What is Summit1g Net Worth In 2023: Wiki, Age, Esports, Twitch, Wife, And More

What is Summit1g Net Worth In 2023 Wiki, Age, Esports, Twitch, Wife, And More

Hey there, gaming enthusiasts! If you’re a fan of the Twitch streaming world, then you’ve probably heard of Summit1g. This guy has taken the gaming community by storm with his charismatic personality and incredible skills.

But have you ever wondered just how much this gaming sensation is worth?

Well, you’re in luck! In this article, Hookeaudio will dive into the world of Summit1g net worth and uncover the secrets behind his financial success.

From his early days as a professional CS:GO player to his Twitch stardom, we’ll examine his various income streams.

So, grab your energy drinks and get ready to delve into the world of Summit1g’s net worth!

What is Summit1g’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023

What is Summit1g’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

Full Name:Jaryd Lazar
Popular Name:Summit1G
Birth Date:April 27, 1987
Age:36 (as of 2023)
Parents:Not specified
Siblings:Has a younger brother who also streams on Twitch
Birth Place:Orange County, California, US
Marital Status:Divorced, currently dating
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Wife/Spouse:Was married to Desirae (divorced in 2016)
Dating:Currently dating Caroline, known as ‘LilChiipmunk,’ also a Twitch streamer
Net Worth:Estimated to be between $8 million and $15 million as of 2023
Source of Wealth:Income from Twitch subscribers, YouTube channel, merchandise, sponsorship and gaming deals, donations, ad revenue
Height:Approximately 5 ft 6 inches (168 cm)
Weight:Approximately 70 kg

Summit1g, whose real name is Jaryd Lazar, is a renowned Twitch streamer from the United States.

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He has been actively streaming since 2013 and has amassed a significant following. As of 2023, Summit1g’s net worth is between $8 million to $15 million.

His income is derived from various sources. Primarily, he earns from his Twitch subscriptions, ad revenue, and brand deals.

According to Twitch Tracker, Summit1g earns between $36,000 and $80,000 monthly from Twitch subscriptions alone.

He also makes a lot of money from his YouTube account. Based on estimates, he makes between $3,900 and $62,000 a year from this site.

Summit1g’s Overview: Why is Summit1g Famous?

Summit1g's Overview Why is Summit1g Famous

Early Life

Jaryd Russell Lazar, widely recognized by his online alias Summit1g, was born on April 23, 1987, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Raised in a military family, Lazar’s early life was deeply rooted in discipline and structure. After completing high school, he followed in his family’s footsteps and joined the United States Air Force.

However, his military career was cut short due to a knee injury that led to his medical discharge in 2012. Before his rise to fame as a Twitch streamer and esports personality, Lazar worked as a call representative for Time Warner Cable.


Lazar made a name for himself as a professional esports player by playing the famous video game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This game is part of a series called Counter-Strike and involves tactical shooting in a virtual world.

Lazar started his professional career in 2012 when he joined a team called Exertus. After that, he played for two more teams called A51 and Continuum.

Twitch and Youtube

Summit1g’s Twitch career took off when he started streaming CS:GO and WarZ. He quickly became one of the most well-known faces in the online gaming community. Because of how interesting his posts are and how good he is at games, he has many fans on social media sites.

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As of May 2023, he has streamed for over 22,317 hours, averaging about 21.7K viewers per stream, with a peak viewership of over 310.9K.

His popularity went through the roof in 2017 when he had more Twitch fans than Tom Syndicate Cassell. By 2018, his channel was the most-followed on the site, even more than Riot Games.

In addition to Twitch, Summit1g also runs a successful YouTube channel, where he posts high-quality highlights and compilations. According to SocialBlade, he earns between $7.4K – $119.1K annually from YouTube alone.

Awards and Honors

Summit1g Awards and Honors

As of December 2021, he had over 6 million Twitch followers and was ranked its 17th most popular streamer. In 2023, he was invited by One Championship to stream their very first MMA event held in the USA.

Summit1g has been nominated for a number of awards throughout his career. In 2022, he was nominated for the Legacy Award; in 2023, he was nominated for Best FPS Streamer.


Despite his success, Summit1g’s career has been subject to controversy. In May 2018, he faced criticism for streaming gameplay with YouTuber Jake Paul due to Paul’s recent controversial behavior.

In April 2020, his comments about Valorant’s closed beta made news. He said other streamers had used Twitch’s Drops system to get keys to the game. However, he later apologized on Twitter.

Personal Life

Summit1g was previously married to Desirae, but they separated around 2017. Since 2015, he has been in a relationship with Caroline, also known as Lilchiipmunk, a fellow Twitch streamer.

Caroline was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on November 28, 1993. She is of Romanian and Vietnamese descent and can speak both English and Hebrew. The couple likes to keep their relationship private, but they occasionally share photos of each other on social media.

FAQs about Summit1g

FAQs about Summit1g

How much does Summit1G make a year?

Summit1g’s annual earnings are estimated to be around $1.5M. His annual earnings from YouTube is estimated to be around $3900 – $62,000. He generates revenue from his Twitch subs, YouTube channel, and other sponsorship deals.

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How much does Summit1g make a stream?

In total, Summit1G has the potential to earn almost $100,000 per month from his Twitch channel alone. This amount may vary depending on his number of paid Twitch subs, donations received, and views obtained.

Who is the richest Twitch streamer?

Felix Kjellberg, or PewDiePie, is the richest Twitch streamer with a $40 million net worth. Ironically, he did not start streaming on Twitch. Instead, he became famous and wealthy by posting YouTube content for over a decade.

What is Shroud net worth?

Canadian YouTuber and eSports player Shroud (real name: Michael Grzesiek) has a $20 million fortune. He shot to fame in battle royale and first-person shooter titles like Apex Legends, Escape from Tarkov, and Valorant.

What is Dr Disrespect net worth?

Herschel Guy Beahm IV, who is known as Dr. Disrespect, is a well-known internet personality and a former level creator. Dr. Disrespect became very famous through live streaming on sites like Twitch. He was known for his famous mullet, sunglasses, and fierce personality. Dr Disrespect’s net worth was estimated to be around $6 million.


In conclusion, Summit1g’s net worth is a testament to the immense success he has achieved in the gaming and streaming world. From his beginnings as a professional gamer to his success as a Twitch streamer, Summit1g has amassed a significant fortune.

With his engaging personality and exceptional gaming skills, he has captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. As he keeps entertaining and inspiring his fans, we can only expect his net worth to keep growing. So, here’s to Summit1g, the gaming legend who has turned his passion into a prosperous empire!

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