What is Wade Barnes Net Worth In 2023: Bio, Career, Wife, Earnings, And More

What is Wade Barnes Net Worth In 2023 Bio, Career, Wife, Earnings, And More

Hey gamers! Have you ever wondered how much your favorite gaming YouTubers are raking in these days?

Well, today we’re diving into the world of one of the most popular gaming YouTubers, none other than Wade Barnes. Wade has taken the gaming world by storm with his contagious enthusiasm, epic gameplay, and hilarious comments. He has gained many fans and made a name for himself in the digital world.

But just how much is this gaming sensation worth? Buckle up and get ready to find out!

In this article, Hookeaudio will look at Wade Barnes net worth, his climb to YouTube fame, and his revenue streams in this post. We’ll investigate this gaming superstar’s finances from sponsorships to item sales. So grab your controller and let’s jump right in!

LordMinion777 net worth and salary

What is Wade Barnes’ Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

Full NameGeorge Wade Barnes
Popular NameLordMinion777
Birth DateApril 3, 1989
Age34 (as of 2023)
SiblingsOlder half-sister Ashley, older half-brother Josh, younger brother Zach
Birth PlaceOhio, United States
EducationGraduated from Cincinnati University with a degree in Philosophy
Marital StatusMarried
Wife/SpouseMolly (FoxTrot44)
DatingNot Dating as of January 12, 2023
Net Worth$1 million to $5 Million
Source of WealthYouTube Star
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Wade Barnes is a well-known American gaming YouTuber who is also known online as LordMinion777. He has had a big effect on the online world.

As of 2023, there is some discrepancy regarding Barnes’ net worth. As of 2023, he has an estimated net worth around $1 million to $5 million.

Wade Barnes Overview: Why is Wade Barnes Famous?

Wade Barnes Overview Why is Wade Barnes Famous

Early Life

George Wade Barnes, known online as LordMinion777, was born on April 3, 1989, in Ohio, United States. He is an American gaming YouTuber who has gained significant popularity through his engaging content.

During his early life, he attended the same middle and high school as Mark Fischbach, a popular YouTuber known as Markiplier.

Their bond started in sixth grade and has lasted into adulthood. They have worked together on their YouTube channels many times.

Wade went to Mount Union College and the Philadelphia Music School, where he learned how to write music, play the piano, and write songs.


His journey began on July 21, 2012, when he launched his YouTube channel, LordMinion777. Initially, the channel was mostly inactive until he posted his first video, an introduction, on November 19, 2012.

Since then, he has regularly posted Let’s Plays of different indie and horror games, often with the help of other gamers like:

  • Mark Fischbach
  • Bob Muyskens
  • PatrckStatic
  • Jpw03
  • Garuku Bluemoon

Wade’s collaborations with Mark Fischbach, known as Markiplier, have been particularly successful. Their most famous work together is the Drunk Minecraft series of Minecraft games, which made Wade a lot more known.

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Wade, Mark, and Bob have a strong friendship, both on and off camera. This is true even though they have been the subject of many jokes and put-downs while working together.

In addition to his YouTube career, Wade is also known for his role in Mark’s popular series Drunk Minecraft. In the series, he and Bob join Mark in different wacky endeavors.

He is known for giving them helpful tips on some of the games they play together, which helps them get further in the games.

Personal Life

Wade is married to Molly, also known as FoxTrot44, a Twitch streamer and Instagram star. The couple first met on the Minecraft server Vox Populi, where Wade asked a playful question that sparked their relationship. Their engagement took place at the Markiplier and Friends Panel at PAX West in 2016.

Wade’s path from meeting Molly to getting married to her shows his playful and loving nature. His online presence also shows this.

FAQs about Wade Barnes

FAQs about Wade Barnes

How old is Wade Barnes?

As of July 5th, 2023, Wade Barnes is 34 years old.

How did Wade Barnes earn his net worth?

Wade Barnes made most of his money as a YouTube star known for his gaming videos on his account LordMinion777.

Is Wade Barnes married?

Yes, Wade Barnes is married to Twitch streamer Foxtrot44, whom he met over the popular Minecraft server Vox Populi. They got engaged in 2016 and were married in May 2018.


In conclusion, Wade Barnes has undoubtedly made a name for himself in the gaming world and has reaped financial rewards. With his talent, charisma, and dedicated fan base, he has managed to amass an impressive net worth through various income streams.

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As a beloved gaming YouTuber, Wade’s success serves as an inspiration to aspiring content creators in the industry. His journey is a testament to the potential of pursuing one’s passion and turning it into a lucrative career. So, whether you like Wade’s funny videos or you’re just interested in how much money game YouTubers make, his story is worth looking into. Keep gaming and dreaming big!

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