What Is Dts Headphone X? Everything You Need To Know (2022)

What Is Dts Headphone X? Everything You Need To Know (2022)

What Is Dts Headphone X Top Full Guide 2021
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What Is Dts Headphone X? Discuss the DTS Headphone X, one of the most prominent names in spatial sound tech. Hooke Audio will be reviewing it to determine if it’s worth the money. Continue reading to learn more.

Surround sound in Dts Headphone:X makes any movie or game more real. You can make flat or plain sounds come to life using spatial sound positioning.

What Is Dts Headphone:X?

What Is Dts HeadphoneX

DTS Digital Theater Systems (DTS) is object-based on surround sound and headphone:x technology. It has been developing and pioneering audio solutions that improve audio quality and immersion. It also launched its DTS Headphone:X feature in 2015 as part of its effort to make the world sound better.

DTS Headphone:X is an audio solution that reproduces the spatial sound experience of multi-speaker sound system sounds. Object-based software uses Microsoft Spatial Sound to provide accurate sound localization. It can be used with any pair of headphones.

After a long delay, the DTS Sound Unbound app has finally been made available for both the Xbox One and PC. You can unlock and trial two technologies for gaming with the app: DTS Headphone:X 2.0 and DTS:X Decoding. Both technologies can be unlocked for $19.99.

DTS Headphone:X 2.0 improved proximity cues, bass rendering, and lossless Hi-Res audio support compared to the first version.

The first is a 3D surround sound system that transforms your headphones into a studio environment with a sound surrounding you in a 3D audio and space. This software decoder is used primarily to create movie soundtracks but will hopefully also be used in games.

Key Features of surround sound headphones

Key Features of surround sound headphones

DTS Headphones:X capabilities are beyond our comprehension. There are many features in the DTS Headphone X, and there are more. Here are some features that consider the user experience and all the benefits that it brings.

  • It creates a space that is designed to provide a premium home theatre experience. The system takes advantage of the space and bounces audio towards you.
  • Enjoy a fully immersive experience by playing back stereo content with spatial enhancements and up to 7.1 surround sound. Even if your home theater system is 7.1, the DTS headphones X can still provide the best audio experience.
  • DTS Headphone X allows artists to bring their imaginations to life. Enjoy the sound experience they intended without interruptions or filters.
  • You can optimize the audio quality of any headphones or earbuds. DTS Headphone X will allow you to get the most from your listening device. This could appeal to audiophiles or audio engineers.
  • DTS Headphones X can be used with over 450 types of headphones. Listeners can select and apply a filter to optimize their headphones.

DTS Headphones: Pros & Cons

DTS Headphone:X is a great deal, considering how it enhances your audio experience. DTS Headphone X comes with a DTS X decoder. This is a great deal!

This all depends on how the software will be used. To make the review more comprehensive, we considered the pros and cons of the software according to its intended use.


  • Realistic sound quality
  • Works with any pair
  • Customizable voice volume control

Compatible with all pairs of headphones

This software works with all models of headphones. You don’t need to purchase another pair of headphones to enjoy this software.

DTS claims that this technology includes more than 500 custom-tuned headphones profiles. This software can take into account the headphones’ particular build to provide the best listening experience.

Customizable voice volume control

The DTS Headphone:X 7.1 allows you to adjust the volume of your voice in movies or games.


  • Application fee
  • Limited media support and platform support
  • Slightly more expensive than other headphone competitors

Paid application

DTS Headphone X is not free, unlike other spatial sound applications like Windows Sonic. You will need to pay $19.99 for the DTS Sound Unbound Store to obtain your license.

Support for platforms and media is limited

DTS Headphone X is an audio codec that is relatively new. Some media and applications don’t support it. As of April 2022, only a few mainstream video games and 4K Blu-ray movies support it.

Option slightly more expensive

Untrained listeners won’t usually be able to tell the difference between Dolby Atmos and DTS. If you are a casual listener on a tight budget, the better option might be to choose the cheaper one.

DTS Headphone X – Is it Worth It?

Headphone:X allows OEMs

Content providers and content owners capture the characteristics of a particular mixing studio by creating custom speaker layouts that are optimized for music, gaming, or movie content.

Once the room profile has been created, it is attached to video, music, or gaming content during the DTS-HD Encoding process.

Headphone:X offers out-of-the-box tuning and calibration for all headsets

DTS currently collaborates with headset manufacturers to ensure that their products are optimized.

Each person has a different way of hearing and an audio characteristic that affects how we listen. Headphone:X offers consumers an audio control application that allows them to create and store a personal sonic profile, including information about audio preferences.

Headphone:X’s device solution

Including both system-level and application audio processing that enhances the playback of all content, both for headphone and speaker playback.

DTS Headphone X - Is it Worth It?

Which is better DTS or Dolby Atmos?

DTS X could encode audio with mathematically better accuracy than Dolby Atmos. The listener might not be able to tell the difference. Dolby Atmos creates smaller files using its compressible codec. This means that more data can be fit onto the disk.

There are currently a few smartphones, tablets, and laptops with DTS Headphone X. These devices can reproduce DTS Headphone X streams and convert surround audio tracks into DTS Headphone X. There are many gaming headphones that can be used with smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

These headphones come with a small module that performs decoding and conversion. Audio must be present in DTS HD bitstreams, and that information regarding the location of sounds has been processed.

The technology is available both for mobile devices as well as for gaming. Although there are not many new in-home cinema applications, several Samsung TVs support the format. These TVs can convert multi-channel audio tracks to DTS Headphone X, but only up to 5.1 channels.

As stated, DTS Headphone X can be delivered by AV receivers and other audio devices as long as they support DTS-HD. This applies only to media that have a separate DTS-HD track.

There are currently no AV receivers capable of converting DTS-HD (or any other format) into DTS Headphone X once you have connected headphones. It remains to be determined if anyone would like to permanently turn off their speakers to listen to their surround sound music via headphones.

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Headphone game with DTS X

  • HyperX Cloud II 7.1 Gaming Headset
  • SteelSeries Arctis 5 RGB Gaming Headset
  • Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450

DTS Headphones: X can provide the best sound technology in gaming compared with its competitors. This app provides excellent sound positioning and sound distortion.

DTS Headphone X’s immersive audio allows you to track the exact location of your enemies’ footsteps. Enjoy in-game cutscenes with the 3D audio. You will feel as if you are part of the game, not an outsider.

It can only be fully appreciated when DTS X-supported games are used. Even if your games aren’t DTS X-supported, you will still experience an improvement in sound quality. Even though the audio quality may not be as good, DTS can still create virtual sound fields.

DTS X compatible with Exercise and Listening to Music

  • Dolby Dimension Headphones (Dolby atmos)
  • RIG 800 LX Wireless
  • JVC XP–EXT1 with Atmos & EXOFIELD
  • COWIN E7 Pro – Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones
  • Bose QuietComfort 35 II
  • Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro

DTS Headphones: X will provide a better sound quality for audiophiles who are serious about their hobby. You can customize the equalizer settings to your liking. You can also hear an increase in space, audio clarity, or depth to your music through this app.

While it can improve your music listening experience, you should also consider the limited DTS Headphone X-supported music content if you plan to use this device for casual music listening.

DTS Sound is Unbound and DTS Headphones Are Worth Upgrading

This is the best part of DTS Sound Unbound and DTS headphones:X. Many gaming headsets are compatible with DTS Headphones X, including the Steelseries Arctis Pro.

These headsets can take full advantage of Headphone:X. However, the software has a large database of over 500 headsets that will optimize the audio for any pair. I can do it.

DTS Headphones X is compatible with most headsets. Headphone: X is available on Xbox from multiple profiles, even if the profile that activated it is logged out. Headphones: X can also run between devices. After downloading DTS Sound Unbound, my computer gave me a green signal to start using my headphones.

To make your deal even better, buy a license Headphones: X. We also license DTS Home Theater. It has the same audio quality as Headphone:X but can also be used with DTS-enabled Home Theater equipment. Although it is not currently available, it can be considered as an option for upgrading your system.

These audio upgrades can be purchased for just $ 20; all of these audio upgrades can be purchased for $ 20 between your device and account.



DTS is basically the same as Dolby Atmos with the same virtual surround sound systems, but because DTS doesn’t apply much compression for blu ray in the encoding process, many people think it sounds better. Furthermore, while Dolby Atmos is primarily used in movie soundtracks, DTS is used in music with a host of innovative features.

The above is an objective view about DTS headphones brought to users in order to improve the quality of entertainment better. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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