Where To Place Subwoofer With Soundbar? 5 Best Places

Where To Place Subwoofer With Soundbar 2023 Top Full Guide
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If you’re looking for the best audio experience at home, the correct placement of the subwoofer with a soundbar is critical. Make sure you position it to take advantage of your room shape and make sure it has the best sound quality.

Where To Place Subwoofer With Soundbar? Discover position your subwoofer about your soundbar for the best audio quality.

What Makes A Soundbar So Important For Bass Sounds?

What Makes A Soundbar So Important For Bass Sounds

A soundbar is essential for many reasons. It can bring a new dimension to your TV experience. It can enhance your TV’s audio experience in any way that you want, depending on which type of bar you choose.

You don’t have to use the speakers built into your TV anymore. Soundbars can also be used for fantastic sound. Soundbars can be an economical way to improve the sound quality of your listening place. You have options such as the Polk Signature Series S50 Surround bar.

You won’t have to sacrifice style to get the best audio performance.

The S50 is a premium home entertainment system with elegant design and superior build quality. Dolby Atmos‘ elevation module turns any room into a Dolby Atmos experience. This is one of my favorite aspects of the system.

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Where To Place Subwoofer With Soundbar: 5 Best Options

Finding the right spot for your soundbar can be difficult. It is best to place your soundbar below the TV, on the ground, or on a coffee table. The floor directly in only the front row of your TV is an excellent spot to mount cable management boxes. This can cause problems as the floor can become cluttered with cables.

Soundbars can be placed in many different ways. Which is the best location for the subwoofer? We’ll review them all to find out which one is the best.

It is crucial to get a decent job and excellent sound quality out of your soundbar. But where should you put it? This article will discuss five popular subwoofer placements that work well with soundbars. Let’s see where you can place the subwoofer and a soundbar.

Where Should I Put My Subwoofer for My Soundbar

In Front of the TV

Soundbars can be used to create a surround sound system without installing a home theatre system. You can mount them below the TV or in front of it. Some consumers prefer to place them in front of the TV.

To make it look cleaner.

They are more likely than not to use the remote control on the soundbar to adjust the TV’s bass. This is redundant if they are placed below the TV.

Corner placement can help improve the bass definition of your subwoofer sound, giving you a punchy sound without needing to use any room correction software.

The Couch

Soundbars can be placed in many ways. The best place for the soundbar depends on the music you like and how you interact with it.

Before you choose a place for your system, there are some things that you should consider. It is best to place it in front of your TV or behind it. This will depend on the type of remote control you use most frequently.

People often want more rich bass from their sofa. You should also avoid placing your soundbar in front of the TV. They will find it challenging to turn up the great bass definition and reach up.

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A Shelf

Soundbars can be the best way of increasing the bass quality on your TV’s television without needing to buy a whole system. It is convenient and more efficient to place the soundbar on a shelf than on your TV stand. The soundbar should be placed at the top of the TV, just in front of the speakers. Or on the TV stand. There are many other options for positioning.

Your soundbar. You can mount it on the wall or place it on a shelf under your TV.

where to place a subwoofer with a soundbar

Same Level As A Soundbar

Many soundbars have a built-in subwoofer. However, you can choose to use your subwoofer. It should be placed at the same level as the soundbar.

A subwoofer’s best placement is on a table directly behind the soundbar. Depending on the speaker’s connectivity, you can place them under or behind it. You should also check whether the soundbar has a wired or wireless connection.

Surfacing A Hard Surface

A home theater system is incomplete without a large subwoofer. Subwoofers should be placed on a hard surface if you have a soundbar. Hard surfaces can reflect and strengthen bass frequencies.

This will increase the bass quality, great low-pitched audio. For best results, subwoofers should be placed on concrete, wooden surfaces, or parallel surfaces.

Subwoofer Placement To Your Room Acoustics

Subwoofer positioning is the first step to determine what kind of listening experience you want. Are you looking for a more intimate or immersive experience?

Assuming that immersive experiences are the goal. The next step is to determine where the room will allow the subwoofer sounds good to reach all the low frequencies.

Your room’s depth is the most crucial consideration. If my room is small, I will look for something to match it. If it isn’t as deep, I can go with corner placement. Or against a wall that is opposite one of my speakers.

Ensuring that the wall behind the subwoofer doesn’t block the subwoofer placement from achieving maximum output is essential.

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Subwoofer Placement To Your Room Acoustics

Difference Between Soundbars And Surrounds

Knowing the differences between the soundbar and surrounding sound systems is crucial. Surround sound systems have five or more speakers (usually including a subwoofer) placed in front of the room.

A soundbar package typically contains two subwoofers and can’t produce the same quality audio as surround sound systems.

There are many options for mid-range subwoofers available, and they range in price from $50 to $2000+. If you have a dedicated home theater room, adding an external subwoofer to your existing speakers is advisable.

You can enjoy a better audio system without needing to purchase a new speaker system.

How Far Can a Subwoofer Be from a Soundbar?

How Far Can a Subwoofer Be from a Soundbar

The ideal distance between a subwoofer and a soundbar depends on various factors such as the size of the room, the layout, and the specifications of the audio equipment being used.

In general, it is recommended to place the subwoofer close to the soundbar, ideally within 10 feet or less. This helps to ensure that the sound produced by the subwoofer is in sync with the soundbar, and that the bass frequencies are integrated smoothly with the rest of the audio.

Can I Put The Subwoofer In A Cabinet?

Subwoofers are best listened to in the front room. You may wonder if they could be stored in cabinets or on shelves in your entertainment center.

This is a common question since subwoofers are not something you want to be looking at constantly.

Placing a subwoofer inside the cabinet is a bad idea unless it is covered with a very breathable material. Many households choose to place their subwoofers inside cabinets to declutter the space. It’s not difficult to put your subwoofer in a cupboard.

But subwoofers should not be installed in cabinets as they won’t make function properly. The subwoofers will block the sound from moving around the large room. Due to its power, the sound will remain in the enclosure or cabinets and can even cause unnecessary vibrations and jiggling sounds.

Technology shouldn’t be kept in enclosed areas as it can overheat or malfunction. You want to ensure that your subwoofers and sound system components ( (preamp, receiver, soundbar, etc.) can sound properly and last for a long time.

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If you have a soundbar’s internal speakers, you may want to add a wireless subwoofer to your sound bar. This wireless subwoofer is ideal for a small room. It will keep the large room looking nicer if it is located in the living space.

You need to make sure your technology lasts a long time by placing them in places that allow them to function and breathe. Subwoofers are the same.

Finding the Best Spot for Your Subwoofer

Finding the Best Spot for Your Subwoofer

When it comes to achieving the perfect sound quality for your home theater or music system, the placement of your subwoofer is critical.

A subwoofer produces low-frequency sounds, which can add depth and dimension to your audio experience.

However, finding the best spot for your subwoofer can be challenging. Here are some tips to help you optimize your subwoofer placement:

Determine the Best Subwoofer Placement for Your Room

The first step is determining the best location for your subwoofer in the room. This can vary depending on the size and shape of your room and your personal preferences.

Experiment with Subwoofer Placement

Once you have determined the best location for your subwoofer, experiment with different placements within that area.

Consider Using Multiple Subwoofers

Using multiple subwoofers can help to distribute bass more evenly throughout the room. This can also help to reduce the effects of standing waves, which can cause peaks and dips in the frequency response.

Use Room Correction Software

Room correction software can help compensate for room acoustics’ effects on your subwoofer placement. This software uses a microphone to measure the frequency response of your room and adjusts the subwoofer output to compensate for any peaks or dips in the response.

Consider Hiring a Professional

If you have trouble achieving the desired sound quality, consider hiring a professional to help with subwoofer placement. A professional can use specialized equipment to measure the frequency response of your room and determine the best placement for your subwoofer.

How To Choose The Right Subwoofer For My Soundbar

You can still choose the Subwoofer placement for your Sound bar by considering your existing Soundbar, additional other speakers, and personal preferences.

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You may have a limited number of compact subwoofer options depending on the Soundbar. Some soundbars only work with one Subwoofer, while others can handle multiple subwoofers.

The Bose SoundTouch 300, for example, is compatible only with an Acoustimass Subwoofer. They may be sold together or as separate products.

They can be used with any subwoofer. This is an advantage for many soundbars. Remember that almost all soundbars can only be used with one Subwoofer, often included with the Soundbar.

How To Choose The Right Subwoofer For My Soundbar

You may also want to consider a wireless subwoofer that can match compact speakers. They work best in small rooms. These also maintain an aesthetic in the room, which can be helpful if you have an audio system in the living room.

A large room will require a powerful subwoofer. Although a larger subwoofer may not be the best choice for large rooms, it can often work well.

It is essential to verify the power quality, as well as the size. It would help if you also considered wiring. You will need to decide whether your Subwoofer should be wired or wirelessly connected to your Soundbar. It all depends on your personal preference and the capabilities of your Soundbar.

You can purchase a wireless subwoofer as long as your Soundbar is capable of connecting to it wirelessly. But you need to always remember that not taking away from the viewing enjoyment.


FAQs - Single Subwoofer Placement

Can I place my subwoofer anywhere in the room?

While technically, you can place your subwoofer anywhere in the room, and it’s not always the best idea. The subwoofer’s location can affect the sound quality, so it’s important to experiment with different positions to find the best spot.

Generally, placing the subwoofer in the corner of the room is recommended to take advantage of the acoustic amplification provided by the walls. However, this may not be possible in all rooms.

How far should I place my subwoofer from my listening position?

There is no set distance for how far to place the subwoofer from your listening position, as it depends on the size of the room and the placement of other objects.

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However, a good rule of thumb is to place the subwoofer at least a foot away from the wall and several feet away from any furniture. This can help to reduce unwanted vibrations and distortions in the sound.

Can I place my subwoofer on a shelf or in a cabinet?

It’s generally not recommended to place a subwoofer on a shelf or in a cabinet, as this can restrict airflow and cause the sound to be muffled or distorted. It’s best to place the subwoofer on the floor in a location that allows for optimal sound projection.

Can I place my subwoofer upside down?

While placing a subwoofer upside down is technically possible, it’s not recommended. Subwoofers are designed to be placed in a specific orientation, and placing them upside down can affect the sound quality and potentially damage the speaker.

Can I use multiple subwoofers in my home theater system?

Yes, using multiple subwoofers can help to enhance the bass and create a more immersive listening experience. However, it’s important to position the subwoofers correctly and ensure that they are properly calibrated to avoid any unwanted distortion or vibrations in the sound.


The placement of a subwoofer in a home theater system is a critical aspect to consider to achieve optimal sound quality.

There is no set distance for how far a subwoofer should be from a soundbar, as it depends on several factors, such as the size of the room and the design of the soundbar and subwoofer.

Experimenting with different positions and following some basic guidelines, such as placing the subwoofer in the corner of the room and at least a foot away from the wall, can help to achieve the best possible sound quality.

For those interested in learning more about optimizing their home theater system, Hookeaudio.com has many related posts and resources available. These resources can provide helpful tips and guidance on achieving the best audio experience in your home.

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