Yamaha Yas-207 Soundbar Review: Top Full Guide 2023

Yamaha YAS-207 Soundbar Review 2023 Is It For You

Do you want an affordable soundbar? Perhaps you are looking for a small, powerful sound system? You’re at the right place.

Today’s article will be a Yamaha Yas-207 Soundbar Reviews. It is packed with tips and tricks to make your smart TV more useful. In less than one minute, you will find the answers to all your questions.

The Yamaha 207 Sound bar is a 2.1-channel sound system used in your home theater. The internal amplifier delivers high-fidelity audio that fills even the most significant rooms.

Pros And Cons


  • The signature sound of neutral
  • Good build quality.
  • Stereo performance is excellent.


  • Lacks sub-bass.
  • Barebones app.

There have been a few tweaks to Yamaha’s original formula over the three years that it has been in production. They are all positive. It is priced at $300 and offers an additional sound mode, DTS VirtualX, for simulated surround sound and HDMI connectivity.

Prices are dropping fast, and Polk just announced a $130 sound bar. But the Yamaha is the best budget option with its immersive sound and easy-to-use features. The Yamaha’s sound quality was rated as good as the Vizio SB3621, but it has a deeper sound.

The Yamaha 207 can be purchased now for $299, PlayStation 349, or AU$599. It is the best soundbar under 300 on market.

First Impressions

We were immediately struck by the speaker’s wide image regardless of our position in the room. This was even with DTS VirtualX processing disabled. The most comprehensive and best image was obtained by sitting centered on the YAS 207 and seven or more feet from it.

yamaha soundbar yas 207 review First impressions

It’s easy to adjust the subwoofer’s volume and turn on the Bass Extension feature from the remote. We often used these controls as we listened and manipulated music. We also made adjustments to the YAS-207’s bass balance on the fly.


The YAS-207 is easy to set up, mainly if the included optical cable is used. Plug in all your sources and then run the optical audio cable from the sound bar down.

We recommend connecting to the HDMI ARC ports on your newer TVs with HDMI ARC connections. This will provide the best sound signal from the TV and allow you to control the volume and power of the soundbar using most TV remotes.

An HDMI cable is required for this. You may also need to activate ARC or HDMI-CEC in your TV’s setting menu. Also, you might need to change the sound output to External Speaker/Receiver.

The YAS-207 also has an HDMI spare input. This allows you to connect your primary video component to the bar, such as a Blu-ray player. This will allow for better audio decoding and support for Dolby Digital Surround and Dolby Digital Surround.

This configuration will allow you to get sound from your TV by selecting the soundbar’s TV output. You’ll need to click the HDMI input to enable Blu-ray and game console audio. This setup also supports a 4K/HDR passthrough at 60 frames per second.

Design and Features

It’s not just the specifications that have changed. Cosmetics are also evolving. The YAS-207’s faux-leather top and cloth grille surround to make it look more like a furniture piece than the YAS-203. The 207 doesn’t have the IR repeater as the older model, but it is shorter at 2.375 inches.

This means it will be less likely to block your TV’s IR port. This is a problem if you wall-mount your TV using keyhole mounts. However, it will still poke out about six inches from the wall.

Although the front of the unit has touch-sensitive controls, a clearly labeled LED readout, and a sensor-labeled LED readout, it isn’t easy to decipher from the couch. Unfortunately, the device does not have an on-screen display to connect to your TV.


The central unit’s sub is large at 7.125 inches wide, 17.25 inches high, and 15.75 inches deep. It also comes with a cloth grille that appears removable, but it is not. You can place the sub in a corner or right next to your couch. It is wireless and front-ported.

The remote is probably the essential thing Yamaha has not changed from previous models. It combines a credit card and a small clicker and contains all the buttons you need. You can also use Yamaha’s HT Controller app via Bluetooth to control additional options.

The YAS-207 is compatible with Dolby and DTS soundtracks. It is the first sound bar to offer DTS VirtualX, a virtual surround mode used with stereo systems. The sound bar includes four 1.75-inch woofers, two tweeters, and a wireless subwoofer with a 6.5-inch driver.

The connectivity includes a 4K compatible HDMI input/output and Bluetooth. There is also an analog input for 3.5mm and an optical port. A USB port is available for firmware updates.

However, the speaker doesn’t display, so it isn’t easy to see which firmware you have. Important to know that the earliest versions of the speaker did not include DTS Virtual:X. If the LED does not turn blue when you press the Surround, it is time to update.

A High-Quality Remote And Mobile App

Yamaha’s remote control works better than others at this price. The buttons are well-organized with large font. Although the small isn’t backlit, the buttons are different shapes and colors.

This allows you to see them in dim lighting or even without looking. Yamaha soundbars are among the few that come with a complimentary mobile app.

This will enable you to control all aspects of your sound bar. It was easy to connect the Yamaha 207 via Bluetooth and then download the Yamaha Home Theater App on my iOS device.


The Moonlight DVD was our first step in exploring the YAS207. We were instantly impressed by the sound quality that filled the CNET listening area’s front wall. Although the film doesn’t use special effects, the interior and street scenes sound real. Nicholas Britell’s beautiful music score was stunning, and the dialogue was clear and natural.

We played several battle scenes from Hacksaw Ridge, a World War II-era Blu-ray, to test the YAS-207’s home theater endurance.

Although the YAS-207 could handle artillery fire without any strain, the movie’s sound quality was better when the volume was reduced to a moderate level. Clear Voice on the YAS-207 slightly improved the clarity of dialogue.

yamaha soundbar yas-207 review

The soundstage was reduced when the Polk MagniFi Mini soundbar and wireless subwoofer system were used. However, the system sounded more precise and immediate than the YAS-207. The MagniFi Mini’s sub could not match the YAS207’s larger box, making Hacksaw’s mayhem sound more powerful.

While the YAS-207 had a more prosperous, heavier sound, the MagniFi Mini sounded smaller. Listener fatigue was reduced by the mellower presentation of the YAS-207, which was much easier to hear and less likely to cause over long listening sessions.

The YAS-207’s sound is refined and easy to hear, especially when the DTS VirtualX/3D Surround playback is turned off. It did a great job creating large sound fields. However, the quality and tone of that sound varied from movie to movie, so we didn’t use it all the time.

Sometimes DTS Virtual:X sounded brighter than the YAS-207 standard surround mode. We were also more satisfied with it off. We were still impressed with the DTS mode’s ability to expand the sound fields for most of our movies. You might enjoy it.

The YAS-207’s music capabilities were a little better than average. We could hear the Replacements’ Don’t Tell A Soul album more clearly than we could with the MagniFi Mini. Although the Polk was not bad, its limitations in size were obvious. The YAS-207 was better with all genres.

Virtual:X Is Compared To A 7.1.4 DTS:X Audio Set

So you don’t get confused, I tried the Yamaha YAS-207 inside my DTSX 7.1.4 theater. Although the YAS-207 was able to do a great job, it couldn’t deliver the same level of refinement as a dedicated immersive audio system. The YAS-207 couldn’t produce the same discrete height effects as dedicated in-ceiling speakers.

Harry encounters the dragon in the 14th Chapter of The Goblet of Fire. With a DTS:X immersive audio system, the dragon will wail above Harry, and then he will breathe fire at Harry.

The fire sonically envelops you as it fades behind you. The Yamaha didn’t have that effect, but I did experience a significant increase in height, something I couldn’t get with the Yamaha in stereo mode.

DTS VirtualX’s most impressive feature is its ability to enhance on-screen dialogue. The Yamaha 207 has a great value, but it has a very boxy sound and a thin tonal quality.

These sonic flaws were greatly diminished by turning on DTS VirtualX. Despite Virtual:X, the overall sound quality of the YAS-207 is still fragile.


Does Yamaha YAS-207 have Alexa?

The YAS-207 has the same excellent sound quality as the original and includes Alexa support. It is still a great choice if you can find the 207 at a lower price than its original $300 MSRP.

What number of speakers does a Yamaha 207 have?

With six speaker drivers and an acoustically-engineered cabinet, the YAS-207 delivers dynamic, exceptionally-clear sound that lets you hear all of the details you’ve been missing.

Transparent Voice mode brings narration and dialogue to the forefront of the system, making it easier to understand.

What number of speakers does a Yamaha YAS207 have

Is the Yas-207 compatible with Dolby Atmos?

This soundbar doesn’t have Atmos support and does not include height channels. Sub-par sound enhancement capabilities are available on the Yamaha 207. The Yamaha 207 lacks Room Correction. This means that the soundbar could sound different depending on where the soundbar is placed.



Yamaha 207 is one of our favorite soundbars for TV viewing. You can improve your smart TV’s viewing experience with its many features and valuable audio content. Yamaha 207 delivers the highest quality sound with clear voices and crisp dialogues from actors and actresses you see on TV.

Yamaha 207 includes a 2.1 Channel with a subwoofer and speakers at the front. Yamaha YAS 207 is the soundbar you should consider if you want to get the best soundbar on your TV. Hooke Audio appreciates your reading. Comment below. Have a great day!

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