How To Unfreeze A Subwoofer? Top Full Guide 2023

How To Unfreeze A Subwoofer Top Full Guide 2023
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It is essential to know how to unfreeze a subwoofer if you are experiencing any sound inconsistencies. However, many people are finding themselves worried about how to unfreeze a subwoofer. This article will teach you to step by step the process of unfreezing a subwoofer.

What Causes A Subwoofer Freeze?

A car subwoofer will freeze if you try to push it down with your hand. This is usually because of the blown subwoofer. The coil will melt if it is overused, such as by sending a clipped or overpowering signal.

How To Unfreeze A Subwoofer

Car subwoofers can be considered the most sensitive item that can be blown. Sometimes the amp can be clipped which causes damage to its main volumetric tentacles. It can freeze if your speakers are low quality.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to fix a frozen solid car subwoofer. Before I get into the details, let me first explain the tools needed for this process:


You will need some essential tools to fix your subwoofers. These materials can be used in conjunction with the following method.

  • Small Knife Toolkit
  • Screwdriver
  • Masking Tape
  • Speaker Repair Glue
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Epoxy Glue
  • Elmer’s Glue or PVA glue

Let’s now show you how to fix your subwoofer.

How To Unfreeze A Subwoofer

Disassemble Them

The first step is to choose the right tool for your subwoofer. You will need a screwdriver to remove the woofers from their mounting position. It would be best if you were careful as it can cause damage to any wires. You can remove the attached wires one at a time.

Once the speakers have been removed, you need to clean place that has enough lighting. You will need to inspect the woofer and identify the actual problem. You should check the woofer’s suspension foam, voice coil, and cones for subwoofers to ensure they are not damaged.

You can quickly fix foam suspension problems quickly with glue. If the cones or coils have been damaged, you can remove them with a knife. You can remove them by removing the middle dust cap. You can use a small knife to try to remove the coil from the spider.

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It is natural to remove the spider from the coil. It will then come out as one unit. You will now need to insert a new coil and attach the tinsel to the terminals. To prevent them from being damaged again, however, you will need to use a solid iron.

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Use Simple Tricks To Unfreeze Your Car Subwoofer

Reconning the speaker is one of the simplest ways to fix it. Recon refers to a process in which the main moving parts of the subwoofers are replaced. A recon kit is required for this procedure. It is relatively inexpensive but not too expensive.

This procedure will require you to purchase a new voice coil spider and a dust cap to connect lead wires to gaskets. This toolkit will help you center the coil precisely by centering your shim.

You should first mark the parts that need to be replaced on your woofers. As with the old parts, make sure to assemble them correctly so there is no confusion.

The kit also includes epoxy glue. This epoxy glue is used to attach the speaker cone to the dust cap. This is the ideal place to attach the cone. Apply white vinyl to the fabric edge of your car subwoofers. Use a clear adhesive to connect the surrounding area to the gasket. During this process, attach the spider to the gasket.

You can then put the parts back into the car by replacing them one at a time. You could also try putting in a CD, catching an amplifier signal, or downloading a test tune online.

If The Coil Is Stuck

Sometimes the coil of a car subwoofer can get stuck. People try to push the speaker cone to release it. This is a complex process, and one mistake could cause damage to the entire cone.

Get a flashlight before you start to see the voice coil. It can get displaced, which causes blown speakers.

If the voice coil seems to have moved from its original position, but the surrounding wires seem okay, you can try to place it back in the correct spot. To allow it to adjust itself, push the subwoofers from both ends.

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After you’ve placed the coil back in its original place, make sure to test the subwoofers prior to putting them back. The coil would still work fine, but there is some unseen damage that you will need to repair.

Fix The Tear With A Glue

Fix The Tear With A Glue

You can also fix the tear of a subwoofer in your car. Most people try to repair it with a paper towel. However, this method can be messy. You will only need a piece of paper towel in this instance. If it has more than one layer, you will need to take out the top layer. You can cut the paper towel to the same size as your actual tear.

The cloth should be large enough to cover the tear but not too big.

Use Elmer’s glue (also known as POV glue) to cover the towel. This will allow it to be easily patched. Be careful with the glue. Make sure it is not too runny.

Apply the POV glue to the towel that has been covering the speakers. Smoothly press it into the speakers. You can also use butter knives to do it. You can also repeat the process for the back of your subwoofers.

After it dries, spray it with black paint if desired. This is a quick and simple procedure to connect the subwoofer fibers with glue and paper towels.

Replace The Foam

You can also remove the gasket and replace the foam completely. This is a vital process, so be careful when using the knife. Place a knife between the gasket and subwoofer frame to carefully cut it. You can move the blade around to see if removing the gasket in one piece.

To clean the foam, use rubbing alcohol. Spread it on the paper towel that has the foam attached. Use a paper towel to rub the foam. Then, use a knife to take out the rest.

Spread the glue onto the foam with your fingers or a brush. Spread the glue evenly around the subwoofer cone. Allow the glue to dry for a few minutes. Pour some glue on the area where the gasket was attached to connect the foam.

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Place the foam in the frame. Before you do, check that the cone is aligned correctly. Push the foam gently into the center if it is not. Allow the glue to dry for about an hour before you can unfreeze subwoofers.

Try Reinstalling

This is an alternative option. If you cannot find the cause of the damage or the loss is too severe, you can try reinstalling your speakers. You will need a new subwoofer for your car and a screwdriver to do this. Replace the subwoofers within its housing gently.

You must be careful when connecting wires. These instructions will help you know where each wire should go. There are many ways to freeze a subwoofer in a car, but these should be done with a little patience.


What Does A Subwoofer Sound Like?

A subwoofer is a loudspeaker that reproduces low-pitched audio frequencies, also known as sub-bass and bass. It can produce lower frequencies than those which are optimally generated by a subwoofer. The passive subwoofers are powered by an external amplifier. It includes a Subwoofer driver, enclosure, and power supply.

What’s a Blown Speaker Like?

A blown speaker may look like many things. If a speaker has been in use for a while, it may be that the foam surround of the speaker cone is worn out and falling apart. It could mean that the speaker cone is broken or that the speaker has been removed from the voice coil.

What Happens If A Subwoofer Blows Up?

Subwoofers most often blow by providing too much signal to the car audio amplifier. This can cause a “clipped signal” and damage to the amplifier and Subwoofer. Sustained Clipping can cause serious damage to a subwoofer. A clipping sub is a sound that suddenly makes a strange and loud noise.

Can You Unfreeze A Subwoofer?

Reconfiguring the actual speaker is the only way to fix a subwoofer frozen in a car. This can prove to be difficult and expensive, so you will need to determine whether the subwoofer worth repairing is worthwhile. Sometimes it is cheaper to purchase a direct replacement from the car audio shop.

Should Sound Come Out Of A Subwoofer?

Only if the subwoofer is turned on and the volume up. Subs are speakers. They will produce sound if there is an item within their bandwidth.

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