Why Do My Headphones Keep Cutting Out? 8 Reasons And How To Fix

Why Do My Headphones Keep Cutting Out 8 Reasons And How To Fix

Why Do My Headphones Keep Cutting Out?” is an informative article exploring the reasons behind the common issue of headphones cutting out during use. 

The article delves into the various causes that can lead to this problem, such as connectivity issues, faulty wiring, software glitches, and physical damage. 

The article is concise and easy to understand, making it accessible to readers of all technical backgrounds. It is an essential read for anyone who frequently uses headphones and has experienced the frustrating problem of bluetooth keeps cutting out. 

Why Do My Bluetooth Headphones Keep Cutting Out?

Why Do My Bluetooth Headphones Keep Cutting Out

There are several reasons why your Bluetooth headphones keep cutting out:

  • Low Battery: If your headphones’ battery is low, it may cause the Bluetooth connection to become unstable, resulting in cutouts. Ensure your headphones are fully charged or have enough battery before use.
  • Obstruction: If an obstruction between your headphones and the device they are connected to, it may weaken the Bluetooth signal, causing bluetooth cuts out phones. Try moving closer to the device or removing any obstructions between the headphones and the device.
  • Interference: Bluetooth signals can be interfered with by other wireless devices, such as Wi-Fi routers, microwaves, or cordless phones leading to bluetooth headphones cut out when running. Try turning off any nearby wireless devices and see if it improves the connection.
  • Outdated Firmware: If your headphones have outdated firmware, it may cause bluetooth going in and out issues. Check if there is any firmware update available for your headphones and if there is, update it.
  • Device Compatibility: Not all devices are compatible with Bluetooth headphones. Check the specifications of the device you use to ensure it is compatible with Bluetooth headphones.
  • Hardware Issues: If none of the above solutions work, your headphones may have a hardware issue. Try resetting your headphones to their factory settings or contacting the manufacturer for further assistance.

How to Fix Bluetooth Headphones Cutting Out

How to Fix Bluetooth Headphones Cutting Out

Your Phone or Tablet is Too Far Away

One of the most common reasons Bluetooth headphones cut out is that the device they are connected to is too far away.

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that relies on a strong signal between devices, and if this signal is weak due to distance or obstacles, it can result in audio interruptions. If you are experiencing this issue, there are a few things you can do to fix it.

The first step is to check the distance between your headphones and the connected device, such as your phone or tablet.

If they are too far apart, move them closer and see if the issue is resolved. It’s also essential to ensure no obstructions between the devices, such as walls, furniture, or other electronics, as these can weaken the Bluetooth signal.

The Music App You’re Using is Buggy

Here are some steps you can take to fix bluetooth headphones skipping due to buggy music apps:

  1. Close the App and Restart Your Headphones: The first thing you should do is close the music app and restart your headphones. This will often resolve the issue by resetting the Bluetooth connection.
  2. Update Your Music App: Check for any available updates for the music app you’re using. Updating the app can often fix bugs and improve performance.
  3. Clear the Cache and Data of the Music App: Clearing the cache and data of the music app can often resolve issues caused by corrupted files or settings. To do this, go to your device’s settings, select the app in question, and tap “clear cache” and “clear data.”
  4. Use a Different Music App: If you’re still experiencing issues with your current music app, try using a different one. Some music apps are better optimized for Bluetooth connectivity than others.

Following these steps, you can often fix Bluetooth headphones cutting out due to buggy music apps. If the issue persists, it may be a hardware or firmware issue with your headphones, and you should contact the manufacturer for support.

You Have the Bluetooth Volume Turned Up Too High

You Have the Bluetooth Volume Turned Up Too High

If you’re experiencing audio cuts or dropouts, try lowering the volume on your device and your headphones. High volume levels can cause the Bluetooth connection to weaken, leading to audio dropouts.

Bluetooth audio codecs, such as aptX or AAC, can reduce quality to compensate for the connection’s weak signal, causing bluetooth audio cutting out.

Adjusting the volume can significantly improve the connection strength and reduce the risk of audio dropouts. Additionally, try moving your device closer to the headphones or ensuring no obstructions between the two.

It’s also important to check that your headphones and the device are compatible and that the Bluetooth version supports the device and audio codecs you’re using.

The Headphones are Faulty

If you have determined that your Bluetooth headphones are faulty, there are several steps you can take to fix the issue.

  1. Check the warranty: If your headphones are still under warranty, check with the manufacturer or retailer to see if they can be repaired or replaced.
  2. Identify the issue: Try to identify what exactly is causing the problem. Is it a loose wire or a broken component? This will help you determine the best course of action.
  3. Open the headphones: If you are comfortable with DIY repairs, you can try opening the headphones to inspect the wiring and components. Look for loose wires, frayed connections, or any other obvious damage.
  4. Repair the issue: Depending on the nature of the problem, you may be able to fix it yourself. For example, you may be able to solder a loose wire or replace a broken component. If you are unsure how to do this, consult online repair guides or seek professional help.
  5. Replace the headphones: If the issue cannot be fixed or the repair cost is too high, you may need to replace the headphones. Look for a high-quality replacement with good reviews and a warranty.
  6. Prevent future issues: To prevent future problems with your Bluetooth headphones, handle them carefully and avoid exposing them to moisture or extreme temperatures. Regularly clean the earpads and keep them away from sharp objects.

There’s Interference with the Bluetooth Signal

There's Interference with the Bluetooth Signal

Bluetooth headphones are convenient and provide the freedom to move around without the hassle of cords. However, one common issue users often face the headphones cutting out due to interference with the Bluetooth signal. If you’re experiencing this problem, here are some steps you can take to fix it:

  • Move closer to the Bluetooth device: The range of Bluetooth signals can vary, and if you’re too far away from the device, the signal may not be strong enough to maintain a connection. Try moving closer to the device and see if this improves the connection.
  • Check for obstacles: Bluetooth signals can be blocked or weakened by physical obstacles such as walls, furniture, and other electronic devices. Try removing any obstacles between the headphones and the device or move to a different location where the signal is stronger.
  • Turn off other devices: Other Bluetooth devices nearby may also be using the same frequency, causing interference. Turn off Bluetooth devices you’re not using to see if this improves the connection.
  • Reset the headphones: Resetting the headphones can sometimes help resolve connectivity issues. Refer to the user manual for instructions on resetting your headphones.
  • Update firmware: Ensure your headphones are running the latest firmware version. Manufacturers often release updates that can improve Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Change the Wi-Fi channel: If you have a Wi-Fi router nearby, it can also interfere with the Bluetooth signal. Try changing the Wi-Fi channel to reduce interference and improve Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Use a different device: If the problem persists, connect the headphones to a different Bluetooth device. If the connection is stable with the new device, it may indicate that the problem is with the original device.

You’re Connecting to Another Device

You're Connecting to Another Device

Bluetooth headphones automatically search for and connect to nearby devices with Bluetooth capabilities, such as smartphones, laptops, or other devices.

If your headphones are already connected to one device, and you try to connect them to another, the connection can become unstable and result in frequent cutouts.

To fix this issue, disconnect your headphones from other devices before connecting them to your current device.

You can do this by turning off Bluetooth on the other device or using your headphones’ settings to disconnect from the other device.

Once your headphones are disconnected from all other devices, try reconnecting them to your current device to see if the problem persists.

Close All Background Apps or Software

This can be caused by various factors, including interference from other devices, low battery life, and even software glitches.

One simple solution that can help fix this problem is to close all background apps or software that might be competing for bandwidth.

When multiple apps or programs are running on your device, they can use up valuable resources that your Bluetooth headphones need to maintain a stable connection.

By closing unnecessary apps and programs, you can free up these resources and improve the performance of your headphones. This quick and easy fix can be done on any device, whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

To close background apps on your device, simply access your device’s task manager or app switcher and swipe away any apps not currently in use.

This will stop them from running in the background and help ensure that your Bluetooth headphones have the proper resources to function properly.

This simple step lets you enjoy uninterrupted audio streaming and a more reliable Bluetooth connection.

Consider an Upgrade

When choosing a new pair of Bluetooth headphones, look for models with advanced features like aptX codec support, noise cancellation, and multipoint pairing. These features can help minimize audio dropouts and provide a more seamless listening experience.

It’s also important to ensure your new headphones are compatible with your devices and operating system. Some older devices may not support the latest Bluetooth versions, which can lead to connectivity issues with newer headphones.

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How to Keep Bluetooth Headphones From Cutting Out in Windows & Mac

How to Keep Bluetooth Headphones From Cutting Out in Windows & Mac

If your Bluetooth headphones keep cutting out on your Windows or Mac computer, here are some steps you can take to improve the connection:

For Windows:

  1. Ensure that your computer’s Bluetooth is turned on and is discoverable.
  2. Right-click the Bluetooth icon in the taskbar and select “Open Settings”.
  3. Click on “Devices” and select your Bluetooth headphones from the list.
  4. Click on “Properties” and go to the “Services” tab.
  5. Uncheck “Hands-Free Telephony” and “Headset” if they are checked.
  6. Click “Apply” and “OK”.

For Mac:

  1. Ensure that your Mac’s Bluetooth is turned on and is discoverable.
  2. Click on the Apple menu and select “System Preferences”.
  3. Click on “Bluetooth” and select your Bluetooth headphones from the list.
  4. Click ” Options ” to ensure that “Enable Voice Over Bluetooth” is unchecked.
  5. Click “OK” to save the changes.

Other tips to improve the connection on both Windows and Mac include:

  • Keeping your headphones and computer within proximity.
  • Removing any obstacles between your headphones and computer.
  • Turning off other Bluetooth devices that may interfere with the connection.
  • Updating your computer’s Bluetooth driver.
  • Ensuring that your headphones are fully charged.


FAQs Why Do My Headphones Keep Cutting Out

Why do my earbuds keep cutting out?

Your earbuds might keep cutting out due to connection issues, low battery, dirty earbuds, faulty earbuds, or software issues.

Why do my AirPods keep cutting out music?

Several reasons your AirPods may keep cutting out music include low battery, distance, interference, software issues, or dirty/damaged AirPods.

Why does Bluetooth cut out when walking?

Bluetooth can cut out when walking due to the physical barriers and obstructions between the Bluetooth device and the signal source, causing interference and weakening the connection. Additionally, the distance between the devices can also affect the strength of the Bluetooth signal.

Why do my JBL headphones keep turning off?

Your JBL headset keeps cutting out off due to a low battery, a power-saving feature, a software issue, or a faulty connection.

Why do my AirPods keep cutting out when fully charged?

If your AirPods bluetooth audio keeps cutting out when fully charged, it may be due to distance, interference, software issues, or dirty/damaged AirPods.

It’s recommended to troubleshoot the issue by keeping your device closer to your AirPods, turning off other Bluetooth devices, updating your AirPods’ software, cleaning them, or repairing them.

How long do headphones last?

The headphones’ lifespan can vary greatly depending on their quality, usage, and maintenance. On average, a well-maintained pair of headphones can last anywhere from 2 to 5 years.

Why does my bluetooth cuts out when walking?

Bluetooth signal is susceptible to interference, and walking can cause the signal to be disrupted by obstacles such as walls, other people, or electromagnetic interference. Additionally, the distance between your Bluetooth device and your phone or other source of the signal may also impact the signal strength and cause earbud, bluetooth speaker cutting out.

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Experiencing audio cutouts and interruptions can be a frustrating experience while using Bluetooth headphones. However, upgrading to a newer model of headphones with advanced features like aptX codec support, noise cancellation, and multipoint pairing can significantly improve your listening experience.

Ensuring compatibility with your devices and operating system is important to minimize connectivity issues.

If you’re interested in learning more about high-quality Bluetooth headphones, check out Hookeaudio for its selection of innovative and cutting-edge products. You can enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted listening experience with the right headphones.

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