The Verse does a great job


A New industry standard: recording sound the way we hear it with Hooke


Binaural recording has just hit a new standard with the Verse


Immersive audio that feels like it’s swirling around you.


Great sounding headphones.


The 3D audio is really, REALLY impressive

Introducing Hooke Verse - Pioneers in Sound Quality

For people who create premium content, Hooke Audio makes tools that capture and relive moments the way they are sonically and visually experienced, because life’s most amazing moments deserved to be captured and shared amazingly.

Hooke Audio has been delivering accessability to pro-grade sound for some time now. Check out our latest endeavor in wireless audio, Hooke Lav.

Hear The Difference

Think of the last amazing thing you heard and how disappointing it sounded when you tried to capture and relive it. Your phone records in mono, but we hear the world in binaural. Life’s special moments deserve to be captured and shared amazingly in binaural audio.


What is Binaural Audio?

Binaural or Binaural 3D audio is audio captured identically to the way we hear the world. When audio is captured with a binaural microphone like the Hooke Verse, it is capturing sound just like we hear it, in full 360 degrees.
When you listen back to a binaural audio recording on any 2 channel system (like a pair of speakers) you will feel like you are there in the moment, hearing it identically to the way the recordist did. Hearing really is believing.


Record Binaural Audio

Hooke Verse can record lossless binaural 3D audio to Android and iPhone wirelessly using our proprietary Bluetooth recording code, and wired lossless binaural 3D audio to GoPro, DSLR, Field Recorders, Computers and more using the proprietary Hooke recording cable.

The 3D Audio Blog

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Hearing Is Believing

If you care about sound quality as much as you care about video quality, the Hooke Verse is for you. Now you can create and share memories with the sound captured identically to when you heard it. Binaural recording has never been so much fun.