What is Viva La Dirt League Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

What is Viva La Dirt League Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

⁢Welcome to Viva La Dirt ⁣League, a ⁤popular online ‍content creator group known⁣ for its hilarious ‌gaming skits‍ and⁢ music videos. ‌In ⁢this‍ article,‍ we⁣ will explore Viva La Dirt League net worth and ⁣delve ⁤into their lives and⁣ careers. ⁣

Whether you’re a fan of their content or simply curious about ‌their‍ success, you’ve come⁤ to the‍ right place. So ‌let’s jump in and discover​ all there is to know about⁢ Viva ⁢La Dirt League!

Quick Facts

Quick Facts
Full NameViva La Dirt League
Popular NameVLDL
GenderMixed (Male and Female)
Birth DateFounded in 2011
Age12 years
Birth PlaceAuckland, New Zealand
NationalityNew Zealand
EducationNot specified
Marital StatusNot specified
Net Worth$8 million (2023)
Source of WealthYouTube earnings
HeightNot specified
WeightNot specified

What is Viva La Dirt⁤ League’s⁢ Net Worth ⁤and ⁤Salary‌ in 2023?

What is Viva La Dirt League's Net Worth and Salary in 2023

As of 2023, Viva La Dirt League has an estimated net worth of $8 million. The group has achieved significant success on their YouTube channel, which has garnered them a substantial income.

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With over 5.4 million subscribers and over 1.959 billion views, their channel has become a hub for gaming-inspired comedy skits. It is estimated that they earn between $2.22 million per year from their YouTube channel alone.

Why ​is Viva La Dirt ⁣League Famous?

Viva La Dirt League rose to fame through its unique blend of comedy and gamer culture. They gained initial recognition 2011 when they created their first-ever parody music video based on the popular video game StarCraft 2.

Since then, they have continued to create hilarious sketches and parodies that resonate with gamers and comedy enthusiasts alike. Their ability to mix gaming references with humor has earned them a dedicated fan base and widespread acclaim.

Viva La Dirt ⁣League Biography

Viva La Dirt League Biography

Early ‍Life

Viva La Dirt League was founded in 2011 by Rowan Bettjeman, Alan Morrison, and Adam King. The group’s passion for both filmmaking and gaming led them to combine these interests and create their unique brand of content.


No specific information is available about the educational background of the founding members or other cast members.

Career and‌ Awards

VLDL’s career took off in 2011 when they created their first parody music video that combined comedy and gamer culture. This video mimicked the boy band Blue, replacing the lyrics of their hit song ‘All Rise’ with references to StarCraft 2, a popular video game.

The group’s content primarily revolves around gaming culture, with their sketches often set within fictional gaming universes. Their series “Epic NPC Man” is a notable example, set within an entirely fictional fantasy MMORPG where non-playing characters (NPCs) and players interact.

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The series humorously deconstructs the logic of role-playing games, spoofing real-life game franchises such as The Elder Scrolls, World of Warcraft, Dark Souls, and The Witcher.

VLDL’s success is not only reflected in their massive YouTube following, which as of August 2023, boasts 5.4 million subscribers and over 1.959 billion views but also in their recognition within the industry. In 2020, they were nominated for the Streamy Awards (United States Online Video Awards) for Best Scripted Series: FPS Logic.

This nomination is a testament to their ability to create engaging, humorous, and high-quality content that resonates with a global audience.

Their career has been marked by continuous growth and innovation, with the group leaving their respective careers in 2018 to focus solely on VLDL.

They have successfully crowdfunded projects, launched additional YouTube channels, and secured a filming studio and office space through a Kickstarter campaign.

Despite their success, the group remains committed to their roots, producing content that combines scripted material with ad-libbed comedy centered around their love for gaming.

Personal Life

Details about the personal lives of the Viva La Dirt League members are limited. However, it is known that Rowan Bettjeman is married and has adopted a black rescue greyhound named Baelin. Alan Morrison is married and became a father in late 2019. Adam King lives with his fiancee and has two cats named Obi and Korra, as well as a calico cat named Ruby.

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Social⁣ Media Accounts

FAQs about Viva ⁤La Dirt League

FAQs about Viva La Dirt League

Where did the name Viva La Dirt League come from?

Viva La Dirt League started by making StarCraft parody music videos. They considered themselves below the bronze skill level in the game’s ranking system, adding their own level called “Dirt League.”

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How much does Viva La Dirt League earn?

Viva La Dirt League’s earnings primarily come from their YouTube channel. They can earn between $3 and $7 per thousand video views, which translates to an estimated monthly income of $147.76 thousand and a yearly income of $2.22 million.

What are some frequently asked questions about Viva La Dirt League?

Some frequently asked questions about Viva La Dirt League include their net worth, awards, and the involvement of Ben Van Lier in the group.


Viva La Dirt League ‌has achieved remarkable⁤ success in the gaming ​and entertainment industry with⁣ its⁣ unique brand‍ of‌ comedy. ⁤Through‌ their entertaining skits and music videos, they⁣ have‌ amassed a dedicated following ⁤and solidified ⁢their place as influential figures ⁣in the online⁣ gaming community.

As​ their net ⁣worth grows, ‍Viva‍ La Dirt League shows no signs of slowing down. ​So, let’s⁣ stay tuned for‌ more laughter, gaming, and entertainment from ‍this talented group.

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