Tiesto Headphone Review 2021: Is It For You?

Tiesto Headphone Review 2021: Is It For You

If you are looking for a durable, high-quality pair of headphones that will deliver the best sound quality possible, then this is the article for you. Many brands out there offer great products, but AKG K167 Tiesto Headphones are among the best in their class.

The design stands out, and they come with tangle-free cables, which can be handy when traveling or storing them away. They also have an adjustable headband to fit every size head and ear pads made from velour, making these headphones very comfortable to wear. If you are considering investing in this device, then this is a great place for you, in this Tiesto Headphone Review, Hooke Audio will show you all details of this device.

Tiesto Headphone Review: AKG K167 Tiesto Headphones

AKG K167 Tiesto Headphones review

  • Type: over the ear
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Weight Length (ounces): 10.2
  • Design: Closed-back / around-ear
  • Color: black / silver
  • Coiled cable Frequency range: 1.2 – 5.5 m (3.9 – 18.0 ft)
  • Broad Frequency range: 15Hz-23kHz
  • Sensitivity: 112 dBspl/V
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Max. input power: 2,000 mW
  • Main connection: gold plated 3.5mm jack
  • Adapter: gold-plated 6.3mm adapter
  • Folding mechanism: 3D-axis Folding

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent audio
  • Comfy
  • swivelly cups
  • Minimalist design
  • Good build quality


  • Not very robust
  • No carry case

If you are a very active person, AKG K167 Tiesto Headphones are an excellent choice because of their design. Akg K167 can be folded, making them very easy to carry in your backpack without occupying too much space.

These headsets offer an adjustable headband that allows for a snug fit whether you have a small or large head size, which is very important for comfort. More than 40 years of experience creating pro audio devices means that these headphones are durable, so you won’t have to worry about breakages or malfunctioning.

You can also get the optional Akg K167 TIESTO DJ headphone cables compatible with iPod and iPhone, which allow you to control your music without touching your device.

The impressive sound quality delivery is excellent because of their pro-grade speakers and tight, well-balanced bass. Factors that must be mentioned are noise canceling, good ambient noise isolation To deliver exceptional performance that can satisfy even demanding audiophiles.

The broad frequency range of the K167 DJ TIESTO headphones guarantees clear sound and optimal delivery of your performance

The price is a little bit high, but you will get your investment back because they are made to last for years to come. These headphones can be an excellent choice for casual and professional use, and in the end, that’s what matters.


AKG K167 Tiesto Headphones: Design

The design of these Akg K167 is excellent. It stands out from all other headphones on the market for its white and black color combination.

The over ear closed back design is meant to reject noise in a loud environment and provide a comfortable fit at the same time, maximum noise rejection 40mm Powerful Driver, for High SPL at Low Frequencies Low resonance 40 mm driver built to deliver higher sound pressure levels.

Even at very low frequencies Designed for maximum Durability XRP glass-fiber-reinforced polymer parts used for durability at a low weight 3D-Axis folding mechanism for flat storage and easy transportation Roadworthy design ensures reliable operation for many years General Headset type over ear closed-back Audio

The K167 TIESTO’s 40mm driver allows solid bass foundation and higher sound pressure levels, while its roadworthy design provides maximum reliability – for high comfort and maximum noise rejection

This product has a very long cord to use at their computer or laptop without any problems quickly. Even when working with such portable devices in bed (we all do that sometimes), you will be able to use these headphones for maximum comfort.

The earpads are very soft, even the cheapest headsets would have velour ear pads now, but these seem to be among the best in that category as well (so much I can say about them).

Unfortunately, the AKG Tiesto’s do not come with a case. This is probably because you wear them around your neck when you aren’t using them. The over ear cups can be swiveled to the front for travel. This gives the headphones a flat profile that makes them easy to slide into a bag.

AKG K167 Tiesto Headphones: Audio

AKG K167 Tiesto DJ Headphones provide the terrific sound possible, and you will never regret buying them. Listening to your favorite music on these headsets is just incredible, and the deep bass is very well produced, while the other sounds remain realistic and smooth.

DJ use and studio work The K167 DJ TIESTO is an over ear closed back design for high comfort and maximum noise rejection.

The cable that can be detached from the headset is also a plus; this way, you could use it with your phone or MP3 player. The downside to this great feature is that there are no volume controls on the detachable cables.

AKG K167 Tiesto Headphones: Durability

These headphones can easily last you a few years because they are made out of high-end materials. So if you need some for yourself or as a gift to someone special, look no further than this model!

The cord length is pretty good, though there’s plenty of slack and a generous helping of the coil, so you won’t get your cans tugged off your head. It will make you more comfortable during listening to music.

AKG K167 Tiesto Headphones: Comfort

Wearing these AKG K167 Tiesto DJ Headphones for prolonged periods is very comfortable. Earpads are a soft velour, and the headband is padded with a leather-like material. The headphones can be adjusted to fit any size and type.

AKG K167 Tiesto Headphones: Battery

Unfortunately, these have a mediocre battery life of only 8 hours after 2 hours of charging time. Still, this problem could be solved by having a backup pair of wired headphones because they come with a detachable cord.

Customer Feedbacks on AKG K167 Tiesto Headphones

“A Great Choice For All Headset Enthusiasts And Professionals, November 21, 2012, By Ken Uchida This review is from AKG K167 TIESTO DJ Pro Closed-Back Over-Ear Style Studio Headphones (Electronics). I am a professional recording and mastering engineer. I already owned the AKG K240, but my headset amplifier died. After an extensive search for high-end headphones, I purchased these babies, Durability AKG uses XRP glass-fibre reinforced polymer in the construction, making the Tiesto’s incredible light, but still durable.

They looked very cool with a closed-back design and stylish out of the box, which is one of the most important things to me in a pair of studio headphones (I would never use open-back cans near my monitors). I plugged them into my headphone amplifier model (included in the box) and played some reference material. They are designed for those who enjoy the terrific sound without compromising style.

KG K167 Tiësto Designed To Deliver Exceptional Performance Within the range of professional audio applications With their closed-back and dynamic design, the K167 TIESTO headphones deliver brilliance in sound.

The first thing that struck me was how smooth and accurate these headphones sounded, especially on the lower end. It reminded me of listening to speakers in a studio monitoring control room – very neutral with no coloration or boominess. Though with slightly smaller drivers and without the top models bass adjustment. It is a headphone with many pro features. AKG is the best possible sound reproduction, the best item for professional DJs.”

“I was very impressed with stunning design and impressive sound quality. I’m a professional DJ and needed something durable, comfortable, good performance, detachable cable & accurate features. They are all that and more! The live sound engineering. I also have the Legendary DJ detachable Cable, which enhances the audio even more. But the k267 tiësto over ear and dynamic design is more plastic and has a simpler shape than the KG K167 Tiësto . I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a similar set of great headphones. It is very worthy to purchase for music enthusiasts.”

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AKG K167 Tiesto Headphones are the best you can find on the market. With a very cool design and superior quality sound, they provide every user with the comfort and durability needed to enjoy them for years, It will be your breathtaking audio experience. We hope that our AKG k167 review can help you know, which you should invest in?

Video: AKG K167 with Roadworthy design

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