What is Willie Rushton Net Worth 2024: Bio, Age, Weight, Height, Family, Comedic Style, And More

What is Willie Rushton Net Worth 2024 Bio, Age, Weight, Height, Family, Comedic Style, And More

Welcome to our deep dive into Willie Rushton net worth! As a towering figure in British satire, Rushton’s financial legacy is as fascinating as his comedic one. 

Join us as we explore the intriguing details of his life, career, and the wealth he accumulated through years of laughter and wit.

Quick Facts

Real NameWilliam George Rushton
Popular NameWillie Rushton
Birth Date18 August 1937
Age59 (at the time of death on 11 December 1996)
ParentsJohn Atherton Rushton (father), Veronica (née James) (mother)
SiblingsNone (only child)
Birth PlaceChelsea, London, England
EducationShrewsbury School, University College
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationN/A
Wife/SpouseArlene Dorgan (m. 1968)
DatingNot applicable
Net Worth$5 Million
Years active1961–1996
GenresComedy, satire
Source of WealthActing, cartooning, writing, comedy
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What is Net Worth Of Willie Rushton 2024?

What is Net Worth Of Willie Rushton 2024

As of the latest updates, the net worth of the late Willie Rushton, one of the top-rated British comedians, has maintained its estimated value of approximately $5 million since his passing in 1996.

His wealth was primarily attributed to his successful career in comedy, acting, cartooning, and writing. Despite the years passed, his legacy and the works he left behind continue to be celebrated.

Willie Rushton Overview and Wiki

Willie Rushton Overview and Wiki

Willie Rushton, a stalwart of British comedy and satire, was known for his multifaceted contributions to entertainment and media.

He was an actor, cartoonist, writer, and co-founder of the satirical magazine Private Eye. His quick wit and public persona made him a beloved figure across the UK.

Early Life and Education

William George Rushton was born on 18 August 1937 in Chelsea, London. He was the only child of John Atherton Rushton and Veronica.

Rushton was educated at Shrewsbury School, where he wasn’t particularly academic but flourished in creative pursuits.

He was deeply involved in satire from a young age, contributing to a school magazine that parodied the official one. Post-education, he served in the army before pursuing his comedic and artistic career.

Early Career and Private Eye

Rushton’s early career was marked by his contributions to humor magazines at Oxford. His wit and artistic talent were evident in his cartoons, though not immediately recognized by publications like Punch.

However, his determination and unique humor found a place at the Liberal News, where he honed his satirical edge with the Brimstone Belcher strip and political cartoons.

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The foundation of Private Eye in 1961 was a critical moment in Rushton’s career. His bedroom became the birthplace of a magazine that would come to define British satire.

Rushton’s illustrations, including the masthead figure of Little Gnitty, became synonymous with the publication’s cutting edge and humorously irreverent style.

Private Eye not only critiqued and parodied public figures and societal norms but also became a platform for Rushton’s expansive range of puns, jokes, and illustrations.

Television and Radio

Rushton’s career in television and radio further cemented his reputation. His involvement in That Was the Week That Was (TW3) showcased his ability to impersonate public figures like Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, pushing the boundaries of satire on television.

The show’s success catapulted him into the public eye, making Rushton a household name. His work on BBC Radio 4’s I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue for 22 years displayed his quick wit and love for the absurd, contributing to the show’s cult status and longevity.

Acting and Stage Work

Rushton’s talents extended to the stage and film. He acted in various productions, including the Edinburgh Festival Fringe revues and more serious roles in plays and films.

His ability to blend comedy with acting made him a versatile and sought-after performer.

His impersonations and comedic timing were not only limited to satire but also graced variety shows, children’s programming, and even musical theater.

Cartooning and Writing

Beyond performing, Rushton was a prolific cartoonist and writer. His work continued in Private Eye and other publications, where his cartoons were known for their sharp wit and distinctive style.

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He illustrated books, provided cartoons for various series, and even ventured into children’s literature with his creations. His work was recognized by exhibitions and collections, underscoring his impact on British culture.

Personal Life

Willie Rushton was married to Arlene Dorgan in 1968 and remained so until his untimely death in 1996. Known for his private nature regarding personal life, Rushton’s public persona was always more prominent than his personal revelations.

He was a cherished figure among his peers and the public alike for his humor and gentleness.

Social Media Accounts

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All about Willie Rushton News in 2024

There is no information about his news in 2024 because he died in 1996.

FAQs about Willie Rushton

FAQs about Willie Rushton

What is he known for?

Rushton was best known as a co-founder of Private Eye, a satirical British magazine. He also had a notable career in film, television, and radio, and was a regular team captain on BBC Radio 4’s quiz show Trivia Test Match.

What films did he appear in?

He appeared in films such as Nothing But the Best (1964), Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines (1965), and The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom (1968).

When did Willie Rushton pass away?

He died on 11 December 1996 at the age of 59.

Where is he buried?

He is buried at The Oval, London, United Kingdom.

Did he have any children?

Yes, he was married with three sons.

Was Willie Rushton married?

Yes, he was married to Arlene Dorgan in 1968.

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What was his educational background?

He was educated at Shrewsbury School, where he met his future Private Eye colleagues Richard Ingrams, Paul Foot, and Christopher Booker.

What was his role in Private Eye?

As a co-founder, he contributed to the magazine’s development and content, alongside his colleagues.

What other contributions did he make to comedy?

Apart from his work with Private Eye, Rushton was involved in various comedic endeavors, including writing and illustrating books, acting in comedic films, and performing on stage and radio.

What are some of Willie Rushton’s notable written works?

His bibliography includes novels like The Day of the Grocer and W.G. Grace’s Last Case, as well as humorous books such as William Rushton’s Dirty Book and Superpig: A Gentleman’s Guide To Everyday Survival.

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  • Richard Ingrams
  • Barry Cryer
  • Arlene Dorgan
  • David Frost


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