SVS Subwoofer Review 2022: Best Choice For You

Svs Subwoofer Review 2022: Best Choice For You

In the hunt for a new subwoofer, there are many options from which to choose. The Svs Subwoofer is an efficient model that delivers a sound-quality as promised. Its rear mounting bar is movable, allowing it to be set up vertically or horizontally. If you’re looking for a subwoofer that will deliver a high-quality bass without being bulky or taking up unnecessary space, this model is a great option.

Keep reading this SVS Subwoofer review, Hooke Audio will provide you with full of information about this product brand.

SVS Subwoofer Review

Svs Subwoofer

Design Goals All SVS Subwoofers Share

When the SVS team planned for their future products in 2011, they made a list with five attributes any subwoofer could provide. Audio Advice believes that multiple subs are essential to any music or home theater system. Without reproducing the low octaves and special effects with great accuracy and power, a system cannot be complete. If you can achieve all these design goals, then you have a great subwoofer.

Our Audio Advice comments are in italics and the SVS principals in bold.

Have an excellent low-frequency extension. To do a good job, it must be capable of reaching the lowest frequencies.
It is difficult to produce these frequencies at high sound pressure levels. This requires a subwoofer driver and amplifier, as well as an excellent cabinet design. You’ll be able to smile when you do it right!

Be exact in describing frequencies that are produced and those not produced. This is easy with attribute 1, but it’s difficult to achieve and hit attribute 2. Your sub design cannot have any boom – it must be pure bass.

Control the transients and stop or start reproducing bass depending on the program content. This attribute is a favorite. This is what separates great subs from average ones. Real-life music has no overhang and is very fast. This one is easy with 1, 3, and 2. SVS deserves a big hat for this feat.

Mix seamlessly with full-range speakers. This is the goal of all outstanding subs, to fill in that last bottom octave without ever having you feel like a subwoofer is there calling attention to itself.

Bass drivers with high-excursion

SVS subs are equipped with a bass driver that can move a lot. SVS’s voice coils are more expansive than what you would typically see. This allows them to travel great distances while remaining linear. The 8-inch diameter voice coil on the top-of-the-line model is the largest that we have ever seen on a residential Subwoofer.

They can move fast and far, which allows them to reach deep into the ground and produce high sound pressure levels. They can also move quickly and start and stop, which increases their ability to reproduce bass accurately with minimal overhang.

Powerful Subwoofer Amplifiers

It takes a lot of power to move these massive drivers quickly and accurately. Each SVS subwoofer comes with a Class D amplifier larger than what you might expect for the price. The entry-level 1000 Pro Series, priced at $499, comes with a power amplifier capable of producing 325 W continuous power and 800 W peak power. This is quite impressive!

Cabinets with solid well-braced doors

A subwoofer’s bass must be accurate, so the cabinet must be solid and sturdy. The entry-level model weighs in at 26 pounds, while the top-of-the-line is 175 pounds. This shows that SVS has put a lot of engineering into its cabinet designs.

Advanced DSP Controls

It is great to adjust the output of your subwoofer to match your room’s acoustic characteristics. The 1000 Pro series includes controls on the back of the subwoofer, as well as a variable phase control that allows for a better match to your main speakers. This is an excellent value at this price point. The 1000 Pro series includes a great app that connects with the sub through Bluetooth for advanced tuning control.

Three presets are available for different listening settings (e.g., rocking out or not waking your baby). Low pass filter adjustments, volume, and phase, polarity, as well as a three-position fully variable parametric eq and room gain compensation are all available. Port tuning is also available for ported models. It recognizes which subwoofer you have and will show you all the tuning options available. This makes it extremely easy to use.

These are so easy to adjust from your listening position, which we love. You can change the room gain to reduce the sub’s output if you feel it overloads your space.

Industry Best Warranty

Subwoofers typically come with a 5-year warranty for the driver and a 1- or 2-year warranty for the power amp. SVS subs come with a 5-year warranty on all components, which is quite impressive.

Let’s now take a look at 5 model options available in the SVS range. For more $100, you can also choose piano gloss black or white.

SVS Subwoofer Models

SVS Subwoofer Models

We will see that each series contains at least two models as we go through them. In the SVS lineup, you will find ported and sealed subwoofers. This is the most critical decision you need to make. The sealed enclosure model will give you a more robust and natural bass response. This will appeal to those who value sound quality and not quantity. Ported cabinets can play louder. Ported cabinets can be found in more extensive series and are therefore more expensive than sealed versions.

You’ll notice that the price difference between the sealed and ported models is almost the same. It all comes down to matching your subwoofer to your main speaker and setting the sound pressure level in your room. While the sealed models produce more output, the larger ported models reproduce the complete sound moving by in all its crumbling glory.

It can be challenging to match the suitable model for your system with so many models available. We recommend that you speak with our experts to determine the best option for your situation.

1000 Pro Series Subwoofers

We have two models. Both the sealed and ported versions have been upgraded to the all-new 12-inch long-throw driver. It features a tuned overhung motor with high precision. Both models were also updated to the SVS Sledge 325-watt Class D amplifier, which can output 820 watts at peak.

There is a significant physical difference between the sealed and ported versions of SVS. The sealed SB1000 Pro cabinet is only 13 inches in diameter. The ported Pro cabinet is much larger at approximately 19 inches in depth, 15 inches in height, and 15 inches wide.

Both models can be used with the SVS Subwoofer App, which is a great bonus. SVS’s smartphone app allows you to connect to the subwoofer over Bluetooth to fine-tune it from your favorite chair. These subs are of great value at a starting price of $499 to $599.

You can use the SVS Subwoofer App to:

You can control the volume.

Advanced settings include crossover frequencies, a 3-band parametric EQ, and polarity. You can also adjust room gain, contradiction, and other parameters.

You can access multiple DSP functions, save custom tuning profiles, and create optimized music, movies, and gaming presets.
Small to medium-sized music and home theater spaces will benefit from two SB-1000 Pros. Dual subwoofers are always better than one. Your bass response will be more consistent even in larger listening areas.

SVS offers the SB-1000 Pro with three finishes. You can choose from black ash or gloss white.

The ported PB-1000 Pro version is an excellent choice for large rooms that require a higher level of low-frequency output. It has unerring control and accuracy under 20Hz.

2000 Pro Series Subwoofers

The Pro 2000 series SB2000 model might seem almost twice the price of the SB-1000 at first glance. Both appear to be housed in the same cabinet, with a 12″ woofer. You’ll only be able to see the difference between these two series when you dive deeper!

SVS created a unique 12″ woofer specifically for the Pro2000 series. We won’t go into the technical details of the differences here as it would take nearly 1000 words to do so. However, suffice to say that the only thing they have in common is their 12″ diameter. Voice coils, magnet structure and basket, cone, wire, and wiring are all different. The result is a woofer with more energy and speed, delivering more bass than the 1000 series.

The Pro 2000 series includes three models: the SB-2000 Pro, which is then a sealed model, and the PB-2000 Pro, which is the ported cylinder-shaped version. You should know that SB stands for sealed box and PB stands for the ported box.

The Sledge 550-watt power amplifier can generate 1500 watts at peak power. All three models have it. You get more energy, but the amplifier’s output stage has a higher power level and uses 25 Amp 600 Volt MOSFETs to produce the massive power output. SVS developed this trickle-down technology for their 16-inch top-of-the-line models.

Digital signal processing gets an upgrade with the addition of high-resolution Analog Devices Audio DSP at 50Mhz. This DSP features double precision 56bit filtering to improve audio quality.

The SB-2000 Pro measures approximately 15 inches in diameter and weighs close to 50 pounds. The SB-2000 Pro is available in black ash and glosses black for $100 more. The SB-2000 Pro is likely to be the most popular subwoofer for many systems. It costs less than $1000 and can deliver bass as low as 17 Hz. At 30 Hz, it can also produce up to 121dB sound pressure. You don’t realize how loud it is. This is the SPL level of an Airbus 747 when it takes off. Two of these can fill an ample space with powerful and fast bass.

What if you need even more bass? The PB-2000 Pro features two large ports. It is housed in a cabinet that is 64 pounds. It is nearly two feet high, 20 inches wide, and 19 inches deep. The PB-2000 Pro can produce as low as 16 Hz and a staggering 128.3dB at 30Hz. This subwoofer is for those who enjoy feeling your legs move a bit during special effects. Although it costs $100 more than the SB-2000 Pro and is only available in black ash, this subwoofer can move air in small to medium-sized rooms.

SVS has the PC-2000 Pro, a cylinder-version of the PB-2000 Pro for those who desire the ported sound without sacrificing its depth or width. It measures approximately 17 inches wide by 34 inches tall and has a black glass top. While the PB-2000 Pro is $50 more expensive than the PC-2000 Pro, it also comes with the Subwoofer Isolation System. This is a $50 value. These isolation pucks can be used under any subwoofer brand.

App control features are also available in the 2000 Pro series. You can adjust the output, phase, low-pass, and frequency of each, as well as listening, presets, and parametric eq. Also, you can set variable low pass slopes at 6dB/12dB, 18dB, 24dB, and 24dB/octave, which are great for subwoofer blending in 2 channel audio applications. You can also use the plugs provided by the PC 2000 Pro and PB to adjust the output of the ports. The app allows you to change the subwoofer’s work depending on how many you have plugged in.

The SB-2000 Pro is our favorite model in the series. It offers excellent value and a lot of performance.

Subwoofers 3000 Series

You have three options in this series: a sealed or ported model and a micro-sized model. SVS took the best parts of the 2000 Pro driver and added some more. It’s a 13-inch excursion woofer. The first driver to use a flat edge voice coil, which lowers weight and increases driver efficiency.

You will see significant price increases for the 3000 series, which allows you to upgrade to a ported version with more output. Even the sealed can produce bass to 18 Hz and output almost 127dB at 30Hz. That is quite remarkable.

The SB-3000 has a 13″ woofer. However, SVS kept it small as the cabinet is essentially a 15-inch cube. It weighs 54 pounds and comes with a high-performance driver of 13 inches and a solid cabinet that is well braced.

The price of the higher-output model starts to rise significantly at the 3000 level. Due to its larger cabinet, the PB-3000 costs $400 more than that of the SB-3000. This subwoofer measures 22 inches high, 18 inches wide, and 26 inches deep. This model is 84 pounds, and we recommend that you have two people to move it.

The PB-3000 can be set down to 16 Hz and up to 133 dB SPL at 30 Hz. The PB-3000 can provide 800 watts RMS continuous power and 2,500 peak power. If you don’t have a lot of neighbors, this kind of power and deep bass isn’t something you want in your apartment.

SVS 3000 Micro sub

The 3000 series’ newest addition is the SVS3000 Micro sub. This new product category is just below $800. We think that SVS has redefined what it is possible to do in the “micro” category. The subwoofer is compact, delivering deep, musical, and chest-thumping bass from an 11-inch cabinet. Two 8-inch, fully-active, high-excursion woofers tuned by SVS for the 3000 Micro are mounted opposite sides to the sealed cabinet.

The 3000 Micro subwoofer is the first-ever product category of SVS. It boasts several impressive features and technology. SVS used the Sledge STA800D2 power amplifier. This 800-watt Class D amplifier can output 2,500+ watts at peak.

The subwoofer will produce a powerful low-end, which will drop to 23 Hz. You might consider purchasing a Micro subwoofer if you need a compact subwoofer to fit into a small space, such as a work-from-home setup, music system, or home theater room.

App control works like the 2000 Pro series, with many things that you can adjust from your chair. The 2000 series also offers a variety of finish options. For $100 more, the sealed model can be ordered in gloss black or black ash. The PB-3000 is available in black ash only.

We like the sealed model as well. It’s fast and precise, making it an excellent choice for music and home theater.

4000 Series Subwoofers

We are now able to offer massive subwoofers with the 4000 series. All three models incorporate much of the trickle-down technology from the legendary SVS 16 Ultra series.

They all use a 13 1/2 inch woofer with edge-wound voice coils. The entire woofer assembly is heavier than many subs available.

The power output of the 4000 series increases to 1200 watts continuous power and 4000-watt power. It features the same high-end MOSFET design that the 2000 and 3000 models, but with more guts.

SVS is a complete power control feature that can be added to 4000 models. Active Power Factor correction, which they call circuitry, does line conditioning, surge suppression, and voltage regulation. This allows the amp to reach its maximum power potential, even when there are some power swings. To prevent ground loops, they also included a ground isolation circuit.

AC power is also a concern. The 4000 series can draw up to 1200 W from the wall. We recommend that you have a dedicated circuit for them if you are able.

The models have balanced inputs, outputs, and RCA connections. All three models will also include a heads-up display to let you know which mode it is in.

The sealed SB-4000 weighs in at 102 lbs in a box measuring 18 by 18 by 21 inches deep. The ported version, like the 3000 series, costs $400 more. In the 4000 models, the ported model is available in gloss black or black ash for $100—the PB-4000 measures almost 2′ high, 20′ wide, and 30″ deep. If you are interested in one, you need to plan your space. It weighs in at 157 pounds.

The PC-4000 has the same sonic output as the PB-4000. However, it is much smaller than the PB-4000 in terms of its overall footprint. The PC-4000, like the PC-2000, comes with the SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System.

Port tuning is an option for both the PB and PC models. To fine-tune your sub, you can plug in 1, 2, or all three ports.

The specs of all three models are impressive. The sealed, portable can cylinders have a 3 dB drop point of 19 Hz, 13, and 15 Hz. At 30 Hz, the output is impressive at 126.8, 134.5, and 131.1 decibels. These are incredible levels of volume!

Any of these models can be used in a serious home theater, where the bass is essential. Why not get two? You’ll Save $200 on a pair.

16 Ultra Series Subwoofers

You have probably reached this point and are looking for the best subwoofer(s). These have a 16″ woofer with an 8″ flat-round voice coil. This is mind-blowing to see in person.

These amps can draw 1500 watts from the wall at full speed so that you will need a dedicated circuit. The powerful MOSFET amp can produce 1500 watts continuous power and 5000 watts at peak to satisfy the loudest thunderclaps.

Both models have the same features as the 4000 series but with a heads-up display and complete app control. There is no additional charge for either a gloss black or black oak finish.

These are massive! The Ultra is approximately 20 inches in diameter and weighs 122 lbs. It is easy to install in most home theaters. However, you will need moving assistance. Another story is the PB16 Super. It is more like a small refrigerator. It can hold 174 pounds of subwoofer solid in a box measuring 25 inches high, 22 inches wide, and 31 inches deep.

Both are very impressive specs, with the SB reaching 16 Hz while the PB at 13 Hz. The SB produces just 130 dB at 30Hz, while the PB can generate almost 137dB. This is well above the threshold of pain!

These subwoofers are rated by over 20 reviews from all around the globe as the best. It’s easy to see how many home theater enthusiasts own them. The SB16 Ultra was awarded the Stereophile Magazine Class A recommendation in the powered subwoofer category. SVS products are the most reviewed subwoofer brands on the planet, according to research.

It is hard to believe that SVS can make these subwoofer drivers and MOSFET amplifiers for their price. You can get two top-rated SB16 Ultras at a fraction of the cost of mid-level subwoofers from other manufacturers. According to SVS, most people who switch to the 16 Ultra series end up buying two. This is a brilliant idea, as it will smoothen the room’s response.

The SB16 Ultra will give you bass that you have never experienced, with pinpoint accuracy and super-fast response. The SB16 Ultra is an excellent choice for music and reference home theater systems. The PB16 Ultra, on the other side, is a perfect choice if you need a sub that can reach down to an infrasonic level. We have an even more crazy option if you have a large home theater and a processor that can do crossovers like a Datasat, Trinov, or Trinov. Two SB16 Ultras could be used to reduce the frequency to 20 Hz, and then a couple of PB16 Ultras could kick in to provide infrasonic frequencies for special effects.


After reading our review, you can see that the Svs subwoofer is the most outstanding model available on the market. If you are interested in music and want to enjoy the deepest bass, don’t pass the perfect option.

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