

I made a wager with a friend. He won a Sony sub, and I got the JL Audio. It was not a contest. Sony was easily humiliated by the JL.

When a model is more expensive, the critics will always be there. The JL sub is the same. Although it is more expensive than some of its competitors, it is so well worth it. Take a look at the craftsmanship. It is a 10″ sub. It produces a clear sound with no distortion. Is it worth the price?

Yes. The JL sub could be considered to be one of the best car subwoofers. People often complain about how heavy it is. That’s a fact I don’t dispute. This is a sign that they used high-quality materials. It is no wonder that the car audio quality has been so high.

Although it may not win the award, this JL subwoofer might be the best on the market. Rubber surround ensures that the bass is clear and powerful.

I was able to feel the difference once I had it installed. It was like all my favorite songs were brand new. It was so interesting. That note is something I’ve never heard before.


  • You’ll feel like all your favorite songs are brand new
  • The bass is full and enjoyable.
  • It brightens your commute every day


  • This baby is hefty
  • Because it is not inexpensive, you need to have a budget.

Car Subwoofer Buying Guide

Car Subwoofer Buying Guide

There are some things you need to know in order to find exactly what you really want.

What is a subwoofer?

A subwoofer speaker is one that is specifically designed to produce low-frequency sounds. A subwoofer is composed of one to two woofers. These are speakers that produce a lower frequency range. Subwoofers can be found in many audio configurations including desktop speakers, home cinemas, and home studio speaker sets. They are also used for concerts, festivals, or raves.

It is easy to see the difference between systems that include or exclude a sub. It makes the sound more balanced and the low-end is properly represented, which adds depth to the music. The sound can seem dull, lifeless, and lacking an essential feature.

They can withstand low frequencies’ Sound Pressure Levels (SPL). They were designed to be smaller than regular speakers and produce a narrow frequency range. This reduces the risk of them being over-stretched which could result in lower quality output.

These subwoofers move large amounts of air and require high power. It is easy to produce high-volume bass with limited bandwidth. Many cheap subwoofers can do this. It is more difficult to achieve studio-quality sound quality. This requires stronger amplification and a larger bass driver or several smaller ones.

Although subwoofers work in the same way, their specifications and styles are different. Sometimes it can be hard to discern the pros and cons.

Passive and active

Subwoofers can’t produce sound by themselves, so an amplifier (amp), is required to power the speaker. Passive subwoofers require an external amplifier. Active subwoofers come with an amp built-in. Passive subwoofers are more customizable than active subwoofers. You can mix and match high-quality subs with high-quality amps.

Matching Power

Ratings for power handling of car audio equipment are often indicated by Root Mean Square (RMS), wattage, and ohm. This is a unit that measures electrical resistance. RMS refers to the amount of power a speaker can sustain without sustaining damage. You can protect your sub by matching the RMS of your amp to the speakers.

Take this example as an example: If your amp has a power rating that is 350 watts RMS then you should look for speakers with the same RMS power. Manufacturers might also list RMS Power Rating, which indicates how much power a subwoofer system can handle in small increments.


The measure of impedance is the resistance a circuit has to electricity flowing through it. It is measured in ohm. Subwoofers are typically rated at a 4-ohm voice coil. However, there are also 8 ohm or 2-ohm voice coil options. Similar to RMS, subwoofers should be matched to the amp’s ohm impedance.

Voice Coils

A single voice coil subwoofer is the best choice for most people who are new to the world. They are easy to set up and provide a great bass sound. A dual voice-coil (DVC), subwoofer is more suitable for those with more experience or those who wish to fine-tune the entire system. This is the major difference between single and dual voice coils. Single voice coils can be a little more expensive than dual voice coils. The latter one offers more options, however.

Sound Pressure Level

The sound pressure level is the power required for a subwoofer to produce a volume. A subwoofer will need less power if its SPL is higher than it is. A subwoofer with a lower SPL will need more power to produce louder sounds.

Size of the Speaker

There are many sizes of subwoofer speakers. They can be found in various sizes. Because larger speakers offer better sound quality and a wider dynamic range, they also have better sound quality.

You can also hear the bass in your favorite song through bigger speakers. The happy medium for most vehicles is between 8.0 and 12.0 inches. However, 15.0-inch speakers are not uncommon.

You have to weigh space and sound quality when buying a car. An 8.0-inch subwoofer or 10.0-inch subwoofer can make your car’s sound system more powerful. A sub-woofer of 12.0-inch or 15.00 inches is the best option if you want cars around you to hear the bass sound you make while you blast the Top 40. Make sure that you have enough space in your car for the sub.

Frequency range

It is always a good idea to have a wider frequency range. It shows the quality and potential of both the tops and bottoms of the frequency range. It should have a wider range to produce both the top and bottom bass sounds.

This is just a small part of the overall picture. Sound quality will also depend on the design and efficiency of your cabinet.

Speaker enclosure

Many of the criteria that we have been discussing are common across all car speakers. Here’s an unusual measure for subwoofers: Enclosure Specifics. This is not an issue for car speakers. You can mount a speaker on the door or bracket of your car. An enclosure must be made for a subwoofer. You can find pre-made enclosures all over the internet, or you could build your own to fit the contours of your car. However, you will need to match your enclosure specifications to the manufacturer’s recommended specs.

There are two types of speaker enclosures. Typically, the manufacturer will recommend specifications for each: Ported Enclosures or Sealed Enclosures. These boxes can be used to produce a clear and precise bass without causing distortion.

When it comes to bass definition, the sealed box enclosure is the best. If you are looking for a loud, booming bass, a sealed enclosure is probably not the best choice for you. A ported enclosure is designed to transmit sound through a hole in the enclosure. These enclosures are great for outdoor settings and offer a louder but less defined bass.

Different enclosures produce different levels of bass reproduction. It is important to choose the right one if you want your car’s sound system to be yours.


You will need to make your car space and connect your subwoofer with your car’s sound system. To receive power, a sub must be connected to the car battery. Wiring it through the fuse box could amplify engine noise.

You must hide wires and route them under the trim to connect the amp to your car’s audio system. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to secure your amp/subwoofer within the vehicle. Without proper precautions, loose parts could cause damage, disconnection, or even shift around the vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions


How powerful should a car subwoofer be?

If you have a craving for playing your music loud, then you need powerful subwoofer speakers and a powerful amp. A good target rating would be anywhere from 75 to 300 watts.

Read more:

How is the subwoofer size measured?

The diameter of the cone used to measure subwoofer size is usually used. A 12″ subwoofer would have a cone with a diameter of 12 inches.

Which size subwoofer produces the deepest bass?

15 inches Subwoofers provide the best bass and power due to their large size. However, they lack the responsiveness and power of smaller subs. These subs can take up a lot of cargo or passenger space, which is why they are often used in large trucks and SUVs.

Which are the best car subwoofer brands?

This page lists the top subwoofer brands. You will be happy if you choose from Rockford, JL Audio, Rockville. There’s also MTX and Polk audio, but they didn’t make it. MTX audio terminator and Orion HCCA122 are all good runners-up. Polk Audio is the best car audio component subwoofer, but I have yet to give them a spot.

Should I upgrade my car stereo speakers?

You should consider upgrading your car’s stereo speakers if you want to give your vehicle some sparkle and shine. These speakers will provide a high-quality listening experience and be loud enough for you to enjoy it on long drives or in traffic jams.

Which subwoofer is best for cars?

There is no best brand of a subwoofer. It all depends on your needs. Rockford Fosgate is a popular choice. They are durable and provide powerful bass. JL Audio is a top-rated brand because of its amazing sound quality and bass. Kicker subwoofers can also be a great option. They have a high sound quality and are affordable.

If I am looking for the best car subwoofers, should I consider BOSS?

Boss car subwoofers can be quite good, but they aren’t the best subwoofers on the market.

What is the most important thing you should consider when designing your car’s audio system?

The first thing to look at when you are looking into a car stereo system is the watts RMS. An insufficient power range will result in a weak audio signal. Next, consider the frequency ranges. Next, consider the bass control and quality (bass effect). All of these factors should be taken into consideration when looking for car audio systems. Customer service is available if you need it.

What is dynamic motor analysis?

JL Audio has patented dynamic motor analysis. This technology helps to cancel out background noises and produces great music sound.


The information above is all of the best car subwoofer reviews in the market. Hopefully, this article can help you choose the most wonderful one that fits your needs.

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