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How Long Do Bluetooth Earbuds Last? Top Full Guide 2022

How Long Do Bluetooth Earbuds Last Top Full Guide 2022
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How Long Do Bluetooth Earbuds Last? Read on our guide below to find out more.

Many Bluetooth earbuds owners don’t know that there are ways to prolong the battery life. They have been forced to keep buying new earbuds in short order.

Bluetooth earbuds can last for approximately 1-2 years with moderate to heavy usage. Earbuds can last for 2-3 years if they are well cared for. Poor connectivity, unbalanced volume on the left and right, mic problems, and poor connectivity are all signs that your Bluetooth earbuds have reached their end. Let’s find out!

How Long Do Bluetooth Headphones Last

Bluetooth headphones have a range of playtimes that depend on how big the battery is. The bigger the battery, you get the longer playtime. Other factors play a role, which we will discuss later. Because of their small size, wireless earbuds don’t last as long as Bluetooth headphones.

How Long Do Bluetooth Headphones Last

Bluetooth headset lasts for 18-20 hours. It’s quite reasonable, but you can also find models that last much longer. The average playtime for most models that you can find online is 18 hours.

Playtime decreases over time, as most of you will know. Some playtime changes can be manageable. However, if the change is significant, it can become a problem. This is what we will be discussing next.

How To Keep Earbuds In Your Ear? Top Full Guide 2022

How long does a battery last?

First, let’s not be too optimistic. Every battery eventually dies. Battery life is still considered disposable, so manufacturers don’t have any incentive to extend it. The technology is still not commercially available, but it may be readily available.

Things aren’t so bad, however. Average models have a battery life between 2 and 4 years. I don’t mean cheap or expensive models, but models that are affordable to most.

How long does a battery last

It’s not bad to have significantly reduced playtime 4 years ago. Even after 2 years, users are content. That’s why I said that it was a personal choice.

The question you must be asking is, “Is there anything I can do?” Maintenance is essential for keeping your device in top shape. Even if you don’t see any positive results, it is still a good idea to keep your headphones in top shape.

How to make them last longer

You should follow a proper charging schedule. Avoid undercharging the battery or completely draining it. You should ensure that your wireless earbuds are in good condition and operating properly to use them for as long as possible.

If they are not being used, make sure always to keep them in a case. To prolong the life of your device, make it a habit to store them away when they are not being used.

How to make them last longer

You can clean your earbuds and case regularly with a dry, lint-free, and soft cloth. To make sure it is bacteria-free, you may also use rubbing alcohol to wipe the cloth. You should clean the microphone and speaker meshes with a soft-bristled toothbrush or dry cotton swab. It’s pretty simple, but it is often forgotten to clean the microphone and speaker meshes.

Your wireless earbuds should be given a workout every once in a while. Please don’t leave them unattended for weeks or months. Instead, put them to work. Keep the volume up and keep them charged in a case. You won’t be disappointed if the battery runs out.

They should be protected from all liquids. Submerging them into any watery substance could cause irreparable damage. Some earbuds have a water-resistant option. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are waterproof. Unfortunately, there aren’t wireless earbuds like this on the market yet. Let’s hope they come out soon. The rule of thumb is aqua until then.

You should not leave your earbuds in while you’re sleeping. It could cause irreversible damage and make it difficult to get them to perform at the same level. You don’t want to waste your hard-earned money, do you? Your hygiene routine should not be forgotten: wash your ears. It’s very simple: earbuds and earwax don’t mix well.

What Not to Do with Your Earbuds

  • Earbuds can easily be damaged because they are small and delicate. These are some of the most common reasons:
  • You shouldn’t sleep with your earbuds in your ears. This is not good for your ears and expensive wireless investment. Both can be damaged, so it’s not everyone’s fault.

What Not to Do with Your Earbuds

  • You should not crank up the volume so much that it damages your ears and the device. It is okay to raise the volume to an appropriate level. While it is understandable that you may feel like Steven Tyler or Ozzie Osborne, it doesn’t make it any more fun.
  • Exposed earbuds and other liquids. They don’t mix well. It’s a fact.
  • Keep your earbuds safe and in your pocket. One wrong move can cause your wireless friend to become fragile and smashed. Sometimes, there is no turning back.
  • Inadequate cleaning: If you rub and scrub the microphone or speaker’s surface hard, it will lead to irreparable damage.

Wireless Earbuds Pros & Cons


  • Convenience: No wires, no tangling or ripping
  • Earbuds come with a charging case. This allows for easy storage
  • You have ample listening time with up to 11 hours of talk time and 24 hour listening time
  • You can move up to 40 feet from your device.
  • Easy to transport lightweight
  • Bluetooth pairing with any gadget: iPhone, iPad, or personal computer
  • Attractive design is a must. Why sacrifice style for functionality when you can have both?


  • You must charge your battery constantly, or else you risk a draining battery.
  • Synchronizing issues: Sometimes, earbuds can’t connect to the device they are supposed to be paired with.
  • Audio issues can occasionally occur, which can be annoying when listening to or talking about a favorite song.
  • It is quite fragile and easily broken, able
  • They could be lost in a matter of seconds because they are so small
  • It is not waterproof. It is not waterproof now, but modern technology is continuously improving, so one day, it will be.


These are the things you should keep in mind when purchasing a Bluetooth headset. You should choose a wireless battery that doesn’t require a memory charge.

However, keep in mind that you might need to purchase a new wireless earbud every 2-4 years. Do not buy something too expensive. It will last as long as the average product.

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