Wireless Vs Wired Speakers 2024: Top Full Guide

Wireless Vs Wired Speakers 2024 Top Full Guide

Choosing between Wired Vs Wireless Speakers can be a difficult decision. Both offer their advantages and disadvantages. If you’re looking for easy setup and the ability to quickly move your speakers from room to room or around the house, then consider wireless options.

If you’re looking for the best-sounding speaker, look for wired models. The choice between wired and wireless speakers can be difficult. There are and disadvantages to both. In this article, Hookeaudio will show you a side-by-side comparison of them. 

Wired Surround Speaker Setup

Wired Surround Speaker Setup

It is simple to set up wired speakers. Just make sure you have the correct cables. The wired surround sound system is essential to ensure that your surround speakers work well together and produce great sound.

An AV receiver and matching speaker are the essential components of a wired surround speaker system. You can create many configurations, and all members will be wired together. The player sends the audio signal to the AV receiver, which decodes it and sends it back to the wired speakers.


  • Wireless speakers produce a richer and more powerful sound source. Although many people attempt to minimize the importance of audio quality, it is a fact that cannot be denied.
  • A wired connection allows for better data flow and eliminates compressions that can inadvertently “steal” audio data.
  • Wireless connections are more stable than wired connections. The power switch can only stop a wired speaker. Wireless connections can experience frequent, sudden, and often unplanned cutouts, which can be v  ery annoying.
  • A device may disconnect from wifi more often than a power source. In this way, The  d speaker systems can be more reliable.
  • Wired devices are more expensive because they are outdated and less traditional. Because of the fierce competition among manufacturers, this is how modern technology works.
  • Every day, new products are released. Wireless speaker systems are prevalent, and there are many on the market. The companies that manufacture wired speaker systems must lower their prices to remain competitive.


  • No matter how big the space, wired speakers can make any room look messy. They do not add any decorative value and limit your movement. There is a greater chance of you tripping on them or causing damage.
  • There are limited options for placing wired speakers. It is almost impossible to conceal all cables unless you are installing in-wall speakers. Their position is often determined by where they make the most mess.
  • Pet owners are well aware that wired speakers are not pet-friendly. It is challenging to prevent pets from damaging or chewing the cables if they are exposed. This can often lead to unexpected costs.
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Wireless Surround Speaker Setup

Wireless Surround Speaker Setup

Wireless surround sound speakers allow you to use an audio signal wirelessly, eliminating the need to connect cables. Wireless surround speaker systems aren’t always wholly wireless.

To get power, each speaker must be connected to an outlet. Your speakers don’t need long, interconnecting signal cables between them and the receiver. Instead, they use a wireless receiver built into the receiver to receive their wireless signals from it.

Wireless surround sound speakers require a transmitter and receiver. Speakers that are specifically designed for wireless use these components.

Although each speaker will still need a power source, they will be more minor and easily hidden. Wireless surround speakers require a wireless signal. All types of speakers can be wireless, even subwoofers.


  • Wireless surround speakers create less mess in your smarthome theater system. These devices don’t require cables so that any room will look cleaner and larger with them.
  • The wireless speaker system is more versatile than traditional speakers because they don’t require cables. It can be placed where they deliver the most performance, without wires.
  • The wireless speaker system is less likely to be damaged. There won’t be any cables for you to trip on and no cables for your pet to chew.
  • Wireless surround sound speakers can easily be placed anywhere in ysmart hon your home theater without the need for wiring.


  • Wireless surround speakers are notoriously slow. Wireless data transfer is possible through a wireless connection. Wireless data transfer requires compression, which is why you hear a lower quality sound. No matter how hard makers try to fix this problem, it is not getting better.
  • Wireless connections can cause signal loss and disconnections that can sometimes ruin your listening experience.
  • Wireless surround speakers can be more expensive than wired ones.
  • Wireless surround speakers can include a prominent speaker connected to the power supply via a power cable, but it is also connected wirelessly to other speakers or subwoofers.
  • Wireless devices’ signal range is limited, so you must listen to music on your phone and set up wireless speaker systems in other rooms.

Wired Vs Wireless Speakers: General Speaker Buying Advice

Wired Vs Wireless Speakers General Speaker Buying Advice

Different surround speakers can have different prices and values, just like any other digital sound system. We will go into more detail about choosing a wired or wireless speaker.

There are some things to keep in mind since you will be purchasing more than a speaker. This advice, we think, is agnostic: whether you’re a wired junkie or flying-free-wireless, you’ll be able to make use of it.

Audio quality is the most important thing. There will be variations between models, just like any other audio equipment. How many drivers, their size, quality, housing, and other elements determine a speaker system’s quality.

All of this costs money, and you’ll have to decide how much you’re willing to pay for good sound. You can read our detailed speaker reviews here. Also, check out our roundup of wireless speakers and our review of bookshelf speakers.

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The second is loudness. The second is loudness. “As loud as possible” is not the right answer. If you live in a small place, you won’t be able to turn the speakers all the way up without getting kicked out.

Loudness can be measured in sound pressure level (or SPL), which measures how loud a speaker system emits at a given book. It’s also known as sensitivity, but it is confusingly called that.

Paradigm PW600 wireless speakers (total reviews) have a sensitivity level of 91dB. SVS Prime Elevation wired speaker (honest reviews) has a sensitivity level of 87dB.

It can be challenging to determine the sensitivity of a speaker because not all manufacturers use the same testing methods. However, they will give you an idea. The PW-600 will likely be louder than the Primes if the volume is equal.

Next, think about how many speakers you intend to purchase. This is easy for wired speakers. You will require at least 2 speakers, one for each channel.

But don’t worry, they are usually sold in pairs. You may need five if you install a home theatre system (which we will discuss in more detail below).

Wireless speakers are not as easy as saying, “I have five rooms in our house, so I need five speakers.” What is in them? What are you going to do with the speakers? Are you able to arrange your house in an open plan? One speaker could serve two rooms.

What number of times would you find yourself in this situation? It would be better to have 2 speakers in the area you use most often, instead of having one in that particular room.

We haven’t been invited to your home yet to assess the situation (we drink our coffee black, thank you).

You should think about how much time you spend in each place and where you spend that time. Let’s take the kitchen. The kitchen in most homes, including your writer, is small.

Most people only require one speaker to complete the task. Two speakers might be needed if you have a big kitchen or are a keen cook and like to move around with many blenders and casserole pots.

If you enjoy having many people over, two speakers may be necessary. You need a few speakers to fill a noisy living room. You don’t have to give up your wifi password. Otherwise, some guests might decide to show you how incredible the Creedence Clearwater revival is.

It’s also easy to use. This isn’t the best advice for portable speakers, but it’s still a good idea. Multiroom systems are unique because they can be controlled from anywhere.

They should not be challenging to use daily. It should also be simple to set them up. They should be simple to set up and link to the internet in less than a minute.

You should also be able to start playing music within a matter of seconds. Many systems were built with buttons and screens, making it difficult to connect.

However, many are now able to communicate via apps. In theory, this should be easy. But I don’t think it will. If you buy a sound system and aren’t sure how to set it up, you should check again.

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Next, think about the speaker design of your speakers. This is a subject that we are divided on. A well-designed speaker can be a fantastic bonus, but we care more about how they operate and how easy they are to use.

While most speakers look utilitarian, they can be disguised as such. A set of main floor standing speakers placed on either side of your TV will not bother anyone.

They are often only seen once and forgotten about. Multiroom audio is different. This is where you place speakers in areas of your house that one wouldn’t expect to find them. You can skip this section if you live alone and care not about the appearance of your home.

The importance of color is vast. Are you looking for your speaker to stand out or blend in with the background? It is possible to get speakers that match your house’s colors with minimal effort.

Also, consider the shape. You can’t control this to an extent because most speakers will be small boxes with different configurations.

Think about where they will be placed. Are they going to match the environment, or do they jar with it? This part may not interest you, but it is still essential.

Do All Wireless Speakers Connect in the Same Way?

Do All Wireless Speakers Connect in the Same Way

No. There are two types of wireless technology: Bluetooth and wifi.


Bluetooth is a near-field communication system that lets two devices connect, or “pair,” over a short distance. This means you can connect a speaker to a TV or other devices. It’s usually between 10 and 20 meters, but it could go further.

To pair your speaker with your smartphone, you will first need to activate Bluetooth pairing mode. This is done by holding down the Bluetooth button. Next, locate and tap the speaker in Bluetooth settings. It is the way a speaker’s Bluetooth works.


  • It is often easier to set up. Many modern devices support Bluetooth. You don’t need to have an internet connection or wifi signal.


  • The Bluetooth connection can produce excellent sound quality; however, a wifi connection is better for those who want the best sound quality.
  • However, Bluetooth technology has improved rapidly and is superb. This means that there is less room for wired and wifi connections.


This is the same connection you connect your home devices wirelessly to the internet using an internet router or home hub. There’s no limit to how close your speaker can be to a music source.

However, both must be connected to your wifi network. You can connect to your speaker by turning it on and then looking for it in your phone’s wifi settings.

The wi-fi equipment is similar to Bluetooth. You can also set up wifi via the app that your speaker has created for your phone or another device.


  • Sound quality can be better than some wireless speakers (some only support wifi). Wifi connectivity can offer more functionality.
  • Access to music streaming services like Spotify (some require membership) and voice assistants like Siri on Apple and Google Assistant on Android. You can also control your speaker using your voice.
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  • It needs a wifi link to work, so you can’t use it while you’re out and about. You could also set up your smartphone as an internet hotspot, but this will quickly eat into your data allowance for your mobile subscription.
  • All portable wireless speakers can support Bluetooth. Some wireless devices do not support wifi.


NFC, or near-field communication, is another subset of Bluetooth that simplifies the wireless connection. This means you don’t have to look for the portable speaker on your phone or another device.

To connect, you can place your smartphone or another device against the NFC symbol of your NFC-supporting speaker. All Bluetooth speakers do not support NFC. Similar technology can be found on Bluetooth radios and wireless headphones.

Are all wireless speakers compatible with Bluetooth and wifi?

No. No. Some wireless speakers can only support Bluetooth, while others only support wifi. Others will support both. Even though it’s nice to have both, you won’t often need them both.

Bluetooth is available for all portable wireless speakers. Wi-Fi is available on some models, although it’s less beneficial for portable speakers because you need a Wi-Fi signal.

Wireless speakers for the home: Most of them support both Bluetooth and wifi. However, some may only keep one. You have the option to connect via wifi, but the wired vs wireless speakers sound quality can still be excellent.

Smart speakers with voice assistants that let you control them by speaking only will always be compatible with wifi. Voice assistants need an internet connection to function.

Voice assistants on portable models won’t work fully unless they are connected to wifi. Our intelligent speaker’s guide has more information.

Do Expensive Cables Make A Difference?

Maybe. We don’t know. We are not capable of killing ourselves.

There is no audio topic more contentious than this. We’re not ready to take sides. Sorry.

It is possible to make expensive wires less obvious and less susceptible to electromagnetic interference. Without enough A/B testing, it’s just not possible to be sure.

If you spend a lot on your machine, there’s nothing wrong with spending a little more on cables. If you only need a basic set of speakers or are on a tight budget, a standard 16-gauge speaker wire will do.

Three Great Wireless Speakers You Can Buy Right Now

Three Great Wireless Speakers You Can Buy Right Now

Roku TV Wireless Speakers


  • These Bluetooth speakers are straightforward and quick to set up
  • Excellent sound quality for TV and music
  • Roku TV can be connected wirelessly
  • Bundled remotes allow voice search if you don’t already have it


  • Only compatible with Roku TVs
  • Voice controls are still fundamental.
  • There are no surround speakers or subwoofers available
  • Each speaker needs its power outlet

These wireless speakers are rectangular, black blocks measuring 6.8 by 4.0 by 4.0 inches (HWD) and similar in size to the Sonos One.

The sides and front are covered with grille cloth. The top and back panels feature a matte black rubber finish.

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These Bluetooth speakers are identical to the same back panels. The panels have power connectors, power LEDs, and pair and reset buttons. There are also screw mounts that can be used to mount the speakers to stands or walls.

There is no distinction between the left and right speakers. Channels are assigned to them when they are connected with your TV.

Two remotes are included with Roku. The Roku Voice Remote is a basic Bluetooth remote that can control Roku TVs, Roku Premiere+, and Roku Streaming Stick.

The small is a short, black wand that features a prominent purple direction pad, menu, and playback control buttons, as well as dedicated buttons for Hulu and Netflix, Sling TV, and Roku Channel.

A pinhole microphone is located near the top of the remote for voice search. Volume up/down, mute, and volume up/down buttons are also available on the right side.

The Roku Voice Remote can control your Roku TV using a regular Roku IR remote, such as the TCL 55P605 that we tested. You’ll also have another Roku Voice Remote if your Roku TV has one.

UE Boom Bluetooth Speakers


  • Certification and floats POSITIVESIP67
  • Portable bottle-speaker design
  • The app allows you to connect with 150 other UE speaker systems
  • Purchase of dock to receive wireless charging
  • Loud, audio fidelity


  • The sound quality is not excellent for the price
  • Separate wireless charging dock
  • The app is still helpful, but you should download it.

The Ultimate Ears Boom 3 surround sound Bluetooth speakers are 7.3 inches tall by 2.9 inches wide and have the same cylindrical shape as their predecessors. There are eight color options available, three exclusive to Best Buy and one exclusive to Target.

Except for a small strip of rubber that runs the length of the speaker, the round sides are fully covered with grille cloth. The rubber ends in a fabric loop.

The speaker’s front features major plus and minus symbols. They dominate the grille cloth and rubber strip at the back and act as volume controls.

On the top panel is a large circular multifunction button (what UE refers to as the Magic Button), a more miniature power switch, and an indicator LED. This is for physical controls.

Three Great Wired Speakers, You Can Buy Right Now

Three Great Wired Speakers, You Can Buy Right Now

Polk Audio T15


  • Easy to mount
  • Wide dispersion, broad area coverage
  • Easy load for inexpensive amplifiers
  • Wide soundstage
  • Ideal for budget surrounds since they sound best at a higher elevation


  • Flawed response and audible gap on direct axis height level
  • A somewhat cupped sound character on some recordings

The T15 surround sound-wired speakers arrived in a well-packed box. They were placed between two giant foam pieces inside the box and covered with soft plastic bags.

These bookshelf speakers look great with grilles. The Polk emblem and slight curvature of grilles add style.

These black woodgrain side panels look a lot more classy than the standard for this price range, usually textured vinyl. The speaker can be removed from the grilles.

The front baffle is made of semi-lustrous plastic and has rounded edges. A blue plate with the Polk logo surrounds the tweeter dome. The woofer cone is a creamy gravy with a glossy dust cap.

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Klipsch R-625fa


  • Conforms to Dolby Atmos specifications
  • Woofers with dual spun-copper heads
  • Aluminum tweeter with linear travel suspension
  • Tractrix Horn Technology
  • Built-in elevation channel
  • Woofers have magnetic shields
  • Outstanding bass reflex
  • Rear Tractrix port
  • MDF cabinet
  • Vinyl in luxurious wood grain design


  • A little heavy
  • Packaging can be improved.

The design of Klipsch R-625FA can be described as modern technology. The speaker is a premium quality product and is well-made. It looks elegant and shiny.

The speaker is black with magnetic grills. The speaker’s well-constructed, outclass body is impervious to scratches and is, therefore, scratch-resistant.

The wired speakers were designed to be used in homes. The speaker’s tower case made it possible to use anywhere in your home.

Two posts are required for wired speakers. The one used for front-firing is the other for up-firing atmos. This creates a 360-degree surround-sound environment. Atmos wired speakers don’t have to be connected.

The speaker is also floor-standing and has a dual spun-cooper, 6.5-inch woofers. This made the sound more clear. You can also see a second speaker inserted on top. This produces the sound from above.


FAQ Wired Vs Wireless Speaker

Is wireless audio as good as wired?

No, unless wireless technology finds a means to broadcast lossless audio for higher-resolution music, which is unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future. Wireless audio will always have lower quality than wired audio.

Can you get surround sound with wireless speakers?

Wireless speakers provide several benefits and may be added to an existing surround sound system. You may connect your wireless speakers to your media-streaming device directly, or you can utilize a wireless transmitter/receiver.

Do wireless speakers lag?

Audio delay often happens while viewing television while listening to music via a set of wireless headphones or a wireless speaker. When we wirelessly transfer music, whether utilizing Bluetooth or 2.4GHz, the audio transmission requires time to travel from the transmitter to the headphones/speaker.

Can you use a wireless speaker with a TV?

Connecting wireless speakers to your TV is simple. You need a Bluetooth transmitter. Connect the transmitter to the audio output on your TV after you have it. Depending on the sort of transmitter you choose, it may need electricity.

Does Bluetooth 5.0 have less latency?

Bluetooth 5.0 has a significant gain over Bluetooth 4.2 in terms of latency. You may be asking why delay occurs in the first place. The reason for this is that Bluetooth audio is compressed for transmission convenience. This signifies that the signal being sent is not pure audio.

Wired Vs Wireless Surround Sound System: Conclusion

For some, wired speakers offer a more secure connection than wireless speakers. Some people prefer wired speakers because they provide a stronger bond than their wireless counterparts.

Make sure your speakers can stream audio from a smartphone or other device wirelessly.

Several types don’t have this feature, but some can be made to stream through an external source using a cable. We hope this piece will help you choose the best wireless speakers for your home entertainment system.

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