Underseat Subwoofer Vs Trunk Subwoofer: Which Is Better?

Underseat Subwoofer Vs Trunk Subwoofer Which Is Better

It’s no secret that the experience of listening to music is vastly different depending on where you place your subwoofer. With a trunk subwoofer, you can have a better sound and bass for your back seat passengers, but with an underseat subwoofer, you get a clear and crisp sound, without having to sacrifice anything. So Underseat Subwoofer vs Trunk subwoofer: Which is better? Let’s find out the answer.

Underseat Subwoofer Vs Trunk Subwoofer – Comparison Table

Size Small Variety of Sizes, Customizable
Installation Easy Requires different ways to get installed.
Portability Highly Portable Not easily at all
Space Consumption Takes less space Requires some extra space
Sound Quality Good Excellent
Durability Less durable Highly durable
Safety Exposed to damage Safe in the trunk, if fitted properly
Weight Lightweight Moderate weight
Bass Production Bad in Bass Perfection in Bass
Car recommendation Small Sized Cars All types of cars
Performance Perform well Perform Best
Placement Placed under the seats Placed inside the trunk
Customization Capability Not many options to customize Highly customization
Price Affordable A bit expensive

Underseat Subwoofer Vs Trunk Subwoofer

Underseat Subwoofer

Underseat Subwoofer

These car subwoofers are usually fitted under car seats. This subwoofer often comes with an amplifier built-in so everything is on one unit. An under-seat sub usually features a lightweight and compact design.

To achieve the perfect balance between performance and form factor, this subwoofer type uses drivers up to 10 inches wide. Peak power can reach as high as 800 W. Some under-seat subwoofers with the highest power can reach RMS peak power of 200 watts.

Many car owners love the ease of installing underseat subwoofers. Nearly everyone can connect an underseat unit to their car without having to spend a lot of money on professional installation.

The compact unit is surprisingly powerful and loud because it makes use of the space under the seat.

You can also save money by purchasing only the subs that have a built-in amplifier. You can modify them to get an excellent underseat subwoofer which will transform your car audio experience on the road.

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  • Lightweight and Compact: Because underseat subwoofers were designed to fit into tight spaces, they are often very small without compromising power.

You can also remove compact subwoofers from the seat easily by removing them from underneath it.

  • Installation is easy: under seat car Subwoofers are also very simple to install, especially considering their lightweight.
  • Moreover, most underseat subwoofers come with amplifiers integrated into them so that there are fewer connections required.
  • Affordable. Compared to the trunk and other car subwoofers, the price of the under-seat model tends to be lower. They can provide a lot of value without costing too much.


  • Limitations in sound quality: Due to their small sizes, subwoofers underseat may have limited output, especially for bass. While most modern models of underseat subwoofers can be tuned to equalize sound, the overall performance is likely to be lower than trunk versions.
  • Takes up passenger legroom:underseat Subwoofers can cause discomfort for passengers, especially if they are large.
  • The unit might be able to extend to take up the space that the rear passengers typically use for stretching their legs.
  • Not the strongest: in order to preserve their compactness, subwoofers underseat tend to forgo elaborate protections like covers. This leaves most exposed.
  • These units can be damaged by constant shocks and stresses placed on the vehicle’s cabin.

Car Trunk Subwoofer

Car Trunk Subwoofer

It is also known as the trunk subwoofer. This name derives from the trunk section of a car where it is installed.

The superior sound quality and bass output of trunk subwoofers are what make them more popular than underseat subwoofers.

Premium subwoofers have peak RMS outputs above 2500, and even greater peak power. These power levels are often beyond the reach for subwoofers underseat.

These units are usually large and require adequate space for installation. This is not always possible in a car’s trunk. These units are often installed by people who don’t mind the loss of space for the excellent sound quality.

These car subwoofers excel at frequency differentiation and offer robust customization options due to their support for external sound amps.

To increase stability and to prevent the unit from jerking when there is sudden braking or sharp turns, a trunk subwoofer might need to be strengthened during installation. You can also add subwoofers as long as you have enough space in your trunk.

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  • Excellent sound quality: Perhaps the most compelling reason to install a trunk subwoofer, particularly when compared to underseat units, delivers greater sound quality.

A large subwoofer will give you premium low-frequency bass.

More power and better experience of low frequencies.

  • Rich customization options: trunk model offers robust customization options, such as the ability to choose between equalizer and amplifier options.

The car subwoofer settings can be adjusted to your liking, which is a feature that might not be available on underseat models.

  • Durable: subwoofers are more durable than those underseat. Make sure your subwoofer is securely secured in the trunk and protected with durable material.

It is protected from interference by its geographical location.

  • Addition of enhancements: You probably already know that multiple subwoofers can be added to your speaker system if you have enough space in your trunk. This is a great thing.


  • Expensive: Premium trunk subwoofers are often very expensive. Additional components, such as amplifiers, equalizers, or cabling can also increase the cost.
  • Space-intensive: these devices require a lot of space even if they are installed in trunks. Most units require very little space in the trunk once they are installed.

Sometimes, a fully-occupied trunk can be unusable for storage of anything other than the subwoofer.

  • Extensive Installation: most trunks and subwoofers require professional installation. This can be a complicated process. Most cases require professional installation. This involves complex wiring and the hooking of additional components.


Car speaker installation is an important choice that comes with many considerations. Car-makers themselves claim to have different opinions. Some say that the underseat subwoofer is the only option, while others claim the trunk subwoofer is the best. We hope that this comparative post can help you easily choose the best place to install a subwoofer.

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