What is WildTurtle Net Worth 2024: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

What is WildTurtle Net Worth 2024 Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

Hey there, gaming fanatics and Esports enthusiasts! Ever wondered just how much moolah your favorite League of Legends legend, WildTurtle, has stacked up? Well, you’re in for a treat!

In this article, Hooke Audio is diving headfirst into the exciting world of WildTurtle net worth. From epic plays on the Summoner’s Rift to jaw-dropping sponsorships, this dude has conquered it all.

So buckle up and prepare to be amazed as we uncover the mind-boggling fortune behind the one and only WildTurtle! Let’s get this show on the road!

Quick Facts

Full NameJason Tran
Popular NameWildTurtle
Birth DateFebruary 9, 1995
Age29 years old
ParentsNot available
SiblingsNot available
Birth PlaceToronto, Ontario, Canada
EthnicityNot known
EducationNot available
Marital StatusNot known
Sexual OrientationNot known
Wife/SpouseNot known
ChildrenNot known
DatingNot known
Net Worth$1 million to $5 Million (as of 2024)
Source of WealthProfessional gaming
Height190 cm (6 ft 3 in)
Weight80 kg (176 lbs)
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What is Net Worth Of WildTurtle 2024?

What is ‍Wildturtle's Net Worth ⁣and⁣ Salary ‍in 2024

As of 2024, Wildturtle ‌has an estimated net worth of around $1 million to $5 Million. ​His main source of income comes from his successful Twitch streaming ‍career ‌and participation​ in various esports tournaments.

With​ a‍ large ​following and a dedicated fan ⁣base, Wildturtle has been able to monetize his streams and secure lucrative sponsorships. ⁣These earnings ‌contribute to his ​growing net worth and ensure ‍a comfortable‍ lifestyle for ⁣the popular gamer.

Why is⁢ Wildturtle Famous?

He ​gained fame ⁢through ⁣his exceptional skills as a⁢ professional League‌ of Legends player. He competed in various⁢ professional tournaments,‍ representing prestigious esports teams like

Wildturtle Biography‌

Wildturtle Biography‌

Early Life

Born on February 9, 1995, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, WildTurtle, whose real name is Jason Tran, developed a passion for gaming at a young age. He initially played Defense of the Ancients but later transitioned to League of Legends to play with his friends.

After a brief hiatus, he returned to the game in 9th grade and embarked on his journey as a professional gamer.


There is limited information available about his education. It‍ is ⁣possible ⁣that‍ he prioritized⁤ his​ gaming ⁤career‍ over ⁢pursuing traditional higher education, which⁤ is common ‍among professional ‍gamers.

Career ⁣and‌ Awards

WildTurtle began his journey in the world of esports during Season 1 of League of Legends (2010-2011), playing for Forty Bus Gaming and Kill Steal Gaming. Over the years, he has played for several teams including Monomaniac eSports, Cloud9, CLG, Immortals, FlyQuest, and Team SoloMid (TSM).

In 2023, Jason Tran made a significant move in his career by returning to the TSM starting lineup for the 2023 LCS Spring Split. He replaced Toan Neo Tran, who was moved to the club’s academy roster. This marked a significant moment in his career as he had previously been a substitute for TSM.

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Despite his impressive career, he has not won any LCS titles. However, he has earned a substantial amount in prize money. On August 23, 2015, he obtained $100,000 in total prize money, with a $5,000 cash prize from his 2nd place finish at Riot NA LCS 2015 Summer.

Jason has also participated in multiple World Championships, specifically in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2020. He is recognized as the player with the second most played games in the LCS, only behind Bjergsen.

Personal Life

Wildturtle⁣ is private about his personal life and keeps details about his ⁤family ​and relationships out of the public eye. It is unclear​ if‍ he⁤ is currently dating⁢ or has ‍any children. However, his focus ⁤on ⁢his gaming ⁢career‌ and ⁣streaming suggests that he dedicates much of his time to his profession.

Social Media ⁢Accounts

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FAQs‍ about Wildturtle

FAQs‍ about Wildturtle

Who is WildTurtle in the esports industry?

Jason Tran, known professionally as WildTurtle, is a Canadian professional League of Legends player who currently serves as a substitute bot laner and streamer for Shopify Rebellion.

What teams has WildTurtle played for in his career?

Throughout his career, he has played for several teams including Team SoloMid, Cloud9, CLG, Immortals, and FlyQuest.

When did WildTurtle start his professional gaming career?

He began his professional gaming career in 2011 with Forty Bus Gaming and has been active in the esports scene ever since.

Has WildTurtle achieved any significant milestones in the LCS?

Yes, he has made a name for himself by surpassing Bjergsen for the most games played in LCS history as of May 24, 2023.

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What championships has WildTurtle competed in?

He has competed in the World Championships for League of Legends in the years 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2020.

What is WildTurtle’s role in League of Legends?

In League of Legends, he plays the position of bot laner, which is a role focused on dealing damage from a distance and securing objectives.

How has his performance been recognized in the community?

His long-standing career and achievements have earned him recognition in the esports community, including becoming the second player to reach 1000 NA LCS kills during the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split.

What is WildTurtle’s real name?

His real name is Jason Tran.

How old is WildTurtle?

He was born on February 9, 1995, making him 29 years old as of February 2024.

What is WildTurtle’s current status in the LCS?

As of February 2023, he is listed as a substitute bot laner and streamer for Shopify Rebellion, indicating an active but non-starting role within the team.

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WildTurtle has become a prominent figure ‌in the esports ⁣world with‍ his exceptional gaming talents and entertaining Twitch streams.‌ Through his successful ⁣career as a ⁢professional League of ⁤Legends player and his dedicated‍ following, ⁣he has built a net worth⁢ of $2 million.

As he continues to excel ⁣in his gaming and ‍content creation endeavors,‍ it’s safe to say his net worth ⁢will‍ continue to grow.

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