Vizio 5.1 Soundbar Review 2022: Is It For You?

Vizio 5.1 Soundbar Review 2022 Is It For You

Vizio is a well-known and respected electronic company. They have always wanted to provide their customers with products that exceed expectations and offer the best sound quality at an affordable price.

With that in mind, they created their 26-inch 5. 1 soundbar that has all the components of a home theater system built into one. The Vizio 5.1 soundbar review will walk you through this brand-new product and let you know what the overall sound quality is like.

It offers an unmistakable sound that is easy to set up. It is perfect for watching your favorite movies or shows!

Pros And Cons Vizio V-Series 5.1 Sound Bar (V51X-J6)


  • Includes sub- and rear speakers
  • Amazingly slim design
  • Amazing value


  • Units with weak surrounds
  • Flat soundstage
  • The Center channel is a weak link
  • After resuming, audio may be slightly delayed

30-Second Review

The Vizio V-Series5.1 Sound Bar (V51X-J6) is a great budget soundbar under 200. You get a slim soundbar with a wireless subwoofer and two satellites speakers for about the same price as a 2.1 soundbar made by other large-name brands.

The V-Series is an excellent choice for anyone upgrading their home. It features a mid-focused presentation that emphasizes dialogue and a subwoofer capable of thumping (at least occasionally).

A jack is included that can be used with an Amazon Echo Dot Mini or Google Nest Hub Mini. This will transform a dumb soundbar into a powerful smart speaker.

Vizio V-Series 5.1 Sound Bar (V51X-J6)

The downside is that the surround units don’t have the same power as the Dolby Atmos soundbar sound system with upfiring speakers. Flat soundstages don’t improve the immersiveness of the sound.

You might also experience delays in audio when you unpause a film or TV show. These are a minor annoyance, but they don’t seem like a dealbreaker considering the cost.

The Vizio V-Series Sound Bar is an excellent option if you need a quick upgrade to your TV speakers but don’t want to spend much money.  It’s probably as close to plug-and-play as a soundbar system can get.

Price and Release Date

Vizio V-Series (V51X-J6) includes the Vizio V-Series 5.1.1 Sound Bar (V51X-J6). This is Vizio’s 2022-2022 range of AV products, including the V-Series, M-Series, and P-Series TVs.

The price is $198 from retailers like Walmart at launch, but it will likely be much lower once we reach major shopping holidays like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

There are few full 5.1 soundbars at this price point with discrete surround speakers or a wireless subwoofer. You will usually find a ‘bar with a sub, which may not be wireless for that good cost.

Some 3.1 ‘bars have clever tricks like Hi-Res Audio scaling or faux-Dolby atmos sound, but you should expect to pay more for these features.


We think everyone will love the Vizio V-Series 5.1 soundbar. It fits under most TVs and does not block the IR sensor. This is especially useful if the bar is connected via HDMI to the TV’s HDMI ARC port. You can then control the volume of the soundbar using the remote control on the TV.

The V-Series5.1 Sound Bar offers a variety of connections. There’s an optical input and an HDMI port to bring audio to it. Additionally, there are two separate 3.5mm connectors for smartphones and tablets. One for smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo and Google Nest Hub.

Two surround speakers and a wireless subwoofer are also included in the box. Although neither one of these surround sound speakers will blow your mind (more details below), their inclusion at such a low price makes the V-Series5.1 an excellent value.

The sub does not need to be connected directly to the main bar. However, you will need the right speaker cable to click the satellites to the reserve. This setup may be a bit more complicated than you’d like, but it is the best for instant 5.1 systems.

Last but not least, you will also receive a Vizio remote inside the box. Although the small is made of plastic, it allows you to adjust the EQ of your bar at will.

Simple setup

The V-Series5.1 Home Theater Soundbar System includes a soundbar measuring 36 inches in length, a subwoofer of modest size (weighing just 5 pounds), and left and right speakers. There will be plenty of speaker cables to connect to the included subwoofer.

These cables are the leading cause of the slowdown. Depending on the setup, you may have to move furniture or run lines underneath. The soundbar should be placed in the TV center, with the woofer to either the left or the right. The left and right speakers act as traditional satellites, which go in the back of the setup with the TV. These can be placed in front if space is limited. The left and right speakers will go on either side of the TV. This setup will make the sound more surround-oriented and forward-facing, rather than an oval.

You’ll need to run a cable to connect the speakers to the woofer. The only thing you need is to decide how many wires you want. You will only need to determine how much cable you want to run for $250.

You can get started once you have the right and left speakers near your intended seating area (we put ours on the right and left sides of the couch facing the TV). You can also use the soundbar without the woofer and leave them unconnected.

Regardless of the method, make sure the speakers are connected, and the subwoofer has power. Like previous Vizio sound system models, the subwoofer can wirelessly connect with your soundbar. It is convenient and eliminates the need to manage another wire.

Warning: Once the soundbar is connected to power, it will immediately start talking to you. This can get annoying very quickly. It will continue searching for input, reminding you that it is searching. It recognizes your TV’s information and will continue searching until it finds it. Use the included HDMI cable connecting the soundbar and your TV quickly.

It’s unassuming and straightforward in design. The included hardware is finished in a soft matte black and has a fabric covering the speakers to allow sound to escape. Keep a duster handy as dust can build up on the soundbar.


This budget soundbar has a few useful features. Vizio marketing seems to make a lot more technical features than they are.

Bluetooth is the only option for streaming music. That’s fine. The sound quality was excellent, and the connection was strong. Despite all the advancements Bluetooth technology has made, Wi-Fi still reigns supreme for streaming audio. Bars like the Yamaha YAS-209 prove that getting this kind of feature at a reasonable price is possible.

The V-Series bar has a Front Surround Mode feature for those situations where surround speakers are not possible. You can use this workaround to place the rear speakers on the opposite side of the soundbar and move the subwoofer towards the front.

Then, you can access Front Surround Mode using your remote. Vizio claims that the bar will use DTS VirtualXX to create virtual surround sound. Although the result is acceptable, it does not describe the ideal setup as having speakers in the room’s rear.

Vizio 5.1 Soundbar Review Features

There are also things like Dual Stereo Mode, which is an example of technically the feature. This sends the same audio through all five speakers. It works, but I am unsure when or how often this feature would be used. Regular surround is best for movie watching.

The front, center, and right handle dialogue and action scenes movies while the rears deal with background noise. Stereo left and right stereo sound is the preferred music listening method. Vizio noted that this mode was intended for parties with no ideal sitting positions. However, I believe that stereo sound will be better in those sound settings.

Vizio touts the soundbar’s Bluetooth connectivity and auxiliary port as a voice assistant. This is total marketing speak. If the soundbar is considered voice assistant-ready by this standard, then every modern receiver, speaker, or TV has those two connections options.

You can connect an Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant device to the soundbar, transmitting audio. Voice assistant readiness should not mean having a Wi-Fi connection and controlling those intelligent devices. Vizio has made its relationships seem more standard by using this terminology.

Vizio claims a function allows Vizio’s voice assistant to remain active on the bar while the soundbar plays audio from different sources. The bar will automatically muffle other sources to make it easier for the assistant to hear. The bar will also auto-mute other sources when your phone is connected via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, TikTok videos can sometimes play over your movie audio.


How does it sound? It depends on how you use it. The Vizio V-Series5.1 Sound Bar will blow you away if you are using your TV’s built-in speakers. The Vizio V-Series 5.1 Sound Bar amplifies the mid-range, making dialogue easy to understand and adding a few thumps to shake the floor now and again.

However, the Vizio 5.1 soundbar will sound a lot more flat than a high-end sound system. The surround units cannot produce 5.1 mixes, and they typically only output a fraction of what the central ‘bar does. Also, the sub only kicks in for a few scenes.

Also, 5.1 soundbar system is not the best sound quality. That title belongs to spatial audio formats such as Dolby Atmos. Dolby Audio is a different kind of sound. It can provide you with a level of sound while 5.1 does not.


Dolby Atmos gives you a wide sound field and top-firing speakers that add a height channel. These bars are more costly than the Vizio offering but worth looking into if you’re interested in the broader sound field.

The Vizio V-Series supports DTS VirtualX, which attempts to provide some spatial audio without using upfiring speakers. However, the results aren’t convincing.

You can adjust the sound quality via the remote. Satellite speakers and subwoofers of this size are limited in their capabilities. However, it is nice to have the ability to adjust the volume or turn them off if they become too distracting.

The bar’s final complaint was a slight delay in audio when we unpaused a movie or show. Our TV could have been caused (a TCL 5-Series 52S535), which decoded the good sound and sent it to the soundbar via ARC. However, you will likely experience the same issue at some point.

Should You Buy the V-Series5.1 Sound Bar?

Buy It If

A 5.1 soundbar is an option that you can afford

The Vizio V-Series5.1 Sound Bar costs just $199. You get a wireless sub and two satellite speakers for the same price as a regular 2.1 soundbar. It doesn’t matter how weak the side channels may be – they are certainly not very strong – having surround sound audio is better than none. It will be pleasantly surprised by the immersive listening experience.

Are you tired of soundbars that block the IR sensors?

The Vizio V-Series 5.1 Sound Bar is an excellent choice for those who still own a TV with infrared remote control. The V-Series Sound Bar is slim enough to fit under most TVs.

Should You Buy the V-Series5.1 Sound Bar

Don’t Buy It If

A solid audio experience is what you want

5.1 surround sound has been replaced by Dolby Atmos spatial audio formats. Unfortunately, it is no longer the standard for audio quality. This 5.1 soundbar will not provide the best immersive surround sound.

You will be bothered by minor issues, such as slight delays.

Another issue is that the soundbar doesn’t always work latency-free. Sometimes it can take the soundbar a few milliseconds to decode and accept an incoming signal.

This can cause a noticeable delay in resumed shows. Although it does keep the soundbar synced, many people will not be as sensitive to these issues.


Is it worth buying a 5.1 soundbar?

A 5.1 soundbar will offer more value than a 2.0. The 5.1 soundbars can offer an immersive experience, with or without additional technology.

How can I get 5.1 sound from my television?

Turn the TV speakers off, and the optical output may need to be turned on. For more information on using the optical port, consult the TV manually. Choose the visual input from the soundbar. If surround encoded, you will get surround sound for any TV that is playing.

How can I get 5.1 sound from my television

Are Vizio soundbars better than Bose or Vizio?

If you are looking for something bigger, the Vizio SB3220nn-F6 soundbar is better than the Bose Solo 5. The Bose Solo 5 feels more solid and has a little more bass, but the Vizio’s soundstage sounds great.


The Vizio soundbar is a high-end product for those looking for the best right sound at an affordable price. It is small enough to be placed near your TV but large enough to give you all the power you need to make your television experience great. The best thing about the Vizio soundbar is that it offers clear and crisp sound!

Hooke Audio hope you find this article helpful!

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