Yamaha Yas 109 Soundbar Review 2022: Is It For You?

Yamaha Yas 109 Soundbar Review 2022 Is It For You

A Yamaha YAS 109 soundbar review can provide plenty of information about this latest and popular sound bar and how they compare to similar models.

The Yamaha YAS-109 sound bar was designed with high quality for both stream music and movies. The futuristic design and style make this a must-have for any family room. It comes in white and black and has a durable metal housing and low profile.

The Yamaha YAS-109 sound bar is a unique and great TV sound system that provides Amazon music and action movie lovers with a top-of-the-line audio system. Hooke Audio will take a closer look at this fantastic sound bar system and discuss features that make it different from the competition.

Yamaha YAS-109 Review (2.2 CH Soundbar) Pros & Cons

It is essential to understand that products are available in a wide range of price points. This is excellent news for consumers but not so much for those looking to make a name for themselves.

Fortunately, it can stand out in value. It not only sounds excellent at this price but also offers a lot more features, such as WiFi connection and Amazon Alexa integration.

If you are looking for big, spacious sound quality, the YAS 109 may not be what you need. However, this 2020 Vizio bar is closer to the YAS 109 due to its external subwoofer.

The YAS-109 sounds better than TV speakers, and the built-in subwoofers provide a good bass level. It is still a great option, especially if you don’t have the space for a sub.

About Yamaha YAS-109

The Yamaha YAS-109 compact sound bars have a 2.1-channel channel and built-in woofers. It is plug-and-play for your living space. It is a small, elegantly grilled bar that’s still powerful and intuitive. About Yamaha YAS-109

The sound bar is included in the box. It also consists of AC power and optical cables. Unfortunately, there is no HDMI cable in the box. However, we recommend connecting via HDMI cable (ARC) whenever possible.

The Build

Like most things Yamaha, the craftsmanship and design have a certain audio quality. This is true even with their low-cost items. This decent sound bar is constructed of a sturdy plastic shell wrapped with an appealing yet durable cloth covering.

It has a distinct style. It has a simple look, yet it is misleading when considering what is happening within. On the top of the machine, there is a display of controls that is practically hidden. It is 37 inches long, 5 inches high, and 7 inches deep.

It is usually part of a home theater system when you encounter sound bars. If it is not part of a system, it will normally have a subwoofer added for lower frequencies. The YAS 109 is meant to provide a complete audio experience. This holds across the board, with no need for extra assistance.

Two one-inch dome tweeters and two two-inch cone tweeters for the mids are housed inside the sound bar. There are also two three-inch cone speakers. These serve as the subwoofer, and an HDMI ARC port is located on one end of other sound bars.

The sound quality is projected in a broad arc due to the internal architecture of these TV’s speakers—both horizontally and vertically.

HDMI cable in and out ports are located on the back of the sound bar. There is also a connector for an additional subwoofer and TV and network connectivity.

The Extras

So, let us return to the enigmatic Alexa. She’s been tucked away in the sound bar to enable you to operate features and functions using your Alexa voice control. If you ask her properly, she will even answer your inquiries. We have to be honest and state that we can’t predict how she will respond to an accent or if she will comprehend it.

But the idea is that things may happen without you leaving your chair or even reaching for the remote. However, there will be no tea and cookies.

Perhaps someone is working on it. Are humans growing lazy, or is this simply the next step before the robots take over? Perhaps they have already taken Alexa voice control. In Greek, the name Alexa means ‘Defender.’ Perhaps it is another of her defensive powers.

Spotify Connect is also accessible for usage. WiFi or Bluetooth connections are used to connect.

Crystal clear dialogue…

It also includes Clear voice control. This is an intriguing feature that enhances the sound of voice control in the conversation. You may be watching a movie, and the background music or special effects are overpowering, drowning out the conversation. The discussions are brought to the forefront of the sound modes via Clear Voice. As an additional bonus, a bass extension feature may be used to boost the lower frequencies if desired.

The Controls

The setup is made simple. As previously stated, you may utilize either HDMI input or Optical ports located on the back of the device. There is also an app that acts as a soundbar controller. Said, download it. It will perform duties that are extremely similar to those of the remote control, which we can see presently.

The remote control is a welcome addition to the system when you’re sick of Alexa. It’s modest and has a few basic features, but it has some fascinating ones. It contains six EQ settings in total and source selection choices, and a Clear Voice button. There’s also a button to call Alexa if you’re uncomfortable chatting to a speaker cabinet.

The Sound

Logic dictates that this soundbar’s bass and low frequencies will not be as effective as a true subwoofer. It is not feasible to create a deep, resonant bass without the proper specs. The built-in subwoofers in this soundbar provide enough depth for their size. And, considering the size of the acoustic space and the size of the surround speakers, they’re rather astounding.

However, as previously said, they cannot compete with a large-coned subwoofer. On the other hand, the sound modes have depth, and with the bass option, it has some depth without truly rocking the room.

Other aspects of the auditory experience are very outstanding. DTS provides a massive surround sound experience. Previously, the sound quality required Bluetooth speakers to be installed on the ceiling or pointed above. The sound had a sense of height as a result of this.

DTS generates a unique surround sound experience, complete with the perception of height. As a result, although the discussion remains focused on you, other noises surround you. Very astute. The sound is also extremely powerful, with this soundbar producing 120 watts.

The previously stated bass extension is a fine concept. However, it only serves as a modest boost to the lower frequencies. It’s a nice touch for music or a soundtrack that needs a little something more. Some people will appreciate the deep, pounding bass that an external subwoofer provides. If this is the case, there is a connector on the back.

Yamaha Audio YAS-109 Pros & Cons


  • High-quality, fashionable design.
  • Alexa Compatibility
  • DTS Virtual Surround Sound
  • Clear voice control is a feature that improves speech in movies.
  • There are several relationships.


  • It lacks the bass of a full-fledged subwoofer system. However, if you wish to add a Sub out HDMI connection, it does have one.

What We Like

The high-quality sound that is reliable and flexible

It can be difficult to predict consumer expectations for this price range. A sound bar should sound better than the stock speakers on your TV. This is the bottom line expectation. These days, we expect more than just bottom-of the-barrel sound. The YAS-109 is an excellent choice.

The YAS-109 is a 2.1-channel speaker system with two midrange drivers, tweeters, and woofers. It comes in a compact chassis. The YAS-109’s diverse driver options provide a balanced, clean soundscape while watching TV or playing music video games.

You can’t get the same strong bass presence from this bar as you can from bars with a separate sub (Vizio 2020 2.1 sound bar is an example), but the YAS 109 does a solid job considering the materials it works with.

This model is similar to the SR-B20A but sounds better when playing cinematic content. However, it can also be used for other media. It was a joy to watch Blade Runner: The Final Cut on the Movies & TV app for Xbox.

The explosion and electric sound were intense and riveting. Vangelis’ synth-heavy music seemed to fill the living room wall to wall.

Unfortunately, the dialogue was somewhat muffled, and I had to voice control the volume constantly to make sure the balance was right between the dramatic, muffled speech and the louder, more ambient elements. Clear voice control on the YAS 109 didn’t fix the problem, but I could see the difference.

Yamaha has not yet provided the YAS-109 the features necessary to address audio problems in a wide range of situations. There are a variety of virtual surround modes available, including Stereo, TV, Music, and Sports modes. Each mode tries to highlight the appropriate frequencies for each use case.

Yamaha YAS-109 Soundbar Review

To balance out the background noise and speech, I tried a few during Blade Runner, but they didn’t work. It’s possible to chalk it up as compression 40 years later.

However, it also showed the limitations of single-bar systems. Comparably priced, the Vizio V21 H8 was more affordable. However, I found that the separate subwoofer made addressing these issues much more accessible.

Although the YAS-109 still surpasses TV speakers in terms of great audio and flexibility, it will not solve every problem. It was also helpful for playing video games.

Cyberpunk 2077 is the latest gamer trend. You are placed in a large city, surrounded sound by random advertisements and various sound effects such as the sheathing of a katana or an AI voice in your head. Although the emulated virtual sound effect was not as immersive as my gaming headphones, it placed produced sound in an object-oriented space.

The Yamaha 109 is an excellent product for EQ flexibility and aural fidelity for the best soundbar at a price under $200.

A team player when it comes to design

The YAS-109 is designed to blend into your living space or entertainment center. This is perfectly placed between the caltrop feet of our 50-inch Vizio M-Series Quantum TV. It sits low enough to obscure the screen’s bottom bezel.

The chassis is attached to the speaker array with a cloth-covered speaker array in a mixture of black plastic or charcoal cloth. This gives it a stealthy look, especially if you have a TV stand of a darker color.

The remote is also small enough to be used occasionally. You can find all the buttons you need, including volume control for the tweeters and built in subwoofers, input selection, proper mode selection, and an Amazon Alexa button. It’s easy to forget about the on-set controls.

To pair the best bar with your network, download the Yamaha Sound Bar Controller app and follow the instructions. You can then ask Alexa anything you want.

Sound Bar controller app feedback is not as good as other Yamaha sound bar app. It’s difficult to see how loudspeakers or subwoofers are set, and volume control with the TV remote controls can be a little confusing. I need to adjust volume about ten times before I notice a significant difference in decibels.

If your room is bright, the LED array for feedback can be used in a darkened, cinema-like setting. This sound bar is not expensive and has a premium feel. However, it does have a lot to offer.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Features

We (Review) were fortunate enough to test the Yamaha SR-B20A slightly cheaper than the older YAS-109. The juxtaposition is quite striking.

Although no one has ever asked me about it, I would tell them that I don’t care about my products’ built-in music streaming apps and voice assistants. Give me something like Klipsch Cinema 400, and I’ll be a happy listener.

It isn’t easy to wonder why so many features were removed from the SR-B20A, which is similar in price. However, the YAS-109 comes as standard.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Features

Although I did not use the YAS109’s Alexa functionality or WiFi/Spotify Connect capabilities often, it isn’t a problem. It’s a nice feature that it has those options if you want them. The new Yamaha SR-B20 is a better choice than the older YAS-109.

It has the same sound settings and modes, plus the additional features described here. These are features that have been well implemented. My patient, pliant Yamaha YAS 109, never demanded to be used alongside Alexa. It’s content to serve a supporting role below your TV. A spare IHDM input is a great addition at this price.

These features are a plus, and I use them all the time. They don’t interfere with my Vizio TV, which, if it’s not online, sometimes doesn’t allow me to view it at all. You can use them if you need them. However, most features are limited to small buttons on your remote.

What We Do Not Like

Eventually, some forgettable

The YAS-109 has been praised for its simple design and ease of use presentation. But sometimes, you want it to stand out from the crowd and sing a solo.

While this is true for many Bluetooth soundbars within this price range, the YAS-109 doesn’t have much power or punch without an external sub. Although it delivers sound like cursive writing, it is not as powerful as your TV speakers’ sharp crayon. This is not the place to experience a THX sound demo at a movie theatre.

You may not realize it is there once the ninja soundbar has been hidden under your TV at home.

yamaha yas 109 Eventually, some forgettable

This little soundbar acts as a soundbar, and you might not even notice it is there. Considering the price, this is a good thing, but it would be nice if the YAS109 could produce more volume control when needed.

Wait, there might be. This is due to the YAS-109’s subwoofer output port. You could integrate a wired sub into the setup to provide this product with the power it needs. Unless you already have a favorite wired sub, you might be better off spending a bit more on Yamaha’s YAS-209, which has all the same features and a wireless subwoofer.

Modes could have better differentiation.

Yamaha knows that the YAS-109 is likely to be their first Bluetooth soundbar. The setup is simple, and the YAS-109 doesn’t seem afraid of making something sound bad. You can use any audio mode to watch a movie, whether it’s the Movie, TV, Music, or Sports.

They all shift some aspects of the EQ but not enough that your film is unlistenable. This is the best move for novice consumers. No one will blow out their speakers by switching to the wrong audio mode.

What if the sound mode could be tuned a bit more precisely?

What if the modes could be tuned more precisely? Perhaps watching a action movie in Game mode would sound terrible. Could this mean that Game mode was better at video games than in watching movies? Maybe.

Although it’s a difficult task to raise a complaint about marketing and engineering, it(and many smart soundbars) could prove more valuable if they take the arrogant liberties TV engineers to handle. Have you ever seen the blue-tint and over the sharpness of Vivid modes on TVs at home?

Watch more:

Is There An Alternative?

The closest competitor to Yamaha’s new YAS 109 in terms of virtual sound and functionality is the Yamaha YAS-209 which costs $100 more but adds a discrete subwoofer.

The Vizio SB3621nn-G8 is the best option if you are looking for a bar that’s even cheaper and doesn’t have the same smart speaker functionality. It has the same Dolby digital processing and a subwoofer as the Vizio SB3621n, but it lacks additional features like WiFi, HDMI ARC, or Alexa.


Is Yas-109 worth it?

It is one of the most affordable soundbars that we have tested. It offers a clear and crisp midrange and a robust bass response, which is unusual for the best soundbar without a subwoofer.

Can I add a subwoofer to Yamaha YAS 109?

The bar has a few inputs. The bar has both HDMI ARC and HDMI Out ports and a Full HDMI IN port. An RCA optical cable can be plugged into the Subwoofer Out’ port to add a subwoofer.

Why is my Yamaha soundbar constantly turning off?

Yamaha offers auto-sleep options. It will automatically shut down if no input buttons are used within twelve hours. It will shut down if the soundbar cables are not correctly connected.

Let’s see why the soundbar keeps cutting out through our article.

But what does such a unit brings to the table?

In theory, this is a 2.2 channels soundbar, and if you are wondering about this numbering, we will analyze it shortly. It has a total of 120 watts of power. It supports Dolby Digital, DTS Digital Surround Dolby Digital: X comes with both WiFi and Bluetooth, and is equipped with plenty of extra features like Amazon Music Alexa, Spotify, and Amazon Music stream audio, High-Resolution Audio, and app control that will certainly make such a low-cost option all the more intriguing.

Should You Buy It?

Yes, if you are looking for a reliable sound that is easy to understand

The YAS109, a new entry-level Yamaha Dolby Vision, is still an excellent option for consumers who are tired of incoherent TV dialogue or watching Michael Bay movies with shaky quality. The YAS-109 is easy to connect and use.

There are enough features and modes to explore that it’s worth the price. The sound will surpass your TV, and you’ll be happy to know it’s an easy-to-use product.

Unless you are already deeply in the throes of audio passion, it is. Audiophiles don’t have to be audiophiles to appreciate EQ and the emotional impact sound has on your emotions. If you are in this group, the YAS-109 will not disappoint.

However, after a few months, you might start to forget that it exists and wish it could be more powerfully complemented by other content.

There are many other options if that is the case. Klipsch Cinema 400 will give you a more robust and dynamic sound than the YAS-109, but it will still cost $100.

If your soundbar budget is $200 or less and you want the best soundbar for your money, Vizio’s newest 2.1-channel option is the one I recommend. It’s currently our favorite soundbar below $200.

The Yamaha YAS-109 has excellent features, but you still want the superior sound provided by a wireless subwoofer. This is why we are currently recommending the Yamaha YAS-209 as our top value option.

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