Beats Solo Hd On Ear Headphone Review 2021: Is It For You?

Beats Solo Hd On Ear Headphone Review 2021 Is It For You (1)

The Beats Solo HD headphone has fantastic sound quality and is built with convenience in mind. It is making high-quality music enjoyable for anyone. The headphones are made of the best possible materials, with precision engineering to deliver the best user experience.

The latest Beats by Dre product, the Solo HD headphone, offers excellent audio quality with one ear cup for easy mobility. It is combining the latest in engineering to create a product that provides the best possible user experience.

If you are considering investing in this device, then this is an excellent place for you. In this Beats Solo Hd On Ear Headphone Review, Hooke Audio will show you all details about this device to know that should you invest in it?

Beats Solo Hd On Ear Headphones Review

Beats Solo Hd Headphone Reviews

Pros and Cons


  • Very well adapted for use on the move
  • Good build quality, light weight
  • Apple inline remote is useful on suitable devices


  • Sonic balance is a somewhat bass-heavy
  • Can be a little uncomfortable after extended periods of time
  • Relatively expensive

Design beats


The Beats Solo HD on-ear headphones are lightweight, with a closed-back design that isolates sound for an immersive listening experience. They are made of premium materials, including supple leather ear cups, metal hinges, and a frame.

The ear cup covers are made of synthetic leather and fit very comfortably on your ears, allowing for a snug fit. The earcups and headbands are removable and washable, so you can keep them looking clean and new.

The Beats Solo HD headphones come with a 1.2 m cable, which you can connect to the audio port of your mobile phone, and an audio cable that allows you to join the headphones to your computer’s headphone jack.

The headphones have an inline remote control that allows you to skip tracks, answer calls and adjust the volume. The remote also functions as a microphone, allowing you to use it as a hands-free phone headset.

The headband of the Beats Solo HD has a hinge on either side that folds the earpad section inwards and is coupled with the removable cable; this makes them the most compact of the designs in the test.

The Solo HD’s headband has hinges on both sides that fold the earpad sections inwards. This, combined with the removable cable, makes them one of the most compact designs. The other end of both cables is of the right-angle kind, making for a compact connection with a portable player

The pivot within the headband allows for movement up and down, but not left ear cup and right. The band has a small amount of padding at the top, but it’s not really under any strain due to its lightweight.

The cushion of the top cushion is nicely lined, and it doesn’t show any signs of wear after several weeks of use.

The earpads of the Solo HD are very soft and plush, and they conform very nicely to the contours of your head.

The Beats solo HD earpads have a distinct curve at the top; this causes them to fit more tightly around the ears. The cushion is nice and soft, and it does a decent job isolating sound range.

On the side, there is a small pocket where you can store your mobile phone or other small items. The bag is nice and big, so it’s easy to get your stuff in and out of it. The perfect travel pillow for long flights The Soar High airplane pillow is very comfortable and supportive.

The Beats solo Hd headphone also includes an effective noise cancellation feature, which means they won’t disturb fellow passengers around you.

There is also a power switch and an additional mini-USB cable included, so you don’t have to go and look for them elsewhere.

The device itself does not have a display, but it has an LED light that lets you know how much battery you have left and charge your device when you’re back home quickly.

Aside from the headphones and the pair of cables, the box also includes a neat neoprene carry case and a cleaning cloth

Build Quality

Beats Solo HD noise cancelling headphone is also very well built. The metal folding hinges feel substantial and are pleasant to the touch. The supplied pair is finished in white. It was used as a review pair. The white product is not affected by discoloration or marking.

The device also features a sound dampening pocket to reduce the chances of its contents being disturbed by the sound. The solo HD cable is long enough so it can easily be tucked away under the pillow.

The wire has a lovely braided appearance that doesn’t attract dirt but can be easily cleaned. The comfort of this pillow is not enough to make me forget about my trouble sleeping on planes.

Comfort beats


ControlTalk is an in-line remote control that includes a microphone. The Beats Solo HD has ControlTalk. It is a feature that users love the most because it delivers superior performance to other models. Audio transmissions are clear, crisp, and high-quality.

This is unlike many different models with the same setup. ControlTalk’s best feature is the length of its cord and the position of the mic and control pieces along with it.

These headphones are often located farther down the cord, which means that you will need to keep the mic close to your lips when speaking or using the phone.

Beats Solo HD’s hardware is positioned so that it hangs above the shoulder. This makes communication hands-free. Although you will need to reach up to control music play or skip tracks, the ease of using the device for voice communications makes it worth the effort.

Beats Solo HD ControlTalk is best suited for Apple products. It integrates seamlessly with most Apple products. The results might not be as seamless if you add an Android phone to the mix or another non-Apple device.

Although the headphones are compatible with most Android devices, you should expect some issues if you don’t have an Apple device. Beats headphones are working on this issue. ControlTalk, an essential feature of the headphones, is a popular feature, but there are many other users.


The Beats Solo HD headphones are a smaller version of the original and weigh only 0.16kgs, which offers two advantages to users. They are easier to carry around and more comfortable to wear.

The new headphones are lighter than their predecessors, making it possible to wear them while traveling on an airplane.

The earpads are pleasant enough, and the headband has enough traction to ensure that the phones stay in place even when moving about vigorously.

The weight is very reasonable given the quality of the build. Finally, the better fit is comfortable even if they are slightly on the large side.

Sound Quality

The Solo HD’s bass response is a prime example of this. The bass response range is deep and substantial. This bass is not as detailed as the AKG and the Beyerdynamic.

This bass seems more like a single note of deep bass than it shows off all the details in the mix. It can be overwhelming if you are sitting in a quiet place, but it makes more sense when you walk down a noisy street.

The powerful low end can make the upper registers seem a bit more recessed than the lower ones. On the other hand, if you choose the material with a higher quiet lot, the performance will be detailed and accurate tonally.

The Beats by Dr Dre Solo HD premium Headphones don’t respond as well to higher resolution materials as the other models. The same goes for external headphones amplifiers.

This is due to their mobile-friendly setup. MP3s or AAC files retain the same behavior, even at very high compression levels.

The Solo HDs are extremely accommodating in this regard. You can flatten the response slightly using EQ software on an iPhone or a laptop, but the essential character of the model will remain the same.

Solo HD’s sensitiveness allows for the easy use of portable devices. To get a good listening level, you don’t need to crank up the volume on an iPhone. The inline remote microphone is perfect, and calls are excellent. A larger device shouldn’t cause volume issues.

Noise Cancellation

The noise cancellation is quite good, with the one-inch thick pads sealing your ears from the outside world. Beats Solo HD on-ear headphones are better than other over-ear headphones that can be used on public transport.

Beats by Dr Dre headphones are a good thing considering how often we see them on buses and trains. However, in-ear headphones or noise cancellation sets offer a higher level of sound reduction.


The bottom line for premium headphones is their performance and the quality of their audio output. Although the original Beats Solo HD did not meet many of its big claims, the Beats Solo HD is an entirely different story. Many users were pleasantly surprised by how much better the audio quality is.

These headphones are perfect for those who love loud bass and listen to music at maximum volume. These headphones deliver all the bass you need and, even at total volume, do a great job of providing the music without any distortion.

For anyone who loves rap music, the highs are well balanced with the bass. The Beats Solo HD is not the right choice for people who want a more flat response and headphones to play a broader range of music.

These headphones are perfect for anyone who is looking for audio isolation and noise cancellation. Although they don’t have active noise cancellation technology, the earpieces and full leather padding do a great job at reducing ambient noise to a level that is nearly non-existent when you listen to music at higher volumes. Although they don’t offer perfect design, they are better than other models that promise and fail to deliver in this area.


Monster realized how awful the original Solo headphones were for the money and has made Beats solo HD sound better. It hasn’t done enough. Although they are attractive and offer good comfort, their sound muddy can’t be justified at this price range.


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