Vmai Soundbar Review 2024: Is It For You?

Vmai Soundbar Review 2024 Is It For You

Enter the world of sound and experience it like never before. Do you want an excellent soundbar to turn your space into a theater? Check out the Vmai Soundbar Review.

The VMai Soundbar has a responsive touchscreen and many ways to connect to other devices. This makes it a great choice for people who want a soundbar that can do many different things.

If you want a home theater system that can give you really good sound, the VMai Soundbar might be a good choice. It has a lot of features that can make movies and TV shows sound great.

This Hooke Audio post is an overview of this great soundbar, so let’s get to it!

VMAI Soundbar Reviews: What To Look For In A Soundbar

VMAI Soundbar Reviews What To Look For In A Soundbar

It would help if you were prepared before you begin shopping for a soundbar that will make you happy. It is essential to determine your potential soundbar’s important qualities and deal-breakers. These are the vital qualities to look for in a soundbar.

  • Clear and loud sound
  • Deep bass levels
  • Installation and use are simple
  • Solid construction
  • A simple interface
  • Dolby Digital Audio Format Support
  • An equalizer or useful audio presets are required.
  • Audiophiles will appreciate surround sound, preferably with height
  • Soundbars that are large enough or small enough to fit in your entertainment area
  • A soundbar’s sound profile should be consistent with the room it is intended to provide.
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It is worth considering a soundbar from an established brand. Some of your favorite brands can do more with less. Two soundbars with identical specifications should perform similarly.

Hardware is only half of the equation when it comes to sound quality. The second half of the equation is built, quality, and hardware execution.

You may not find every feature of this list meaningful. Make your own. A checklist that has all the features and qualities you need. Are you ready to go? Let’s get to the meat of this VMAI soundbar evaluation.


The VMAI soundbar 2.1 channel comes with a subwoofer and two power cables. An optical cable is also included. The soundbar also has a remote control and two batteries.

Mounting the soundbar to a wall is possible with the mounting bracket and the necessary accessories. The package also includes a manual and other paperwork.

First Looks

The VMAI 2.1 channel Soundbar comes in a grey-black color scheme and an angular design. The soundbar’s hexagonal, uneven side profile gives the illusion of a gadget that seamlessly blends into futuristic spaces.

This 36-inch VMAI soundbar is only 2.5 inches tall and will not block your TV’s IR receiver. It can also be placed between the legs of most medium-sized TV sets.

First Look

This VMAI soundbar has textured charcoal-grey sides. The right side houses a set of capacitive touch controls. The soundbar’s hexagonal profile is due to the angled front and back surfaces. The front is covered in mesh and has a digital display. A set of inputs is also available at the back.

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The subwoofer is identical to the soundbar in color, material, and compact size. It is a cabinet measuring approximately one foot high and as wide as deep. It can fit under furniture or other tight places because of its dimensions.

The bass port is located at the front of the subwoofer. This is a unique design choice. The subwoofer’s single, 5.25-inch driver is located on its right side. It measures 9.8 inches in depth and is much broader than its front surface.

Inputs and Connectivity

The VMAI 36-inch is a budget soundbar that can be connected to your TV and a few other devices. These ports are:

  • HDMI port
  • Port optical
  • 3.5mm audio port
  • USB port

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect the soundbar to your subwoofer or other mobile devices via Bluetooth. You can wirelessly stream music from your phone and the VMAI soundbar.

Setup and Easy Use

Plug and play are all it takes to set up the VMAI 2.1 channel audio bar. You only need to connect the soundbar with a TV and power it. The TV will channel audio to your soundbar automatically.

The subwoofer will pair automatically with the soundbar when you turn on Bluetooth and control it. The central unit will begin to send bass audio frequencies to the subwoofer.

The soundbar has a digital interface that makes it easy to use. The remote also has shortcut keys to control the bass or treble. You can also use the buttons on the remote to select from one of four audio presets.

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The soundbar has a few drawbacks. It is not easy to turn it on and off via the TV’s remote or through the remote. You might need to activate the PCM setting on the TV to use an optical cable.


The VMAI soundbar can produce 120W total sound. Let’s begin with the subwoofer. The subwoofer has a single, five-inch, side-firing speaker responsible for almost half the 120-watt output.

The cabinet’s front has a bass port, which allows some of the speaker’s work to be channeled forward. This arrangement allows the subwoofer’s sound to be sent in multiple directions.

The soundbar is the final component. Each end has two 2.25″ front-firing speakers. Each driver plays a different role in producing specific frequencies, such as bass or treble.

The inner speaker to the right connects with a bass port, which redirects sound to the central soundbar. This creates a virtual driver in the middle of the VMAI soundstage.

Sound Quality: Frequency Range

Sound Quality Frequency Range

A soundbar with a high-quality frequency range will reproduce a wide range of frequencies. An audio device that can go as low as 40Hz is ideal. The VMAI soundbar has a bass level of 50Hz, plus or minus.

The bass can produce convincing crashes and explosions during action scenes. The bass range audio effects can be distorted and merged, resulting in some loss of detail. The soundbar cannot reproduce the subterranean rumble when the ground opens.

The soundbar’s treble end does a great job reproducing clear audio at moderate volumes.

Sound Quality: Peak Volume Distortion

The soundbar can achieve peak volumes up to 110dB. The louder the sound, the more muffled it becomes. The VMAI 2.1 channel audio bar should be operated at 85 dB peak volume.

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Sound quality: Audio Presets And Equalizer

Although the soundbar does not have an equalizer or volume control, the remote can adjust the bass and treble levels. Audio presets are the next best thing about this soundbar.

Four audio presets are available for the VMAI 36-inch soundbar. The 3D model simulates surround sound. A movie mode is also available on the soundbars, which improves sound effects and allows for dialog to be displayed in a minor way. You can also switch to news mode if you need clear discussion. The music mode lets you enjoy clear, mixed music.

Sound Quality: Support For Audio Format

The manufacturer doesn’t advertise support for basic formats such as Dolby or DTS, limiting audio output quality.


  • Affordable
  • Beautiful design with touch controls and a digital display
  • Large soundstage with a special 3D mode to simulate surround sound
  • Good bass levels
  • The soundbar can get quite loud
  • You can adjust the bass and treble levels via the soundbars
  • Existence of audio presets that can be used to play music, dialogue, and movie modes


  • The soundbar comes with a user manual, which isn’t helpful for pinch situations.
  • The subwoofer can only be connected to wired connections. This limits the possibilities of how you can arrange your audio system.
  • Do not expect the soundbar’s power to turn on when you turn on your TV automatically.
  • The TV with HDMI CEC won’t allow you to control the soundbars.
  • The VMAI soundbar does not work with all remotes. So, be prepared to juggle at least two remotes.
  • High volumes can cause audio distortion and loss of detail.
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Works Better Than Your TV Speakers

Works Better Than Your TV Speakers

The VMAI soundbar 2.1 channel does it all. The soundbars attempts to improve dialog and produce thumping bass with mixed results. It can get deafening, which is fine except for some loss in detail at high volumes.

The soundbar’s efforts to bring dialog to the forefront will be appreciated. However, movie mode might make it difficult to hear conversations.

Although the VMAI soundbars isn’t perfect, it’s a significant improvement over your standard TV speakers. This VMAI soundbar review concludes with the question: Is there a better alternative for this price? With some research, you can. Click here for more information about these soundbars.



Is VMAI a great brand?

Vmai 2.1 Channel Sound Bar works well for content with a lot of dialogue, such as TV shows. It has a balanced sound profile, especially in the middle range, ideal for reproducing voices. The soundbars is loud and can be pretty annoying. You can stream podcasts wirelessly to it via Bluetooth.

How do I hook up a VMAI Soundbar?

Turn on the soundbars by pressing the power button. Change the input mode to Bluetooth. 3. Search for a new Bluetooth device on your Bluetooth audio player (smartphone, tablet, computer). Select the Vmai S4 device from the detected new Bluetooth devices list and click it.

How do I hook up a VMAI Soundbar

How can I program my universal remote for my soundbar?

Point your universal remote to the soundbars that you wish to pair with. To pair your universal remote to the soundbars you want, press the Setup button until the light flashes on the remote. Depending on the brand, press the OK and AUX buttons simultaneously.

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Is there a better place to install a subwoofer and soundbar?

Some people prefer to place the woofers behind their heads, but it is best to have them in the center of the room, similar to your soundbars. It would help if you made sure that there is nothing in the way of the sub’s bass. You can place the sub either to the left or right of your TV and soundbars.


Overall, the VMAI Soundbar offers users excellent value for money, delivering sound that is close to that of dedicated home theater systems at a fraction of the price.

The sound is punchy and clear, perfectly integrating low-end and high-end frequencies. The sound is responsive and dynamic, and the overall design is well executed.

If you are looking for a top-notch soundbar that offers your room a full surround sound experience at an affordable price, then you should check out the VMAI Soundbar.

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