HSU Vs SVS Subwoofer: Which Is Better 2024?

HSU Vs SVS Subwoofer Which Is Better

The battle of the budget-friendly car audio subs is raging right now, and at the forefront of the conflict is the Hsu VS SVS Subwoofer. Pitted against each other in a series of objective and subjective tests, it’s time to find out which one reigns supreme.

Overview and History

HSU vs SVS brand history

HSU History & Overview

HSU Research was started in 1991 by Dr. Hsu. His goal was to make the best subwoofer in the world.

It is clear that he made an impactful contribution to its existence.

They made a massive impact on the market when they launched and produced some powerful speakers and subs. Their VTF series, for example, became very popular.

SVS History & Overview

SVS The original mission was to bring quality devices to the market that would challenge overpriced and underperforming high-end speakers and subwoofers.

They wanted to make immersive sound accessible to all, not just audiophiles with the most expensive equipment.

The company’s growth is evident today, which speaks to its passion for making world-class subwoofers and audio accessories.

Although SVS is more prominent, HSU Research and SVS are both well-known in the audio industry.

HSU Vs SVS Subwoofer

HSU vs SVS Subwoofer

Sound Quality

HSU Sound Quality

HSU has remained true to its original mission over the years – to make the best subwoofers. The subwoofers made by HSU continue to be a success. HSU subs make systems sound amazing in the bass area.

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HSU subs have superior bass quality than other subs on the market due to their dedication and specialization.

The HSU ULS15, for example, is a powerful, rumbling beast. The Ultra-Linear Sealed Subwoofer line (ULS) is one of the best performing subs on the market.

HSU subwoofers can be used for music. The HSU VTF3 MKII is another powerful sub. This subwoofer delivers incredible bass.

Another feature worth mentioning is the port flexibility offered by some HSU ported subs. This feature allows you to adjust the output strength or extension according to your preference. This is a great feature that will make your subs sound better.

SVS Sound Quality

The SVS subwoofers can play deep as true subwoofers. All SSV subs perform well in general. Even low-cost subs like the SVS Pb2000.

HSU and SVS offer subs that sound great. HSU is a more powerful sub, while SUS plays deeper.

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HSU Pricing

HSU is a small business, but it offers a lot of value for money.

The output per dollar of the VTF-3 HP, or even VTF-15H – MK2 subs, will be much greater than that of most SVS subs.

SVS Pricing

SVS does not offer the same value for money as HSU. SVS does have great subs. However, they aren’t as affordable as HSU to provide the same performance.

There are many comparable options available at lower prices than SVS. It’s not about brand names but quality. Why pay more for subs that offer the same quality and lower costs?

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HSU offers excellent value, while SVS is more expensive but provides exceptional value. HSU actually provides the most value for money subs in the industry.

Consider, for instance, two similar subs, the VTF1MK3 and the SVS PB1000. They can be purchased for around $400. The SVS PB1000, on the other hand, will cost you about $500.


SVS Subwoofer Drivers

Both SVS and HSU offer drivers of exceptional quality. We will compare 12″ drivers.

HSU Drivers

HSU drivers are known for their high-quality sound and incredible bass. For example, take the HSU Research PF-12100LP.

This driver is a great choice and can produce some serious power. These drivers require a small enclosure. This is a great advantage. These drivers are great for a small car or home theater system.

SVS Drivers

SVS’s most talented drivers are the PB12 Ultra/2. These drivers are excellent and offer exceptional quality. You won’t experience the same low distortion as XBL2 technology.

Customer Support

It is important to remember that the HSU sub has a smaller customer support team than SVS.

HSU Customer Support

HSU customer service is precisely what you would expect from smaller companies. If you try to contact a small company by email or phone, they might not be able to provide as much help as a big company with many people working to help you.

However, this does not mean that their support is lacking. You can talk to highly knowledgeable agents who will help solve your problems. It may be more complicated than it would be with a larger company.

SVS Customer Support

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SVS offers free freight on all 60-day in-home trials. This is a testament to their customer service and guarantee.

This company is likely to have dedicated support and sales teams so that they can offer better customer service.

Subwoofer Design, Size, and Build Quality

Subwoofer Design, Size, and Build Quality

Subwoofers are essential because of their size, design, and build quality. Subs are often large, and therefore placement is necessary. Sound quality is also affected by design.

HSU Design, Size, and Build Quality

Simply put, HSU builds quality is solid. The subs are of the same quality as custom-built options.

This type of craftsmanship is built to last, so you won’t get the modern, sleek design many people love.

HSU subs are more vintage-looking than most. HSU subs are often large, but their drivers don’t have to be too big.

SVS Size, Design, and Build Quality

SVS subwoofers are sleek and can compete with modern subs in design quality. These subwoofers have excellent design and are made from high-quality materials.

Room Fillings Bass

A sub must be able to move and pressurize large volumes of air in order to fill an ample space with bass.

HSU Subs & Room Size

HSU has more giant subs than SVS. These subs are more powerful and can fill larger rooms better. HSU 15” subwoofers, for example, are great at filling large rooms.

The HSU allows you to change the subwoofer’s response by plugging in one port, changing Q values, or changing the EQ value. To increase headroom, let’s say that you set EQ2 to have both ports open. The sub will be louder but not as deep.

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SVS Subs and Room Size

SVS subwoofers provide incredible value for money. They can fill large rooms with bass if you need to apply pressure.

SVS is an excellent option if you are looking to reduce the number of subs in your room without having to experiment with too many placement options.

Comparison: HSU VTF1 MK3 vs SVS pb1000

HSU VTF1 MK3 vs SVS pb1000 dual subs

Frequency Response

Frequency response is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a subwoofer. This is especially important when considering professional studio systems that use reference amplifiers and reference speakers.

These two subs have almost identical frequency responses, contrary to popular belief. The truth is that neither sub is more potent than the other.

HSU subs have the advantage that you can modify the subwoofer’s response by plugging in one port and changing the Q value or EQ value.

Remember we said SVS subs could go quite deep? The SVS sub-pb1000 can play down to 20hz.

This is the threshold of human hearing. It’s also as deep as you can go with a sub. The HSU VTF1MK3 can reach as low as 30Hz. The SVS is therefore much deeper.


SVS wins here in terms of power. The Pb1000 is significantly more powerful at 4dB, which is significant.

The Pb1000 has a power 3/2 to the HSU VTF1MK3. To put it another way, it would take three HSUVTF1 MK3 to make a dual SVSPb1000 setup.


You can purchase the VTF1 MK3 for around $400. The SVS PB1000, on the other hand, will cost you approximately $500.

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The Hsu vs SVS subwoofer showcases two well-known manufacturers of quality subwoofers. Hsu is one of the most recognizable and experienced brands in this industry, and SVS is a market leader known for its innovation and state-of-the-art manufacturing. Hope that you can find the most suitable subwoofer from our post.

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