What is Xposed Net Worth 2024: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

What is Xposed Net Worth 2024 Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

Xposed, or Cody Burnett, is a popular Twitch streamer and online personality. He has made a name in online gaming and streaming, amassing a significant following on various social media platforms. This article delves into his life, career, and Xposed net worth as of 2024.

Quick‍ Facts

Full NameCody Burnett
Popular ⁤NameXposed
Birth DateJuly 7, 1996
Birth PlaceCanada
Marital ⁤StatusSingle
Sexual OrientationStraight
Net⁢ Worth$12.81 million
Source of‌ WealthOnline streaming and‍ content ‍creation
Height6 ft 2 in ⁢(187 cm)
Weight180 lbs (82 kg)

What is ⁢Xposed’s Net Worth and‍ Salary in 2024?

What is Xposed's Net Worth and Salary in 2024

As of August 6, 2024, Xposed’s net worth is estimated at around $12.81 million. His primary source of income is from his online gaming and streaming activities, particularly on the platform Twitch. He also earns money by gambling with Bitcoin on Stake.

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Citation base on Casino Games: https://casino.guide/streamer/xposed/

Why‌ is ​Xposed Famous?

He ⁣has‌ gained popularity and fame​ through his engaging and entertaining ​online content.‌ He has ​amassed a large following⁢ across various social media‌ platforms, including⁣ Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, ⁣LinkedIn, ⁢and⁢ Pinterest.

With his unique and captivating style, he has⁤ captured the attention‌ and support of millions of fans worldwide, ⁤making⁢ him⁤ a prominent ‍figure in ​the online ⁢streaming⁢ and ‌content creation‌ industry.

Xposed Biography‌

Xposed Biography

Early⁤ Life

Cody Burnett, better known as Xposed, hails from Ontario, Canada. Information about his early life and family background is not readily available.


Details about his educational background are not publicly known.

Career and Awards

His journey into professional gaming began when he was just eight years old, starting with Call of Duty 4. As he grew older, he nurtured his dream of becoming a professional streamer and eSports player.

Despite an initial lack of support from his parents, his determination saw him start streaming while still in high school. He took a brief hiatus during his final year of school but returned to streaming in November 2017, encouraged by his friends and girlfriend.

His channel steadily grew in popularity, largely due to his over-the-top reactions and immature sense of humor, which resonated with his audience.

His income is primarily derived from his live streams activities. He has approximately 2,460 subscribers, which nets him a monthly income of at least USD 6,150, excluding additional revenue from tiered subscriptions, advertisements, sponsorships, tips, tournament winnings, and Twitch cheer bit contributions.

He also earns a significant amount from his top ten donators alone, as per his Twitch biography.

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However, it’s worth noting that despite his popularity and success, there are no records of Xposed receiving any awards for his work as of August 7th, 2024.

Nevertheless, his impact on the streaming community and his dedicated fan base are testaments to his success in the industry.

Personal Life

His personal life is as vibrant as his online persona. He became a family man in 2020, which led to a shift in his streaming schedule to accommodate his new responsibilities.

He now typically streams in the evenings, particularly from 9 pm Toronto time, with sessions lasting up to five hours or more. Despite the demands of his personal life, he remains committed to his streaming career, consistently delivering content to his followers.

Social Media Accounts

He has a strong presence on various social media platforms. He has 141.4K followers on Twitter, 408K subscribers on YouTube, 49.2K followers on TikTok, 50,900 on Discord, and 20K followers on Facebook.

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Xposed Latest News 2024

There has been no information about him recently.

FAQs about ⁤Xposed

FAQs about Xposed

What games does Xposed play?

He’s like a Swiss Army knife when it comes to gaming – versatile. But, he’s best known for his incredible plays in games like Call of Duty, and he’s also been seen dabbling in casino games. A true gamer at heart.

How did he become famous?

It’s all about charisma and skill. Xposed combined his gaming prowess with a personality that’s both relatable and entertaining, capturing the hearts of viewers one stream at a time.

Does he have a YouTube channel?

Absolutely! His YouTube channel is a treasure trove of gaming content, live stream highlights, and moments that’ll have you hitting the subscribe button faster than you can say “jackpot.”

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Is he active on social media?

Very much so! He’s not just a shadowy figure behind a gaming console; you can catch up with his latest ventures on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

What makes Xposed’s streams so special?

It’s like asking what makes a sunset beautiful – it’s a mix of things. His ability to connect with viewers, coupled with top-notch gaming skills and a dash of humor, makes every stream an event not to be missed.

Has Xposed won any gaming tournaments?

While he’s known more for his streaming than competitive gaming, Xposed has shown off his skills in various online competitions. Whether it’s a formal tournament or a casual challenge, he’s always a contender.

How can I watch Xposed’s streams?

Catching him live is as easy as hopping on Twitch or checking out his YouTube channel for live streams and archives of his gaming adventures.

What’s next for Xposed?

The future’s as bright as a well-lit gaming rig. Expect more streams, more games, and maybe even ventures into new platforms. One thing’s for sure, Xposed isn’t hitting the pause button anytime soon.


Xposed is a successful Twitch streamer with a significant online following. His entertaining broadcasts and competitive gaming have earned him a substantial net worth, making him a notable figure in the online gaming community.

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