What is Troydan Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

What is Troydan Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

Troydan is a popular Canadian YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and gamer known for his entertaining NBA 2K videos. With over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and 400,000 followers on Twitch, Troydan has made a name for himself in the gaming community. In this article, we’ll look at Troydan net worth, career highlights, personal life, and recent news.

Quick Facts

Full NameDaniel Warren-Biers
Popular NameTroydan
Birth DateSeptember 15, 1987
ParentsNot Available
SiblingsNot Available
Birth PlaceToronto, Canada
EthnicityNot Available
EducationNot Available
Marital StatusNot Available
Sexual OrientationNot Available
Wife/SpouseNot Available
ChildrenNot Available
DatingNot Available
Net Worth$1.25 – $3 million (Estimated)
Source of WealthYouTube, Twitch, Endorsements, Merchandise Sales
HeightNot Available
WeightNot Available

What is Troydan’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

What is Troydan's Net Worth and Salary in 2023

Troydan’s net worth is estimated at around $3 million as of 2023. His main sources of income are YouTube ad revenue, brand sponsorships, Twitch subscriptions, and donations.

  • On YouTube, Troydan earns an estimated $522,110 per year just from ad revenue. With over 2 billion lifetime views, his NBA 2K videos generate significant income.
  • As a Twitch Partner since 2015, Troydan also earns revenue from subscriptions and donations. Top Twitch streamers can make anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000 monthly.
  • Sponsored content and brand deals are another income stream. As an influencer with millions of followers, Troydan can command 5-figure deals from brands.
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Overall, Troydan’s gaming empire across YouTube and Twitch makes him a multi-millionaire. His net worth is only expected to grow in the coming years as his audience expands.

Troydan Biography

Troydan Biography


Here are some key facts about Troydan:

  • Full Name: Daniel Warren-Biers
  • DOB: September 15, 1987
  • Age: 35 years old
  • Hometown: Toronto, Canada
  • Education: Graduated Ryerson University with a degree in Marketing

Troydan launched his YouTube channel in 2012, initially posting NBA 2K videos. His infectious enthusiasm and gaming skills quickly attracted viewers. Within a few years, he had over 1 million subscribers.

Other milestones:

  • 2015: Became a Twitch Partner
  • 2017: Won Streamy Award for Best Sports Channel
  • Signed with talent agency CAA
  • Featured in NYT, WSJ, Forbes
  • 2+ million YouTube subscribers, 400K+ Twitch followers

Today, Troydan collaborates with top gamers like FaZe Clan and MrBeast while working on new undisclosed projects.

Height and Weight

For those wondering about Troydan’s physical stats, he is:

  • Height: 6 feet (183 cm)
  • Weight: 180 pounds (82 kg)

His height gives him an advantage when playing basketball, while his weight is average for his frame. Troydan stays active as he’s frequently involved in IRL challenges and videos.

Early Life and Background

Daniel Warren-Biers was born on September 15, 1987 in Toronto, Canada. From a young age, he loved playing basketball and following the NBA.

He played basketball competitively through high school and college. After graduating from Ryerson University with a marketing degree, Troydan worked as a marketing manager.

However, his passion remained with gaming and the NBA. At 25, he decided to take a chance on YouTube and share his knowledge of NBA 2K with others. The risk paid off, propelling Troydan into internet fame.

Career and Awards

Here are some highlights of Troydan’s prolific gaming career so far:

  • 2012: Launched his YouTube channel posting NBA 2K videos
  • 2015: Became a Twitch Affiliate, allowing him to monetize livestreams
  • 2016: Hit 1 million YouTube subscribers while working full-time
  • 2017: Left his marketing job to pursue YouTube and Twitch full-time
  • 2017: Won Streamy Award for Best Sports Channel
  • 2019: Surpassed 2 million YouTube subscribers
  • 2020: Featured in Forbes 30 Under 30
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In just over 7 years, Troydan has become one of the most recognizable personalities in the sports gaming world. His YouTube channel paved the way, but now his Twitch channel is starting to take off as well.

Troydan’s skills, lively persona, and work ethic have allowed him to turn gaming into a full-time career. The Streamy Award in 2017 demonstrated his influence and success in the industry.

Personal Life

Unlike some internet celebrities, Troydan prefers to keep his personal life private for the most part. Here are a few key personal details:

  • He currently lives in Toronto, Canada but may relocate to the United States in the future.
  • Troydan is single and keeps his dating life out of the spotlight.
  • When not gaming, he enjoys playing basketball, working out, and hanging out with friends.
  • He has a dog named Kylo.
  • Troydan avoids drugs and alcohol so he can stay focused on his career.

Even with millions of subscribers, Troydan remains humble and dedicated to creating quality content. He interacts with fans but has boundaries to sustain a healthy work-life balance.

News and Recent Developments

In the past year, Troydan has expanded his collaborations and visibility within the gaming world. Some recent news includes:

  • Collaborations: Created videos with MrBeast, FaZe Clan members, JackSepticEye, and other top gamers.
  • Mainstream Features: Profiled by New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Forbes 30 Under 30.
  • Twitch Growth: His live streaming audience continues growing, with over 400,000 followers.
  • Upcoming Projects: Troydan has hinted about an undisclosed new project coming in 2022. Speculation ranges from merchandise to a mobile game.
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At just 35 years old, Troydan enters his prime as an influencer and content creator. He continues to entertain millions of viewers on YouTube and Twitch regularly. Exciting new projects in 2022 and beyond will likely grow his brand even more.

Social Media Accounts

While precise follower counts may vary, Troydan boasts a⁣ substantial presence on each⁤ platform, with millions of subscribers on ​YouTube and ⁤thousands of followers⁣ on ⁤his other social media accounts.

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FAQs about Troydan

FAQs about Troydan

What is Troydan’s real ⁢name?

Troydan’s real name is Daniel Warren-Biers.

How much⁢ is Troydan’s ‌net ⁢worth?

Troydan’s net worth is estimated to be around $3⁣ million.

What games does Troydan play on his YouTube channel?

Troydan primarily plays basketball simulation games, such as NBA 2K, on his YouTube⁣ channel.

Does Troydan⁣ have any​ siblings?

There is ‍no available information⁤ regarding Troydan’s siblings.


In the past decade, Troydan has become one of the most popular and skilled personalities in NBA 2K gaming content. His YouTube channel paved the way, but now he’s expanding into live streaming, collaborations, and new projects.

With a net worth approaching $3 million, Troydan has turned his gaming passion into a lucrative full-time career. While he came from humble beginnings, his skills and pleasant personality made him a force in the gaming world.

As Troydan branches out in 2022, his subscriber counts and net worth are poised to reach new heights. For millions of fans, Troydan represents the pinnacle of NBA 2K mastery and entertainment.

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