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Hooke Audio Verse

The Hooke Verse is a pair of wireless headphones that incorporate binaural microphones designed to record 3D audio. Specially placed mics in each ear record audio the way the ear actually captures sound.

Using Hooke Audio’s free mobile app, the Hooke Verse proprietary bluetooth codex allows users to record 3D stereo audio on most smartphones. Unlike Surround Sound technology, the Hooke Audio system does not require multiple speakers or special headphones. So anyone can play the 3D audio experience on any stereo headphone or speaker.

With the Hooke Verse, your videos and recordings can have professional binaural audio sound. Limited pre-orders are available now for only $139. Hear the difference below.

3d Audio
Hooke 3d Audio Headphones

What is 3D Audio?

The Hooke Verse records 3D audio.

3D audio is a truly immersive sonic experience. It is sound that has presence and gives the sensation that you are there on playback.

Conventional recording techniques, especially on smartphones, leave sound flat and degraded. Currently your smartphone only records in mono. The Hooke Verse changes this by recording in full binaural stereo. This is audio with full depth and dynamic qualities.

hooke 3d audio headphones
hooke 3d audio headphones
hooke 3d audio headphones
hooke 3d audio headphones
hooke 3d audio headphones


Binaurally On Smartphones, GoPro, and More.

Hands free Calling

In Street, At Home, In the Office.


to iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Google Music and More.


Binaural recordings on any speaker or headphones (Only 2-Channels Required)

Be Hear. Be Binaural.

Take a listen. Let your ears decide the difference between binaural recording and standard recording technology. Hear some examples of the Hooke Verse in action. 3D Audio recordings bring music, travel, experiences and the world around you to life.

Mobile 3D Audio is Hooke Audio.

Hooke Audio is changing the way we record audio on our smartphones. Binaural recording changes the way we record the world. It’s time for a smartphone compatible professional quality microphone - The Hooke Verse is that microphone in a consumer friendly package.

The Hooke Verse allows you to record sound and share audio the way you experienced it, which is not in mono, all from your smartphone.

Hooke Verse is a wireless headphone and the first bluetooth microphone to provide superior sound playback and also capture mobile 3D audio to share with your family, friends, and followers for under $200. Let’s change the way we record the world!

Binaural recording has never been so affordable (and so much fun). How will you record the world?

Blue Hooke 3d Audio Headphones