Best Tweeter Speakers For Cars 2024: Alpine, JBL, Polk Audio…

Best Tweeter Speakers For Cars Reviews 2024(Alpine, JBL, Polk Audio...)

Tweeter speakers are an excellent choice for car owners interested in improving the sound quality of their car audio. Many car manufacturers offer factory-installed tweeters, but some car owners prefer to install aftermarket tweeters to make the sound clearer, more present, and smoother. If you consider investing in this speaker, keep reading this article Hookeaudio will show you the Best Tweeter Speakers For Cars in 2024.

Top Rated Best Car Tweeters Brands in 2024

Top Rated Best Car Tweeters Brands in 2024

1. Alpine SPR-10TW

The Alpine SPR-10TW car tweeter speakers are also a 1-inch tweeter but were designed more for high-end audio systems and pickier listeners about the quality of sound. Alpine says you’ll get the most out of this product if your sound system has an external amplifier.

Silk speaker domes can handle nominal power anywhere between 5 and 150 watts, with 450 watts peak power capability, so the SPR-10TW car tweeter speakers are well suited to high-powered audio systems.

An adjustable crossover allows you to choose from four settings to tailor the output of these car tweeter speakers to the rest of your sound system.

Alpine also builds a physical E.Q. ring into the SPR-10TW to help disperse high-frequency audio throughout your car’s cabin so that you can properly enjoy the comprehensive 1,000-29,000 Hz frequency response.

Each car tweeter has 29 inches of car audio system wire attached. At the same time, the crossovers include 32-inch input and 12-inch output leads, giving you plenty of flexibility in terms of mounting locations for both pieces of hardware.

The kit also comes with all you’ll need for seamless mounting in any place: surface mount swivel cups and flush-mount housings and retention rings, stealth brackets, foam pads, and rings.

It even includes a few zip ties and some double-sided tape to help you keep the installation tidy. It is seen as the very best tweeter in the world.


  • Adjustable crossover
  • High power handling, crisp, clean, and loud high-frequency sound


  • Priced at the high end of the spectrum

2. JBL GTO 9 Series

Measuring just three-quarters of an inch in diameter, the JBL GTO 9 Series car tweeter is the smallest on our list. As a member of the G.T.O. car audio system family, the 9 Series boasts fiberglass reinforced plastic frames, fabric diaphragms, and rubber surrounds used in larger versions.

These semi-dome tweeters are rated for nominal power handling between 5 and 75 watts peak power, so they’re compatible with many factory audio systems and lower-end aftermarket setups.

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Maximum power handling is 135 watts peak power. J.B.L. says the G.T.O. 9 Series’ relatively low 3-ohm impedance makes this car dome tweeter well-suited to audio systems with light-gauge wiring. However, these units are compatible with the standard 4-ohm impedance ratings of stereo head units and amplifiers.

The maximum frequency response of 21 kHz is not as high as other car tweeters. Still, a 94 dB high sensitivity rating means you’ll hear these car tweeter systems loud volumes and clear even if your stereo isn’t especially powerful.

Oversized voice coils and vented magnets were designed for efficient cooling to maintain sound quality for long periods of high-volume listening. It is seen as one of the very best JBL car speakers in 2024.


  • The small size means they’ll fit almost anywhere in almost any vehicle, with bright, loud high-frequency sound, crisp sound.


  • Will not be suited to every budget, with less high-end frequency response than other car tweeters.

3. Polk Audio DB1001

Polk Audio’s DB1001 car tweeters are one of the Best car tweeters 2024, with many positive reviews that back up Polk’s reputation as a maker of high-end audio gear. These car tweeters earned the Editor’s Pick title for their excellent sound quality.

Rated for 6 to 60 watts nominal/R.M.S. power, the DB1001 car speakers can handle peaks of up to 180 watts. One-inch silk/polymer domes and neodymium magnets deliver frequencies between 4 and 23 kHz.

In-line crossover filters out lower-frequency sound better left to your sound system’s drivers and subwoofers. Polk Audio also includes built-in overload protection circuitry.

Every pair comes with stainless steel mounting hardware for both surfaces and flush mounting applications, 38-inch car audio system leads, and two 6-foot lengths of speaker wire, each with an in-line crossover.

The DB1001’s 1-inch mounting depth allows flush-mounting in a variety of vehicles. They’re also certified for marine use if you’re looking for high-quality tweeters for a boat.


  • Great overall sound quality, stays clear and crisp even at high volume levels, brings out subtle musical details


  • Complaints about a poorly written user manual, unclear instructions add unnecessary effort to the installation process

4. Kicker 43CST204

You can enjoy crystal clear music without having to lower the bass levels.

How? By installing Kicker’s 43CST204 3/4″ Titanium Dome tweeters, you make sure that the music’s sweetness is not eaten up by the heavy bass coming out of your subs.

Massive power from a small-sized tweeter: Let not the tweeter’s size make you underestimate its power. This 0.75″ dome tweeter has the potential to deliver up to 100 watts.

Such power handling capacity ensures that the vocals and instrumentals in your music are reproduced with sufficient power and that low frequencies do not diminish them even at the highest volumes.

Quality materials and quality sound: The Cs-series dome tweeter features a titanium frame that efficiently produces brighter and clearer sounds. The tweeter material is quite durable, so the dome tweeter will hold up well to the test of time while giving the best high frequencies.

Work well with your system even if it doesn’t have an amplifier: You don’t have to worry about installing an amp to use these car tweeter systems. They have an excellent sensitivity rating of 92dB, implying that the drivers can produce good sound using little power.

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A -6dB per octave external passive high-pass crossover is included: This ensures that the semi-dome tweeters get the correct frequencies for more accurate sound reproduction.

It is an addition to Kicker’s other efforts to enable the 43CST204 to deliver crystal clear highs without compromising the production of different frequencies. If you are looking for the best car speakers for bass, these car tweeters are exactly what you wish.


  • Best for crystal clear sound
  • Titanium construction and neodymium magnets
  • Provide great acoustic control
  • Durable build design


  • The crossover slope is -6dB instead of -12dB like most tweeters
  • No mesh to cover the tweeter domes

5. Kenwood KFC-ST01

Kenwood is a well-known name in both home and car audio, and like many brands, the company makes products to appeal to a wide variety of price points.

Case in point: the KFC-ST01 car tweeters are aimed at buyers seeking something that provides better sound quality than its accessible price might suggest.

These 1-inch tweeters are rated for 2 to 40 watts continuous power, and a peak of 160 watts, at 4 ohms of impedance. The frequency response range starts at a relatively high 5 kHz, and the 25 kHz top end is among the highest on this list.

Sensitivity is middle-of-the-pack at 90 dB, and some buyers wished for the extra volume that comes with sensitivity ratings near or better than 100.

To keep things simple, Kenwood designed the KFC-ST01 for surface-mount applications only, which means you can’t use these to replace flush-mount factory tweeters.

That said, if you’re buying these to augment a sound system that didn’t include tweeters, you won’t have to cut holes to install these Kenwood units.

These car tweeters come with 6 inches of wire attached to each speaker, and the kit also includes two 80-inch (nearly 7 feet) lengths of wire if your chosen mounting points are a remarkably long way from the head unit or amplifier. It is one of the Best tweeters for home Audio and car audio.


  • A substantial value for a good-sounding dome tweeter comes with nearly 8 feet of wiring for each speaker.
  • More natural sound
  • Good quality materials


  • A few buyers complained these tweeters aren’t loud enough; some other tweeters said the electrical connectors weren’t compatible with their vehicles’ wiring, can only be surface-mounted

6. BOSS Audio TW-30

The TW-30 car tweeters are a classic bullet dome super tweeter with high sensitivity and smooth and extended frequency response.

It is designed for excellent high-frequency action, evidenced by its 250w R.M.S. power rating per 4 pack. The tweeters deliver consistently strong highs with no distortion or shrillness.

Excellent efficiency: While most speakers currently on the market have a high sensitivity rating closer to 84dB, the TW-30 has a significantly higher rating of 100dB. New Boss Audio boasts of this rare efficiency because the tweeter only needs little energy to produce loud and strong highs.

Exceptionally dynamic bass response: The tweeters use strontium magnets with higher magnetic flux densities than other magnet types. These magnets enable the tweeters to reproduce dynamic bass sounds from a small voice coil.

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More prominent “sweet spot” to work with: The bullet dome tweeter shape radiates sound with a wide dispersion pattern. And because high-frequency sound waves are largely directional, a wider dispersion means you have a more prominent “sweet spot” to work with when setting up your system.

Smooth frequency response: 2.5kHz to 21kHz frequency response is suitable for most stereos. There is no reason to settle for low-quality tweeter systems while you can have a tweeter that combines high power handling, excellent high sensitivity, and smooth frequency response.


  • Very high efficiency
  • Wide dispersion pattern
  • Extended frequency response
  • Impressive power handling
  • Can work with both high-power and low-power systems
  • More natural sound


  • May heat up during lengthy high-power applications
  • May need expert installation

7. Pioneer TS-B350PRO

Pioneer always stands tall among competitors in the audio equipment world.

The TS-B350PRO car tweeters inevitably fell into our review basket, and we knew we’d find something peculiar in it.

This bullet car tweeter is among the most prominent tweeters you’ll come across, but there’s something beyond the size you’ll love: its high efficiency and high power handling.

Exceptional loudness and sound delivery: What else do you expect from a big tweeter pair with 200 watts R.M.S. rating? These tweeters will spice up your music with impressively powerful high ends. Be sure never to miss a clap, snap, guitar riff, or any other detail in your jams.

Greater emphasis on efficiency: Being part of the P.R.O. series, the TS-B350PRO has a record-breaking sensitivity rating of 100dB. These tweezers are specially designed to produce some severe high frequencies. They are probably the best match for a powerful stereo and the best bet for breath-taking audio output.

Top-notch quality materials and technologies: Great sonic performance requires the use of above-average quality materials and construction technologies.

The TS-B350PRO features titanium diaphragms, aggressive magnets, and sturdy aluminum tweeters. In addition, it sports Advanced-grade motor assemblies that ensure the production of a wide range of transparent, loud, and crisp high frequencies.

Broader frequency response takes your listening experience to a higher level: No other tweeter in our list can beat Pioneer TS-B350PRO in delivering high frequencies.

Check the upper-frequency response limit (27000Hz). It’s needless to say that these tweeters provide significant high-end frequencies to satisfy the most demanding audio wants.

The high power handling and high sensitivity allow for the delivery of mind-blowing sound volume. Top-notch quality materials and construction make it a reliable tweeter upgrade for any vehicle.

This Pioneer tweeter is a definite pick for any high-performance system. It will deliver to your ears the most delicate details in your music. If you are looking for the best pioneer speakers for car, it is for you.


  • Bigger than most tweeters
  • Very high power rating
  • Super-efficient
  • Broader frequency response than other tweeters
  • Budget-friendly price


  • Needs high-power input to function optimally
  • Expert installation may be required

8. Rockford Fosgate Prime R1T-S

Rockford Fosgate says its R1T-S tweeter’s mylar dome was designed to minimize distortion while dispersing your music’s high notes so that everyone in your car gets to enjoy clear sound. They’re designed to handle between 2 and 40 watts RMS power, with peak power handling of up to 80 watts RMS power.

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Sensitivity is lower than the average here, at just 72.5 dB, and the frequency response range is a bit narrower, at 2.5 kHz to 22 kHz.

Impedance is rated at 4 ohms, and the kit includes high-pass crossovers that are built-in, so you don’t have to worry about finding space for them.

The mounting depth is a bit less than an inch, but Rockford Fosgate includes mounting hardware for surface and angle mount installations if that’s not shallow cone enough.

The nicely done black trim rings should look good in most vehicles. Each tweeter comes with 6 feet of speaker cable with quick-slide connectors.


  • Good-looking design, good sound quality for the price


  • Some buyers complained about harsh sound at high volume
  • Non-standard housing size makes flush-mounting difficult in some vehicles

9. Pyle-Pro PDBT28

The Pyle-Pro PDBT28 car tweeters are one of the best car speakers under 100 in this list, with a 150-watt R.M.S. power rating and 300 watts of peak power handling capability.

Its 104 dB high sensitivity rating is also among the highest here, so you will get lots of volume from the PDBT28 no matter how much power your sound system makes. The frequency response range is average among the tweeters listed here, ranging from 2 to 20 kHz. The impedance range is 4 to 8 ohms.

A 1-inch diameter follows the industry standard for tweeters in most vehicles, so you should have little trouble installing it in your cars’ existing tweeter openings. Pyle does not include speaker grilles, but the PDBT28 features a nicely finished aluminum frame.

Each tweeter features a 30-ounce magnet, a high-temperature ferrofluid voice coil, titanium diaphragm, and a mylar crossover capacitor.

Pyle-Pro says all of those design features translate into reduced distortion so that you can take advantage of crisp, clear sound at the high volume levels this speaker system was designed to deliver.


  • High-quality sound, affordable price


  • Complaints about the mounting plate being too small, sold individually, not in pairs as most car tweeters are

10. Rockville RT6

In designing the RT6, Rockville focused on quality of sound over considerable power and volume, so while the 60-watt continuous power rating is relatively modest, you can expect these car tweeters to sound better than their affordable price suggests.

This 1-inch speaker has a silk dome, ferrofluid-cooled voice coil, and neodymium magnet designed to deliver peak power handling of 240 watts RMS. Frequency response ranges from 1.3 to 24 kHz, and impedance is rated at 4 ohms.

While the speaker itself measures 1 inch in diameter, you’ll need a 2-inch opening for flush-mount applications. However, a 0.75-inch flush mounting depth makes it easy to install these tweeters’ indoor and dashboard locations with limited clearance.

Rockville also includes hardware for flat and angle surface-mount installation. The A.B.S. housing material is built to prevent warpage no matter how hot it gets inside your car.

Each kit comes with mounting brackets, screws and washers, and double-sided tape so that you can install them straight out of the box. Are you looking for the best cheap speakers for car? it is for you


  • Beautiful price for the high-quality sound and build quality, versatile mounting options.
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  • The included crossover doesn’t filter out all low-frequency sounds, not as loud as the 93-dB sensitivity rating suggests

How do You Choose a set of Tweeters for Your Car?

How do You Choose a set of Tweeters for Your Car

Many car audio tweeters make a list, such as bullet tweeters and inverted dome tweeters. But chances are, you didn’t get a great car speaker with your car.

Coaxial speakers are the most common type of factory stock speakers. They are 2-way speakers. The tweeter dome is mounted in the middle of the woofer cone tweeters.

These speakers are efficient in space and simple to install. However, they dampen the precision at both high-end and mid-range frequencies.

Installing separate component car speakers allows you to use different speakers for the tweeter and woofer channels. This results in a more precise bass and clearer high frequencies. These are the options for car tweeter speakers.

Hard Dome Tweeters

Most car tweeters use a dome-shaped diaphragm that vibrates to reproduce high-frequency audio. These car audio tweeters are mostly made of metal, most commonly aluminum or titanium.

These can produce high treble frequencies and loud sound, but they are also very hardy, which tends to resonate at specific frequencies, distorting the output.

Hard dome tweeters are generally less expensive and lower quality than those made of softer materials. An exception is that car tweeters are made from a rarer and milder metal, beryllium (used only in very high-end systems).

Soft Dome Tweeters

Soft dome tweeters can be used as an alternative to rugged dome car audio speakers. These are often made of synthetic plastic, but silk is the preferred choice for car tweeter speakers.

Although silk dome tweeters aren’t as loud and bright as metal domes, they don’t have any resonance issues. For some, the soft rolling off of higher frequencies sounds better than the hard domes.

Bullet Tweeters

Bullet Tweeters

Bullet tweeters are also known as horn twitterers. Their name comes from the bullet-shaped dome that is located at the center of a flared trumpet design.

These shapes allow bullet tweeters to produce a louder output which is useful when a car’s audio system has a powerful subwoofer. Bullet tweeters cannot produce audible frequencies like hard silk dome tweeters mounting hardware, and they also don’t scatter sound waves.

Bullet speakers are not a good option for home audio. However, they can be used as car speakers by providing near-field signals in tight mounting spaces.

Super Tweeters

Super tweeters are often used in car audio tweeters. Super tweeters are used as component speakers and can specialize in higher frequencies.

Subwoofers, for example, focus on lower frequencies. A super tweeter can replace brightness and punch if a soft dome car speaker rolls off at the upper frequencies end. If a hard dome speaker emits higher frequencies, these frequencies can be transferred to super tweeters.

Impedance and Power Handling

The power range of 25w to 50w RMS is where most high-quality tweeters are located, which is quite good.

You should consider purchasing one if it has a higher power rating than your system’s and is compatible with your power handling.

Remember to match the amp’s impedance with the tweeter’s. You want to get the most out of your system and prevent amplifier overheating. Make sure the tweeter’s impedance doesn’t exceed the amps’.

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If the stereo is rated at a minimum of 4 ohms, then the tweeters should be at most 4-ohm.

The first step in choosing the right tweeter is to understand the system’s requirements. Next, consider your listening preferences.

As you can see, the power handling, impedance, and speaker types of the car’s audio system determine which type of tweeter is used.

How and Where Should I Install Tweeters?

How and Where Should I Install Tweeters

The best place to put tweeters in your car is as close to ear level as possible. If they’re mounted too low, the delicate high-end sounds can be absorbed by the soft surfaces of your car’s carpeting, seats, and even your clothes. Many cars that come with tweeters from the factory place them near the front of the upper door panel or in the dash.

You may choose to flush-mount your tweeters, which means they’re set into a hole in the door or dash panel. Many factory tweeters are mounted this way, and most aftermarket units will fit in the same spots. This will result in the cleanest install because the wiring will be hidden away.

If your car didn’t come with tweeters (or you’re adding a second set), it would probably be easier to surface-mount them. It is possible to drill holes for aftermarket tweeters, but you’ll want to do so carefully to avoid damaging any other components in the doors or behind the dashboard.

If you are looking for a way to measure or install your car speaker, here is exactly what you need:

Car Speaker Tweeters: FAQs

Car Speaker Tweeters FAQs

What is the function of a tweeter in cars?

The function of a tweeter in cars is to amplify the sound from the car’s speakers. A tweeter is a speaker designed to produce high-frequency sounds from a car’s stereo system.

These high-frequency sounds are typically above 20 kHz. A tweeter amplifies the sound from the car’s speakers, especially at higher volumes.

Do I need car tweeters in my audio system?

Your audio system probably has a tweeter mounted high on the dash or next to the speaker and can be wired either as a bridge or a “tweet-only” installation.

While high-frequency sound has advantages, a bass woofer would probably give better low-frequency performance. Tweeters are great for providing some higher frequencies.

Which tweeter size should I choose?

Our tweeters are made of metal, and your choice depends on your specific needs. The size of the tweeter you choose depends on what particular requirements you have.

For example, if you want to use the tweeter for a loudspeaker for a PA system or to power a subwoofer, then you should purchase a 1.5″ or 2″ tweeter.

Best Car Tweeters: Conclusion

These best car tweeters are perfect for people who like to enjoy music on the go. Some of the speaker options are designed to be used inside the car. They are more affordable than most other speakers, but they are typically not as loud or full of sound. We hope that our article has helped you find the most suitable car tweeter speakers.

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